The Bedwench Mentality And Why I Would Never Date or Marry A White Man

The Bedwench Mentality And Why I Would Never Date or Marry A White Man

This THE EPITOMIE of bedwenching here!

Saved it in case Youtube deletes it.

Exactly what I said these bedwenches and crakkkas be thinking!

– And naw bitch I do tarot cards and spiritual work (like how I ‘woke ya’ll) for a living so don’t come at me with that…..

Note ole girl looking like a slave in the pic above.

I notice they all be dressed like that to fulfill these crakkka’s slavemaster fantasies hence why we call em bedwenches….

This is a re-post from the previous post but all the shit couldn’t of been perfectly well written……

LOL @ the lifeguard placing the no parking sign in the WHITE zone…..

That was funny!

That said I knew EXACTLY wtf they were doing…..

She even putting lotion on him like a fucking slave and is sorta dressed as a slave (that ain’t beach wear)!

That said, this is like the third fucking time a bedwench with her “wannabe” dominant boyfriend (they don’t marry these kneegrows and when they do they treat em like shit as can be seen here) come around to see me….

The first other times were here…..

Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me

And here……

Bedwench Turns On Me After I Try To Protect Her From Her Slavemaster Husband

That being said these mofos – out of all the fucking places – decided to set up shop right across from my van directly in my line of sight.

Now, if I didn’t get drunk – I probably woulda just gave em dirty looks and then just put the Shang Tsung ‘woke (it’s when I remove your Soul from out your body and replace it with something that’ll fuck you up as I did this surfer crakkka who, like these mofos, was racist and sexually harassing me and now I got him barking like a dog with an animal consciousness, like literally) but since I got drunk – well….

And fuck them organic portals on the beach. Their thoughts on what I did don’t mean shit to me. I am better than them.

That said, I notice a consistency with these bedwenches that I don’t peep with interracial relationships involving black men and white women, which tend to be healthier.

As with here…..

Bedwench Christelyn Karazin BEGS Homeless RACIST White Bum For A Compliment

There is an overly penchant to try to “prove” as much as they can that they are not the conventional negro, esp. black female negro.

I also notice a ritual with them of proving their loyalty to the cave ape race by disrespecting other black folks like in the case of me by being fucking pervert voyeurs with their white cave crakkka (in)significant other. That’s why I get a really bad energy, an energy of white supremacy and racial feelings of inferiority stemming from the blacks from their asses.

It is like they war-ship these crakkkas and have a relationship that is extremely codependent on the crakkka’s approval which is consistent with how serial killer relationships tend to be.

As can be seen in this case here (I saw spiritually that they beat up and rob people)…..

Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me

The black girlfriend will have a tendency – this is the energy I am sensing – to feel as if their non black mate is doing them a favour by being with them. They lack a strong sense of inner self worth and inner love.

They do not see their crakkka mate as a person but as an Adonis: a thing, a model that is above them, “sent from the heavens above” (really sent from the depths of hell), and is, most putrid of all, “gracing them with their presence.”

Meanwhile the crakkka gets on with the black woman cause he is looking for a “strong black woman” to dominate! As an ex escort – let me tell ya – these mofos are SO insecure that they think it is a compliment that women who have sex for momey choose them over black men (many escorts post ads saying, “No black men.”). Meanwhile these ads say “no black men” cause their black pimps don’t want them getting snatched up by other black pimps! The same BLACK pimps who white hoes are freely giving their money – and pussy – too!

Another thing I notice about them is they pursue natural haired black women cause the look is closer to the archetype these sick fucks want to be able have a more realistic role play of “slavemaster and slave” fantasies which they seek out in these relationships to fulfill and also many natural haired black women suffer low self esteem due to rejection by brothers for lacking “good hair” as ingrained by them due to white supremacy.

That is why I put hands on white dudes who approach me on a sexual/amourous level because – based on conversations with them (and just from knowing the colonialist white supremacist “gotta subjugate” people of color mentality they all tend to have, not to mention lack of testosterone) they come to you thinking that they are “god’s gift to you” which is why I went all out on this crakkka here…..

White Supremacist Stalker Gets ‘Woked

– I ain’t seen his white azz around here again.

I would swung (or worse) on this crakkka…..

That said, as I said before, I would never date or marry a white guy ever. I can’t stand those motherfuckers. They all have an entitlement mentality to women of color’s bodies and they will not see you as the equal in a relationship.

In only a few – very select few circumstances – are the relationships involving them and women of color are egalitarian but in most cases they are based on an almost “white saviour complex” in which the woman war-ships him and feed into his white superiority complex via codependency and that attitude that he is doing her a “favour” by being with her, thereby feeding his superiority (really inferiority) complex ego rooted in white supremacy.

I refuse to date and/or marry one and will only fuck with creoles, native americans or hispanics.

If a white dude comes up to me like that I’ll just put hands or worse on him. I won’t say shit. I mean it.

That said, as I have said in other blogs, they all have a superiority complex rooted in the real white inferiority due to inferior genes as broken down by Tucker Carlson:

So they overcompensate by convincing others of their “superiority” while innately knowing they are not:

….And unfortunately there are many low self esteem people of color who give in to the schadenfraude deception and cosign their low self esteem azzez.

It is also white inferiorty tempered with an arrogance along with a pathological stupidity.

This is why their asses don’t know when to stop. They lack the necessary pineal glands needed to have intuition that can guide you in and out of situations. That is why in films their dumbasses always runs towards the impossible to fight ass monster who end up devouring their ass cause their fucking stupid and fucking arrogant at the same time!

That is why I could never be with one!

As a spiritual person esp. (like all folks of color are – even our organic portals) I could never fuck with someone lacking their pineal gland which is the case for most whites.

That said, the entitlement to our bodies – as they did in the days of slavery – are real as well. Just today I caught a crakkka snooping around my van in an attempt to take a pic/vid of me (I saw he had his cell out in a sneaky manner to do so) and I chase his ass away and here he is calling the modern day slavecatchers otherwise known as sheriffs cause whyte people just gotta fucking dominate us which is why I hate their asses……

That is another reason why I would never want to be with a crakkka: they rule the law and even if you are right, because, stemming from the days of slavery the laws were designed to work in their favour as they created em, you will not have equal footing in the relationship if they call the law on your black ass!

Stacy Dash learned it the hard way with her white husband and two crakkka ass stepdaughters. Good she put them paws on that crakkka tho. That’s the demon seed (Mexican) in her ????:

All the more reason why I’ll choose from a person of color as a mate cause we will have more in common and they won’t have the narcisstic sociopathic tendencies of a superiority complex stemming from an inferiority complex that crakkkas have.

That said, as my parents used to say, these are all the reasons why you gotta be stupid to fuck with these damn people, imtimately.

One thing I know for sure: I will DEFINITELY NOT be letting these genetic recessive defective mutant cave apes use MY spiritually PowerFULL bloodline to carry on their weak genetic defective cave ape mutant legacy:

That is why I was QUICK like a gunslinger from the old west to abort all my half crakkka fetuses from white tricks (I would NEVER fuck with their asses unless money is exchanged – thankfully I do tarot cards so I don’t have to rely on that anymore)…..

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

Just Killed Another Lil Basturd Using My Third Eye #ThirdEyeAbortion

Another thing I forgot to mention: NOTE they like women with no hips. That’s because they all are fucking pedophiles looking for children to dominate, hence why they desire women who look as such!

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