Black Girl In Costco With White Family Treated As Modern Day Slave

Black Girl In Costco With White Family Treated As Modern Day Slave

CRAZY, BECAUSE RIGHT BEFORE I STUMBLED ONTO THIS STORY I had a vivid vivid nightmare of an old white woman who deliberately adopted a young 13 year old black girl and her brothers so her white son can rape her and I saw the girl had a baby for him and he looked oddly similar to the dad in this case……

Fucked up hairline and all (but dude in my nightmare wore glasses) and it seemed they adopted the kids from America and brought them to Australia.

The latina, Ms. Angelica Mendez, was right to call these white supremacist modern day slaveowners out…..

I have said this before and I will say it again….. hispanics I notice got a strong 6th sense that I don’t see in other races as much, including my own. I know the whole story. She may have embellished shit but I don’t believe she just decided to start a fight with a random family.

She sensed shit was wrong and embellished so the cops will do something.

It is very similar to how folks will lie and claim someone got a gun so cops will otherwise take frivulous calls seriously out here.

Look at the child: the dress and mere body language speaks volumes…..

She looks miserable. They claim it is cause she got a tummy ache but can’t they get her water? If she really had a stomach virus, they woulda left her in the vehicle cause she woulda been in too much pain or if she got it while there they woulda quickly escorted her back to the minivan. The life is gone from her eyes. All light is gone from her eyes, no hope! Dead!

They got that child looking like a slave, complete with “slave” hairstyle and “peasant top” that look more like something from the days of slavery vs what folks wear in modern times.

Looka the hair from the 1st pic and the peasant top worn by the slave in the bottom pic and tell me she doesn’t look like a slave…..

Imma tell you what I saw with my third eye…..

I asked my third eye to show me how they are treating her: I saw the family walk away as they left her by herself as she wore a white scarf on her head as many slaves did during slavery…..

I then saw the dad on top of the lil girl, raping her.

I asked my third eye to show me what was happening to her at the moment last night and I saw the girl tied to a bed while the “dad” threw water from a water bottle as if he was performing a baptism ceremony on her.

The latina was right: these are modern day slaveowners using the system’s apaty towards black kids to “adopt” em and enact their slave fantasies and fetishes on society’s most vulnerable.

Here a co worker said that the ma used to boast about having slaves working for her. Now we know what’s up!

Look at these “family” photos….. her smile is either forced or she is not smiling at all……

From what I understand they are mormon and not too long ago there was a scandal that broke out where they live – in Mesa, Arizona – in which a politrickian was found to have gotten poor womben from a people of colour nation, the Marshall Islands, and brought them over here to pump out babies like broadmares for an undercover baby trafficking black market operation…..

Looka that pig faced pig skinned white pale devil…..

Apparently they are big on importing women of color over here so they can snatch their babies for all sorts of diabolical purposes……

There is a reason why crakkkas been pushing this anti-choice, anti-abortion agenda in the black community (I knew they had something diabolical in mind ??⬜?)……

Here this white bitch trying to guilt trip Simone Biles for using her voice NOT to support her white supremacust agenda…..

This that white supremacist’s instagram…..

Looka the deception on this white bitch’s face…..

Lordt ??‍♀️

I see the deception as clear as day. They don’t give a fuck about helping black kids what these pale face demons want is to have vulnerable black kids in the system so they can have their pick of the litter when it comes to acquiring modern slaves and to enact their racist slavemaster fantasies on as in the case of this lil black girl who was killed by a white supremacist who wanted to enact his racism out on a defenseless black baby…..

Beaitiful lil girl….. ?

Or the couple who deliberately went over seas to “adopt” two innocent black babies so they can torture and defile and use to enact their hateful racist fantasies against blacks out on cause they can’t fight back…..

And let us not forget the two dyke demons who acted as champions of liberalism while starving and beating their black babies behind closed doors…..

– From what I understand they only killed the black kids…..

Read the thing with the Iowa white supremacist couple above: do you really think these same people who gave their fellow pale face demons no jail time for killing our babies really give a fuck about our babies?????

Ya’ll can’t be that stupid!

They are pushing that pro life shyte in our community so you dumbass niggaz can pump out future slaves for them to rape, abuse and misuse….. kids like this poor darling here…..

Think about it? We already got enough niglects (pun intended – had to say it) in the system as it is….. why the fuck put these kids in a system where they aren’t loved and are the least adopted…. except in black market adoptions where anything goes, just like in black market organ trafficking where black folks are getting snatched up for our organs:

They value us as currency for the black market. Get it?

Here is why……

You nibbas need to know your fucking worth and stop letting these outside assholes fool ya, manipulate ya……

That said they feed ya’ll that “pro life” tripe cause these deceptive honkkkies know that, since the days of slavery, you take these demon’s words as gospel while war-shipping wide jeebus aka Cesare Borgia….

Who Really Was Jesus Christ

That said, returning back to the Costco girl situation – if the latina lady was lying, WHY was a police vehicle parked outside her house, gangstalking her……

Here is more gangstalking…..

– This womban stumbled onto something HUGE cause if it was just a case of a “crazy woman talking crazy” she would NOT be getting this attention…..

The mofo family are mormons and mormons are known to have alot of power and are steep deep in black baby trafficking (for enslavement purposes) as can be seen in this article here…..

Someone in the comments on one of the posts on lil Mali stated that the mormons have a major kidnapping ring that goes around stealing black babies.

I also believe they are grabbing these black girls to illegally convert to “sister wives” and from what I understand the lil girl wasn’t even in the system and they do that shit to get away with shit…..

The nasty “dad’s name” Joel E Tiffany. This monkey faced demon has a dental practice which he conducts at Risas Dental which has a shit ton of bad reviews even before this……

Even though the picture blurry you can see that even as a small child she was not happy with those pale demons…..

Looka the body language: no loving dad would escort his daughter like that if she was suffering a mere stomach ache….

– That body language is a language of “shut the fuck up and don’t say shit” with his hands near her neck, ready to clench it if she says a word.

Nothing is normal or healthy about this.

Here is his practice (the reviews got me dying ??):

Someone saying they were his patient said he made racist degrading remarks about his black SLAVE “daughter” and boasted of how his cruel monkey faced neandeRAPE ass would lock food from that child……

Sticking enemas up her ass while denying her food? Yeah, he’s torturing her.

But because they white and mormon – and she black – nothing will be done.

Me personally, I have always been against interracial adoptions cause I have always strongly felt that white people use it as a ruse to enact their racist beliefs on innocent defenseless black children. I have heard of many adopted black kids who grew up in white homes and were made to feel like outsiders cause of their race.

From what another poster said even white parents of half black kids treat em like shit…..

I don’t understand why blacks wanna mix with them demons.

That said, of course the white supremacists defending this shit are in full force…..

That said, this baby is in danger. She needs to be rescued.

There are really evil people high up in government protecting this family but if we keep the pressure….. I’ll just say bringing down evil starts with US – our own! Thank you Angelica for calling this out and may you be protected!

There is a reason why these pale demons on a pale horse are after Syesha Mercado’s healthy well taken care of children…..

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