The Christopher Caseing of A Sexual Predator AND Misogynist

The Christopher Caseing of A Sexual Predator AND Misogynist

I throw that word around but this mofo is sincerely it…..

Once when something was “out of place” near my pantyline, he kept pushing it back and I told him don’t touch me there and he did it again with an indignant attitude like “How dare I tell him that.”

Another time, he had bit at my nipple. When I confronted him about that shit – I was drunk that night when he did and assholes ALWAYS attack me when I am in that state – I slap but he gets pissed for my touching him!

That is a sexual predator. Rape, sexual assault is about control, it is not about sex.

It is seeking to acquire control by controlling typically what someone think is a weaker person – practically energy vampirism – but I am not weak.

There is a reason his wife or girlfriend or whatever kicked him out. He put hands on that child – I’m the cure.

The first time I ‘woked him his car failed. Then he got into a near fatal wreck in which him and his kids nearly got killed where during a drunken bout he hits a – guess it – a sheriff’s car ?? LOL!

My archons ? #reptiliansquad ?? don’t play. You ain’t dominating and violating me and thinking you can get away with it.

I peep he would get upset if I were putting males in their place. Also when I ran a white dude up the street and hos white bitch kept stalking, this wetback told her he would put hands on me if I put hands on her, denoting his racist attitude towards blacks. That is when I first ‘woked him and he got into that near fatal accident with them keeds i
tow. Now you can get putin yours – in hell in the afterlife as well.

Another thing: this why I don’t care for wetbacks. As said here they got a hivemind about them and an evil bloodline that corrupts their dna due to deriving from Quetzalcoatl, an evil reptilian:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

John Elliizz’s Book CONFIRMS Wetbacks Are The Demon Seeds of Demonic Reptilians

They are all racist towards black people and they all have a misogynistic bent about them due to their bloodline. I don’t even let wetbacks on my social media, period, cause as I have said all along they are inherently knee deep steeped genetically in satanic, demonic, low vibrational behaviours:

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

Well, he can get deported back to hell where IT belongs ?????????

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