The Sexual Predator Also Turns Out To Be A Narc

The Sexual Predator Also Turns Out To Be A Narc

Remember this dude here:

The Christopher Caseing of A Sexual Predator AND Misogynist

Turns out he also a narc!

NOTE the different vehicles he has been switching up, driving…..

– He in the white suv……

The first time I saw him he was driving a car that got into a royal wreck as explained up above.

He used to park I sense deliberately behind me – I sense to stare cause he a nasty sexually predatory mofo – in which I saw him wearing a bulletproof vest!

I mean who the fuck does that?

He still parks across from me, right behind this creepy sexually predatory pos who don’t respect female boundaries, even though I ran his ass!

– Imma get into the sexually predatory creepy mofo in this white (candy) van here in a minute…..

But that said I spoke with a friend who has experience having dealt with DEA agents and he confirmed what I had to say here:

Here is proof he owns that black suv…..

That said, I overheard them mofos – as they did another time – cavorting about how they wanna get me out like some other folks who tried to do the same but I ain’t ever seen em again ??

Note all the gaslighting like I am supposed to be stupid.

I don’t know why folks play me for a fool and underestimate me.

They always get shown up in the end.

He owns the vehicle here…..

I don’t like this mofo. He another sexual predator who plays or shall I say preys the “hippiee overly feminine role” (he had a “dad” he told me who physically and more than likely sexually abused him) which I think may just be him being himself to draw in stupid naive young new (c)age occult females. I remember the other night while talking to him while we were drunk he inserted his hand into her shirt and touched the breasts – in a manner of just like what – of this half Brazilian half Japanese young lady which to me was a total disrespect of her boundaries. Husbands don’t do that to their wives. It was a display of an attempt to dominate said young lady by “showing off” he can get away with it and he brazenly did it right before my eyes.

He also kept trying to touch my butt to which I had aggressively let him know don’t fucking touch me which I had to say over and over to this creepy bastard.

I think I had a nightmare really about that young lady too in which I felt she was dominated by masculine forces. It was shown she was a businesswoman with great potential and some wiry white dude – who raised a family of predominately all black males – used them as agents to degrade and suppress her potential.

Guess what!? She came from a big mansion where her ex was a white dude who took all her shit and left her out on the street and more than likely used black dudes to enforce it. My astral vision was right!

That being said that narc mofo, I could hear his ass across the street talking about “naked”, using that as an excuse to sexually violate me and that’s when I confronted.

They got too much misogynistic energy going on over there and it’s gonna get a cleansing.

The cover story of the narc is his gf/wife – who I saw him in the white van that day – is that they broke up so he homeless.

No. He is a narc. He has been planted amongst the homeless out here to spy for drug deals. I mean he wore a fucking bulletproof vest. I mean what more proof do I need?

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