Remove The Ego A False demiURGE Yaldabaoth Archon Matrix False Sense Designed To Feed Organic Portals And Archons

Remove The Ego A False demiURGE Yaldabaoth Archon Matrix False Self Designed To Feed Organic Portals And Archons

That ego was the heart of the urges designed to hold me back and keep me down….

I removed mines last night that looked like this – it will usually look grimey and ghoulish or downright demonic (based on the disposition the demiURGE aka Yaldabaoth wants to cast into you in the material body he fashioned):

….And it was THE MOST RELAXING feeling, like a huge weight was taken off my Soul……

When I pulled it out, I saw it tied to etheric chords that was carrying with it droves and droves of entities, meaning entity infestation…..

As explained here:

That is NOT your personality or an aspect of you as many new (c)agers will have you believe but an demiURGE-Yaldabaoth-archon matrix device/program placed in you as a Soulled person that is designed to keep you a slave to the demiURGE (Yaldabaoth)-archon-matrix programming and to be kept as an energy slave to feed these organic portals…..

It is designed to block the energy and thus wishes and therefore Soul mission of your Soul and is designed to keep you focused on material carnal world desires that is set to keep you a slave to this material realm, hence the alkie-hole urges and other urges beset into us which are the wishes of the demiURGE aka Yaldabaoth:

The ego – looking back on it – was the shit placed in me that caused me to absorb the negative energies of the assholes and abuse in high school, thus leading to me imbibing what that chemistry teacher – under poseession to the same shit I war-shipped – which attacked my Soul:

Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

As was in my case it was placed in my central nervous system where your thoughts and urges can easily be controlled by the demiURGE matrix system since it is there that urges derive, hence the term “nervous” = breaking of nerves…..

This results in the overwhelmingly feelings of sadness, fear – all low vibratory shit that allows organic portals to enslave “empaths” due to these Soulled people taking on their energies that they project onto us.

That said, when you get rid of that, it is another way that the archons, Yaldabaoth and his organic portals can not control you energetically through your emotions and thus siphon energy off of you.

I am literally surrounded by idiots…….

– These idiots are practically like lemmings cause they never learn which is why I can not respect them and why I get off on slam dunking their dumbasses using my high intelligence, high consciousness…..

Asshole In Blue SUV Who Tried To Run Over Me Gets His SUV Fucked Up

Here is it’s license plate number: It tis CA license plate number 7ZPW936.

Here another one that belongs to another Arab driving a white SUV beemer who called me a nigger which is CA license plate number 8LEL659.

– You can tell his SUV by the wraparound long bar lights he has 👍🏻

Fucking idiots, fucking morons.

You know how I would say the Hitler refrain, “Close your eyes to pity. Act brutality!”? It is heaven to actually energetically feel this, inwardly. See, your ego is a curse that is designed to put you under a spell designed to make you care about organic portals and how they feel – as we do towards others with Souls.

This ego curse is designed to cause you to imbibe the emotional energies of the entities occupying the organic portals and thus causing you to mirror em…..

For instance, I have a warrior instinct but I would feel an overwhelming urge of fear which, by getting rid of the ego – and before that other entity attachments – when in confrontations.

Now my energy dominates when in confrontations without my so much as lifting a finger.

Also, with regards to wetbacks, I have always innately looked down upon them cause I know what they spiritually are – hence why I keep them out my energy field and I insist all of you folks with Souls do so too.

That said, cutting that ego out has allowed me to elevate where, it’s like, they can’t touch me energetically, emotionally.

It is because they are the children of my enemy, of folks with Souls enemy, Yaldabaoth:

John Elliizz’s Book CONFIRMS Wetbacks Are The Demon Seeds of Demonic Reptilians

– They are nasty fuckers…..

Actually, I’m in the energy of, I don’t talk to my inferiors…..

There was a time where I proselytized that you need emotions to get into your abilities but…. think for a moment 🤔 when you hear reports of space aliens appearing they are always calm as shit but will have “superpowers”.

You don’t need adrenochrome, heightened emotions if you have a Soul cause the Soul provides.

How Drinking Period Blood IS Drinking Adrenochrome

Your Soul is you so it is foolish to think you need a false ego for anything.

I can not tell you how soberingly GREAT it feels to be me! To be purely me. It was a nightmare not having much control of my body and sharing body space with something that had me acting in ways not of my best interest.

Baba Bobby Hemmitt breaks it down – damn he nailed what I just experienced:

Essentially, in a nutshell, having the ego – that false self – is designed to put us Soulled people on the level of organic portals who we, you are better than and you don’t want to relate to that trash!

My face is more symmetrical cause I got rid of that shit……

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