You Crakkkas Need To Give Tony Vera And Not German In Venice CREDIT For Covering The Clean Up At Venice Beach

You Crakkkas Need To Give Tony Vera And Not German In Venice CREDIT For Covering The Homeless Encampment Clean Up At Venice Beach


– Fucking wetback, gotdamnt lapdog of crakkkas ???????⬜

LOL what I say is true here…..

The Los Angeles Sheriff Homeless Outreach Team look homeless their damn selves…..

Just look at one of the sheriff’s deputies at here at around 9:07 and tell me he ain’t off……

He look like a whiskey drinker and I can tell that Deedrick dude gay and into older menzzzzz ✊??️‍?

Anyways, Tony Vera – here is his channel

HAZZZ BEEN covering this whole cleanup from sunrise…..

He INdepth with this shit…..

That Peggy Lee Kennedy get on my nerves just shouting for show….

He covered the brother Mr. Festherstone (whose family is due stolen land from 1911 after crakkkas took it – I THINK he related to those people) who was arrested for allegedly running a drug tent under the guise of helping the homeless ?? by the LA Sheriffs…..

Why this crakkka in the thumb look like he wanna deck the sister…..

– She the one with Angel on tape whipping a crakkka’s azz who sexually assaulted her and it got framed as homeless just committing bedlam…..

Now this is proof of what I been talking about here:

Black Women Stop Letting The Jezebel Stereotype Limit You

There is nothing sexual about that black lady but because she is black that honkkkey or wetback whatever it is felt emboldened and empowered to sexually assault her……

Returning back to Tony Vera he interview the sheriff, Villanueva……

Villanueva said he’s gonna make a stunty cunty appearance and cum out, show out on Topanga Canyon Blvd cause of the forest fires out here – oh fuck!

…..To sunset…..

This man mentions how A Bridge Housing and other shelters, transitional places be letting you do meth, drugs and alcohol and I know from experience he ain’t lying…..

That said GIV (German In Venice) only did a handfull……

This is why you gotta pimp crakkkas (and other non blacks) and keep em out of our spaces and own our spaces……

I had to pimp a crakkka at a recycling place the other day who tried his crakkka shit and tried to tell me where I should park after a Mexican WORKER directed me to that spot……

I threw a rock at his vehicle and let him know I ain’t the nigger to be fucking with…..

Bet he gonna think twice from now on…..

That said……

I covered all this here.

Crakkkas – this is why I started my blog – WE start something and their genetic recessive defective asses will try to come up off on OUR shit and take credit as the NW Summit Properties guy did here:

– I bet ALL these crakkkas watch Tony on the slick but won’t give him credit for his damn good and extensive coverage.

Well, I will…..

HEYYYY ?? SOMEONE FINALLY covered the PCH Malibu “homeless” here…..

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