Black Women Stop Letting The Jezebel Stereotype Limit You

Black Women Stop Letting The Jezebel Stereotype Limit You

**** Truth be told, having talked to latin and black men, WHITE BITCHES are the real nasty fucking freaks and sexual deviants who do ANY-THING hence why they are in part popular in sex work. It’s black and latina womben who are chaste. Just like their nasty ass chomo perverted sexually predatory ass “men” who like womben with no hips = lil girls. They THE nastiest son of a bitches on this planet (I’m telling truth as a former sex worker) who’ll get into anything be it animals, dogs, cats, children. White people are fucking perverts. Folks of colour, esp. us black folks are naturally chaste (until we interact with those genetic recessive mutants). But because they found us in Africa, North America – living in commune with the land nude they – as always – gotta project.****

In order for you to rise to God-hood, you gotta own yourself (in conjunction with having a Soul).

I was forced to confront this scourage of a mentality here after receiving a message from a black woman who mocked Mitrice Richardson’s death (she formerly went by “Mama Wata”) who said something that really really struck me…….

Here she is mocking Mitrice Richardson’s rape and murder via her username while boasting of being a slave to the system by having 3 jobs as if it is a source of pride:

This wound too tight black bitch is clearly jealous of me….. but her pettiness is not the point (she won’t be petty any longer since I just ‘woked her ??).

Now her melted face, curly hair hat (yeah I saw her thru my third eye) can deal with my reptilians…..

With that being said, her comment here….

Made me think of this here:

That comment left at the end is why black women have to be aggressive…..

Mama Wata’s comment here is endemic, indicative of internalised misogyny AND internalised racism! The belief that you have to limit yourself to avoid sexualised violence due to unfair narratives placed on your body based on your race and gender goes back to the days of slavery, the jezebel stereotype which was bourne from sick ass Europeans’ incestuous and chomo nature and thus tendencies to hypersexualize those who naturally live in accordance with the land, including us black folk who only wore clothes out of necessity as a reaction to the environment, the weather and not as per a moral code as the crakkka has (look up the book, “The History of Dirt” and note how European monarchs even fore-went decades of taking baths cause in their sick ass eyes “nudity was a sin.”

Wherever these demons go trouble ensues……

That said, I can’t tell you as a black shirtless rights activist I can’t tell ya how many times I heard the refrain that “because I am shirtless I am supposed to make myself sexually available” come from the mouths of mainly non blacks who feel entitled to my body due to the hypersexualization of my identity because I am black and a woman like this pos here who felt like he could bite my titty, cross my boundaries to sexually assault me because I am a black female:

The Sexual Predator Also Turns Out To Be A Narc

The Christopher Caseing of A Sexual Predator AND Misogynist

– Then have the nerve to get upset when I hit his ass back for that.

Or this motherfucker right here (who got ran out – ✊??? ‘woke) who felt inclined to stick a finger in me while I was drunk and then tell someone “she be running around shirtless) as an excuse:

Just the other day there was a crakkka who I had to physically pimp as well as one whose glasses I broke with one looking thru my window – I pushed his ass hard – and another whose glasses I broke with one saying, “Well, you say ‘topless’ on your sign” without reading my blog and another one asking why I go topless, as if that is invitation to approach me for caustic sexual reasons…..

That one who I pushed hard for looking thru my window tried to attack me with his bike and then called me nigger.

When I see him again I will get his face!

As that tape with the biracial lady above proves you can be neutered and still be sexualised if you are black and female.

These are the dehumanizing attitudes that black womben have to face. There is a reason why we have to be overly aggressive more so than other women just to be able to – as I have said – breathe!

Looka this woman here:

She is all dressed up but still gets sexualized NOT cause of what she wore but because she is defined as black in our society……

This is why I act aggressive (another stereotype thrown on black women when we are just defending ourselves)……

The entitlement those pos’ harboured to feel entitled and justified in violating me (you have no idea how incensed I get just knowing this, feeling that energy) simply because I am a free spirit and in a black female body (they wouldn’t do that to a similarly dressed and acting white woman) derives from a very pernicious stereotype called the jezebel stereotype in which was placed on black women’s – really black people’s – bodies all because we lived and dressed in commune with nature and all because unnatural folk ie white folk had to project their nasty perverted chomo (how you gonna find breasts attractive when they are used to feed kids AND finding paper thin ass women with no hips – looking like lil girls – attractive too) ways and pov’s onto our bodies and culture:

This unfair narrative placed upon our bodies is the cause behind why we gotta act aggressive and gives rise to another stereotype that does black women harm: the strong black woman stereotype.

I spoke on it here:

People Got To STOP Putting Black Women Into The Category Of The Super Strong Black Woman Terminatrix

This is also dehumanising in that it places black women unfairly (and perniciously) into the “invincible” and “super woman” category in which is dehumanizing because the stereotype makes folks think we can feel no pain due to being “invincible” and thus treat us like a machine.

Looking back honest that is why the Tommy Sotomayor stereotype of us being “terminatrixes” is pernicious and harmful:

Here is a crakkka malevolently and unjustifiably pushing that stereotype, using it as an excuse to further dehumanize black women:

That’s why they dying OUT ??

Here is Tucker Carlson – he ✊? woke ass a mofo – breaking down facts on white genetic inferiority and black superiority…..

That’s why they wanna get on with is cause those fuckers are dying out and they want our superior genetics to carry their linneage thru….

That’s why I abort:

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

Just Killed Another Lil Basturd Using My Third Eye #ThirdEyeAbortion

– I’m that good!

Ladies take notes ✏?

We are forced to be that way due to a predatory society that unfairly judges us to be sexually available and open even when we are not:

A pernicious stereotype based on European misogynist and chomo beliefs and values stemming from the days of slavery, when these chomos first saw us nude, living in tune with nature, and then concluding that we must be hypersexual by default based on their perverted point of view of human sexuality and the human body.

Again, go read that book History of Dirt of how European monarchs forwent taking baths for decades cause they felt nudity was a sin!

Note nothing but Europeans on this book cover. Wonder why ?

That said I break down my thoughts here:

That said, stereotypes abound don’t let it keep you from being you and strangling you from living your full life!

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