It’s MORGUE OFFICIAL: If Youtube Is Putting Them On And They Are Starting A Call Dass An Agent

Look at the color scheme…..

If you can’t see he fake I don’t know what else will….

The mofo’s collar is the sigil of baphomet…..

– It’s an upside down star, upside down pentagram…..

If that is not an obvious sign that he is part of the Yaldabaoth-Archon-Matrix trap, I don’t know what is…..

He trying to get people to join some new (c)age cult called, “Hyperianism”…..

Here is some paid fake reviewer paid to buttress his bullshit…..

C’mon, man!

The name “Morgue” = death!

…..The ghastly white visage that is reminiscient of the reptilian like Morlocks who ate the humans who were formerly part of the illuminati (all symbolic) in that HG Wells adapated film, “The Time Machine” from 2002……

His eyes shapeshift – like a reptilian’s – as can be seen here…..

And looka this color scheme….. duality, red and black = underworld colors, colors usually associated with Satan or other demonic, dark forces…..

This is the sigil of Baphomet, an archon.

Note the name Samael. As REAL master teacher Bobby Hemmitt said, Samael is one of the names of Yaldabaoth:

– Note how he perverting the ying and the yang symbol. It is normally black and white to contrast the interlocking duality of good and evil….. here, as said before, you got total dark demonic colors – red and black – so who you think he serving……

I mean look at the rays emanating from it – like he is hoping to have a wider reach……

That said, you gotta be third eye blind to mess with this thing…..

Look, I am not trying to hate but anytime you see the Yaldabaoth controlled mass mind control media pimping, or pumping somebody out, letting someone with “dangerous knowledge” stay on – and make money….. usually it is a safe rule of thumb to stay the fuck away from them!

As with Brother Poor-light (Brother Polight) and the conscious community back in the day, they set these people, these agents up to then undermine the movement they were sent to inflitrate, such as ole boi Morgue (think about it, “Morgue” = death to old ways and to the NEW World Order) who proselytizes that he is a gnostic but, yet – as will be shown through a series of proofs, mainly via him trying to establish a cult which requires war-ship of something as well as his dualistic symbols that supports Yaldabaoth and the archons which goes against gnostic teachings – is opposite of what he preaches…..

I mean I am not trying to hate but anytime you got someone trying to start a cult – which centers around a cult of personality – It’s a safe bet that the person ain’t good and is not a gnostic.

See, gnosticism is the know-ledge that, if you have the true inner divine spark of Aeon Sophia aka the Divine Feminine, you are God. The external god that the christians war-ship is actually in fact the demiurge whose real name is Yaldabaoth, who deals in duality which this guy teaches which goes against the teachings of duality as can be seen in the duality symbol – the yin and thr yang – and those dark ass dualistic colors just gives it away…..

Gnosticism teaches you to escape duality and how to return back to the light…..

I teach duality as well as gnosticism cause realistically to survive in this realm as a Soulled person with the system set against us (to keep us enslaved) YOU GOTTA use black magic to keep these organic portals at bay otherwise you will end up becoming a part of the Jesus Sacrifice Archon Program…..

The Archon Jesus Soul Sacrifice Program Part 2: The Emotional Slaves To The Organic Portals Programming

Asshole In Blue SUV Who Tried To Run Over Me Gets His SUV Fucked Up

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

– I won’t lie I kinda enjoy inflicting pain on their stupid organic portal asses 🤣😂🛻🔥🚙🔥🏍

It’s how you keep the zombie horde away: you know their Soulless asses are infected with archons, but you still gotta do what you gotta do to keep em bay.

As what “G” aka the illuminati does they will put these talking heads out there to proselytize a message but they will show you who they really are and what they are up to through signs, symbols, color schemes and you see that with ole boi here:

It’s glaringly fucking obvious. Even the most dumb deaf and blind can see he a fake!

They buy their viewers, send him the money just as in radio the music companies pay the radio stations to play music, making the “artist” more popular than what they actually are. I learned this when I worked for independent christian radio station WSHO in New Orleans back in 2002.

It’s like that with black lives matter:

There was a brother named Darren Seals who was a real activist in Missouri who tried to reveal this about Black Lies Matter and then got murdered for doing so…..

As I explained here the whole George Floyd thing is a sham, played by actors. LOOK AT THE SYMBOLISM:

My Thoughts On The Boy George Floyd Debacle

– You got a number 6 prominent on one side and on the other two coiled snakes, serpents colored in red and black, much like this goof’s color schemes who I been talking about here:

They even made him to look like the Antichrist from American Horror Story (are they gonna choose him now cause I’m rejecting it, hence the hyperian cult?)

The Illuminati Comes To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist Who Will Destroy Humanity

That said, again, as an old saying goes, the answers lie in symbols, sigils, and color schemes as can be seen here – don’t forget trying to establish a cult!


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