Note Nefertiti’s headdress and the shadow’s “head”. NOTE HOW SIMILAR THEY LOOK!!!!

NOW, look at the shadow! DOES THAT NOT LOOK LIKE THE HEADRESS OF NEFERTITI BEHIND ME (NOTE MY AFRO WHICH NO WAY COULD IT HAVE PRODUCED THAT SHADOW!!!)! She so seems to be holding a staff that can in NO WAY reflect the shadow of my arm (since it is too long, the shadow I mean!). That said, I think on a spiritual level (that’s why “things” tell me to take certain pictures of certain “things” which I can’t see at certain times!!!) something was trying to tell me my ancestral lineage, MY DESTINY!

This is not the first time I have had dealings with the Egyptian aspect of the spirit world:

A while back, I had a “vision” of Cleopatra riding on a chariot – powered by lions, I believe if I recall correctly “slaves”, people, alot of men – topless – AND THEN the vision SWITCHED to an ethnic looking woman (couldn’t tell what she was) with a red dress on, black hair and signing papers in the Presidential oval office I felt to become the next President of the United States!

I have also been told that people see Ra, Horus, Amun and I have personally felt the presence of – and this has been confirmed by other people – Isis, the ancient Egyptian Goddess who teaches magick and largley caters to the poor (Regardless of HOW people try to draw a false correlation between her and the illuminati of whom they try to use the astral aspect of her which I feel THEY created for evil purposes) – around me as well! When doing rituals, I have seen myself turn into her (and Quetzalcoatl). I have also been told she tries to speak to me as well (I wonder if Quetzalcoatl – who has always been around – tries to do the same!)!!!!

That said, I think it is because of Egyptian DNA (You look at me and alot of other black people – NOT ALL – AND WE LOOK LIKE EGYPTIANS and there is also proof pyramids were over here as well:

That said, going back to the time I took this pic, I DID NOT practise the occult but my nascent spiritual awakening was underway at my old apartment on Hauser Blvd!

This was an early revelation of who I am and what I will become…

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