Astral Vision Shows Kidnapping Plot By Big Pharma To Bring Me Underground And Use Me As An Experiment Test Mule For Drugs

Damn this the 3rd time the white halo on my crown chakra has appeared in pics…..

Note it don’t appear in the other pics, as if the background just deliberately got dark to show me that (note I am in the SAME position in all of em)……

I think it explains an incident that happened last night with a nigger mayate and half bred put up by a wetback as seen thru my third eye…..

They are using black people against me now….

Bedwench Turns On Me After I Try To Protect Her From Her Slavemaster Husband

Let me explain now…..

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

A while back a fellow homeless dude advised me that they were kidnapping homeless folks in Malibu as told to him by a credible source – a social worker – and bringing us underground to conduct all manners of illegal experiments.

Now, let me get to my astral vision…..

As per usual I was regulating as I call it dudes for sexually harassing me.

At one point I got into it with a white dude who seemingly owned a recycling company who seemed to be this Armenian guy I was happily chatting with last night who claimed he was a taxi driver, that he was house sitting for his sister (who owns a house out here) and at one point asked if I wanted to ride in his sis’s car, which I declined.

Turns out as seen in the astral that this “recycling plant” was a front for big pharma and a place where illegal drug experiments on humans are conducted.

Oh how these fools think I can’t see ?

That said the guy placed me in a cell under the pretense of “sleeping quarters” and gave me a boatload of money before I left.

When I left I couldn’t find my van.

I went back to ask where it was and a blonde dude who, like all of em, appeared vivid – he had a southern accent and reminded me of someone I met in real life – tried to get me to sit down with the Armenian dude and they wanted to offer me experimental drugs to which I refused.

There were two secretaries – both black and female (ugh I keep running into bad black women) – who tried to urge me to sit and stay and subject myself to this.

I noticed that in said office the ocean kept rising and I saw a ship that I felt somehow represented me in white, sky blue, and dark blue colours reminiscient of the protection symbol my baby brother sent me…..

That said I played with it while accidentally striated the rear of the black secretary as she was typing something and so as to make sure she did not perceive it inadvertently as a homosexual gesture I apologised profusely.

That said I was then lead out the room and I recall them saying something about “groups of 3” (very symbolic) and how they need a 7th person (spiritually symbolic). I was escorted to a Chuck E Cheese like play place/restaurant that was in a mall of which the lab wad connected to.

“For fun” they set me up in a room there and I remember walking with Arnold Schwarzenegger (someone else in on this) and the two black ladies over a thin rope and over water (I notice the ocean kept surging) filled with 4ft baby alligators (also symbolic).

After all this I went to look for my van and all I saw was ocean.

I also could not find ANY sandals (safe ground).

Very symbolic.

All these people appeared to me too vividly for it to be a regular dream. My mother even called me yesterday to check in on me cause, like me, she got psychic abilities too……

I believe that there are powers bigger than these organic portals designed to block me. A friend of mines told me awhile back that I was destined to do something that would help folks instead of just talking (which is good by the way) as most folks do.

I see these as attacks from these multidimensional creatures to keep me imprisoned of which you can see here…..

But they can’t – none of us – for long…..

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