Astralworld 3: The Sacrifice

Astralworld 3: The Sacrifice

First I wanna say I had alot of fun playing with my third eye, using it like an interactive screen very similar to this here:

That is how images show themselves to me through my third eye.

I can go and easily pick people up like the living God I am (I like to go on Soul rescues while in jail) using my hands, causing people to see giant hands picking them up as I did Deputy Trienan and others, check and see what other people are up to – remote view aka spy on people and other things.

It’s fun having this ability.

Sunday was when the sacrifice started.

See, I had escaped one of “Gooru’s” aka David Reina’s crown chakra attachments that look like this:

And so that is when that basturd had me labeled a “sacrifice” in the astral realm and I had become a sacrifice…..

I spent the entire day playing with my third eye, using frequency (as I learned from a subsequent attempt to destroy an enemy) to build places, travel to pla es etc.

I kept coming across these buildings full of people being tortured, with one being full of human looking demons that I will be honest came from me (it was incorporated into my subconscious mind which I am learning is the steering wheel for where we go in the astral aka afterlife) because, while being “Gooru’s” “slave” he had mixed his DNA and thus subconscious mind thus creating these inner worlds in me.

I saw tall brown buildings occupied with folks fleeing from roaches which I would later learn are roach motels where folks get eaten by huge human sized 20 ft and small roaches.

I recall inadvertently rescuing enemies from buildings ran by demons and trying to find a way to hold my sacrifices (which I later learned were going to Gooru) and being able to have a more positive energy and thus inner experience which I later learned said schism came from having Gooru aka David Reina’s Soul piece directly in me.

I then floated to the Lost Hills sheriffs station after asking my third eye to show me what is happening with them. I then floated towards them and saw them submerged underwater, indicating issues with being depressed, blockages in the physical. A female deputy then says, “Oh, look, it’s Raven” and then praise me as a hero. I tried to rescue them and was able to back the flood up but it came back and there was not much I could do as I unwittingly floated off again.

I recall getting into a fight with this chocolate like dragon that I would later learn was the very motherfucker to block my blessings in life named “Pallete Sabè.”

I once spoke of that pos basturd here:

Confronting The Tall Alien Grey I Once Knew As The King of Cups Named Satbalababa

He is why jealousy and the block of my blessings followed me all throughout my life as I would later find out.

That said at one point – to free myself of the curse and to try to keep certain motherfuckers who really did wrong to me under lock and key – I would set them free then collect the mofos who did the worst and bring them back to my realm to be punished.

My realm wad horrible.

When I first saw it…….

These are entity attachments by the way of your consciousness……

No wonder I called em sacrificial heads…..

Just Removed A Giant Sacrificial Head That Was Controlling Me

If You Are Facing Intranquil Spirits It’s A Sacrificial Head Curse

That said it looked like a huge corral and it was dusty and dirty – totally lifeless – and I saw tons full of people trapped in pens, held hostage there.

I saw people being whipped with bull whips like they did during the days of slavery and me – an aspect of myself – torturing. the fuck. outta motherfuckers unmercilessly……

It was dull, lifeless, sepia, really damn near black white and grey.

It is scary the realms that exist in the astral.

They all come from our inner minds which is where we go to die.

The ones that stay stuck on Earth aren’t called “Earthbound spirits” for nothing…..

That said at one point I just freed ALLL motherfuckers and then Gooru corralled them all back.

I then used pallets (which is big to use in the astral) to create a building adjacent (but not in me so the impact of the negative energy from the sacrifices don’t hurt me) to me – on my side with my sacrificial head looking like the real life me on top so that I could keep them but I vowed to redeem them.

My true nature after all this I learned is to heal not hurt but living on this Earth plane you can’t really do that because this environment and people won’t allow it.

We are living in hell. The 3D realm is hell.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

I recall when trying to get em back the Pallet Sabè mofo – a brown dragon aka so called “roach attachment” which Barbara refers to anything black or brown – he was getting my ass and being pretty much defenseless and not keen on how to fight back in the astral (as well as my full on consciousness not being there) I didn’t know what to do. I was at a lost.

I recall after freeing them people I think it was when Gooru said fuck it and went after my ass.

See, David Reina aka Gooru was born with a Soul. He had light. Your light is your Soul. Got nothing to do with morality. And his mother – an organic portal – snuffed that light out.

Thus, he likes to go around and snuff the light out of others out of envy.

He saw me freeing mugs – and trying to free myself from his crown chakra entity attachment hat – and he lost it and went after me.

That day, I saw through my third eye my parent’s house – then a car wreck – and my mother and brother (who had already transitioned back in 2012) walking through a realm with dinosaurs with my mother saying, “I’m sorry baby I think I’m dead cause your sister play with all that black magic.”

I asked the sheriffs if I could call my family. They let me. To my relief my mom was unharmed.

It was that day that the astral parasites were placed in me and I became a sacrifice.

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