Bedwench Turns On Me After I Try To Protect Her From Her Slavemaster Husband

Bedwench Turns On Me After I Try To Protect Her From Her Slavemaster Husband

The thing is – and this what kills me – and this is the second time, third time actually with black folks peridot ?? that this has happened – she turned on me after I tried to help her – offering her water – after her slavemaster/slavecatcher beau was about to abandon her like a runaway slave on the pch……

Here is their license plate number since they wanna attack me…..

Looka how he put her out there on front street (and she still defends him as seen in the video)…..

This really saddens me. I tried to help and it deeply affects me, hurts me when these sellouts take their raucous anger invoked in them by their non black partners unto us.

It really pisses me off…..

That said, I knew that crakkka SCUM was trouble when I saw him parked diagonally – like that – and walk towards my vehicle, looking dead at me, in hopes I don’t peep what he doing (bitch I’m a witch, A GOD, AIN’T SHIT get past my extrasensory vision) so he can see if he can get by me (naw bitch no and like the wetback here – who I saw thru my third eye likes to beat up and rob people as I saw her buying a ring and swiping the card of someone she, they robbed then it flipped to a guy in a paramedics stretcher when I asked my third eye how they got the money – he thought he could use her as an attack dog) and then when he saw my steely hawk eyes (I observe EVERYTHING) watching back he scuttled off, throwing his hands up in the air in defeat!

Then all of a sudden – OUT OF THE BLUE – a skinny lil bitch comes and hits the side of my vehicle (I hear a loud “thud”).

That said that is when all the shit you see in the tape above ensued.

Look, Imma say this right now: as a casual observer of human nature I notice that when it comes to interracial couplings involving white males and black females black females ALWAYS ALWAYS – except in very few instances – get on with these insecure misogynist crakkka males who wanna dominate them.

Hear me out.

Now, when I see hispanic male/black female relationships – SURPRISINGLY AND INTERESTINGLY – the man takes the more “backseat” subordinate role.

Not in cases involving white male/black female couplings (I honest could never get on with a crakkka based on what I’ve seen in the context of marriage – they make great tricks tho. – and my mom, a psychic, had been saying FOR YEARS that she saw me getting on with a creole/native american man (which seems likely) or hispanic man) in the context of marriage.

When I saw that incident go down, it reminded me of this here…..

This is close but it is a trick and a heaux situation I sense…. It was sad to watch…..

This isn’t the video but there is a video circulating of a methhead ass white boi who was physically beating on his black wife ??‍♀️ and a brother stepped in to defend her.


It’s called fetishizing and I notice alot of those pineal gland closed so thus lacking in spiritual intuition mofos stereotype us and do this as seen below…..

I mean listen to his first reason in the vid below for why this wide boi chooses black womben…

#1 They take care of their men.

The inherent problem with this statement is that, just as can be heard in this video of this white guy saying he hates white girls while dehumanizing the biracial half black female news reporter…..

…..he is implying that black women are more than willing to put up with his bull as that crackhead crakkka in the video with the reporter above more than overtly states…..

That said NOTE how that crackhead crakkka in the video above denigrated, dehumanized both me and his black wife by attacking her – almost physically – in public and then calling me a “crackhead.”

That is why I would never get on with a white man in the context of marriage. Only in the context of prostitution cause they make great tricks.

I’ll leave marriage to a creole, native american or hispanic.

That said – as I have said here before…..

As that chart shows, white males have THE LEAST testosterone of every other race – including BOTH black women and black men, WHO HAVE THE MOST!

It is no secret that black people in relation to every other race have superior genetics: more athletic, healthy bodies, greater durability (given we are the oldest), THE MOST OPEN PINEAL GLANDS as Tucker Carlson – a white man – broke down here…..

That said it is also no secret that we Black American womben – Afrikan (Alkebulan) womben are natural rulers and run shit, peridot ??

The white male knows this and, out of fear of white genetic annhilation, seek to annhilate his fear of our strenght – which he sees as a threat to his white supremacy – by trying to subjugate black womben via the home.

This is why they are eager to get on with black womben and then push their misogyny, which is an outgrowth of their fear of white genetic annhilation, upon us! I find many have a colonialist attitude of airs of “superiority” marred with stupidity which makes them acerbically blind when they asses get put in their place like this honkkkey here – who I ‘woked Shang Tsung style…..

How Aliens Can Manipulate Your Life

Retarded Ass Trucker Perv Approaches Then Nearly Gets ROCKED ??

White Supremacist Stalker Gets ‘Woked

I ain’t seen him (and better not see him) since.

That said they have a colonialist attitude – like that crakkka above who had to learn the hard way (and did ✊? ‘woke) – in that they wanna conquer shit they fear (and should fear) and instead of being humble and walking away – as that crakkka who had to learn the hard way ???‍♀️?? – they just gotta test you to break you for the sake of their inferiority complex having ass ego so they can feel sated and dominate.

Not I!

Shoulda let well enough alone.

Bitch learned!

This is why it is important that black womben see past the schadenfraude when they try to make it out like it is a problem when we are “aggressive.”

Be aggressive and strike fear in the heart of their asses as a self defence mechanism.

I proudly do it with the knives I got in my car and my ‘woke (since white pee-pole barely got any spiritual protection THEY ARE THE EASIEST TO GET ??‍♀️??)!

That’s why his ass got back in the car when I looked dead at his ass cause I got a reputation for pulling knives, putting hands and putting ‘woke as I did on his crakkka ass…..

He know I ain’t a kiss ass uncle tom (shit I call myself God) and won’t play that game of “respectable politricks” with his ass cause I am that nigga that don’t give a fuck.

I note many mofos mistakenly think that cause I speak “well” and have a high consciousness level that I am not capable of throwing hands.

Bitch I have thrown hands and more…..

I stand tall in my fierce reputation as a warrior and I stand proud.

Mofos know I don’t play which is why he waltzed his skinny peckerwood ass back in that car when I shot him that threatening look.

That said, I would never get on with one (unless it is prostitution and only that – anything else and you will get hit with charges of rape) and IF I EVER decide to settle and have keeds it will be with a creole, native american or hispanic man.

There is a reason why I am quick to abort my half crakkka keeds and send they azzez to hell….

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

Just Killed Another Lil Basturd Using My Third Eye #ThirdEyeAbortion

Their weak genetics (and their inherent tendencies to colonise, bring forth misogyny and racism) will not be coming thru my powerful bloodline!


As the conclusion, I want you all to listen to Paul Wall – a man who married a black womban and used her to carry his seed – state how he is friends with a white supremacist named Yelawoof:

Think ?

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