Astralworld 4: Taking Back What’s Mine

Astralworld 4: Taking Back What’s Mine

I want to say before I write what I am gonna write – all throughout this journey I have learned I can only rely on me. Most folks aren’t as powerful as me. I even had a spiritualist recently who I was gonna employ for a cleansing regarding this whole issue say: “You are destined to resolve this. No one can help you.”

People talk about the ancestors but all throughout it is the ancestors who have had to rely upon me.

While in jail, I took the time to use my third eye as an interactive 3D game console, playing in the astral realm. I used it to resolve issues in the physical realm.

What happens in the spiritual directly affects what happens physical. I saw that iguana like reptilians were holding on to my money. They were in this elongated, rectangular shack like object that from what I learned represents David Reina’s aka Gooru’s way of hiding things in the astral. That said, I snatched it from them and saw that there was no money but some reconstruction of a bank and a pot plant in it.

That is symbolic for your money being under somebody.

I then took it and when I tried to carry it around people were taking from my ass left and right, including this mid western family that replaced it with McDonald’s food, some folks who at a stadium were pilfering it – really, everyone was when I was walking around with it straight up out there – and, later on, some evil kids associated with Baron Samedi.

I have $120 million in spirit money. I originally had $27 trillion when I was born but so many folk had stolen my blessings that it was reduced down to what it is now.

Let me explain how spirit money works: $1 million equates to $1,000 (Rosie the Roach Queen, a major player here, later explained that that is alot of money in the astral for roaches) in the physical. $10 million is $10,000. $100 million is $100,000 and you can guess from there what a quadrill is worth in translation to physical money and so forth.

That said this means if you are worth $100 million im terms of spirit money you are alloted $100,000 a year.

That said I tried to find a place to hold my money but found it next to impossible. I asked my third eye to show me the initial place where my money was held as a child and I saw a red colored room in a mall with dead babies which I guess symbolizes the disconnect with my inner child that had occurred due to a trauma in high school that affected my Soul.

That said I then decided to take it over to my parent’s house and – I guess as part of the curse – I saw their home in Louisiana fairly damaged, with them lying sickly in bed, and a creak in the wall from where water was leaking from.

I go in and see where their money is. I then see Baron Samedi, the voodoo loa of death, with some of his followers and with an evil grin on his face and my parent’s home behind the walls in a state of disrepair with pipes exposed and leaking whole damn rivers due to said exposed pipes and so forth. It pissed me off.

That’s not even the worst.

I decided to visit my childhood home. My brother Bryan does it all the time so I decided to visit – visit the ancestors – and place my money there.

I was flying through and saw a beautiful view of my ancestors draped in beautiful white garb similar to what is worn in Haiti and Afrika for funerals, twirling around – a sign I later learned means that astral folks are at peace – and I tried to get to know them. They also had a sign for me saying, “Welcome.” I asked them questions about me, who I am, my destiny. They said they heard of me and that I am very powerful and I am meant to make great changes that will positively affect Earth and more.

It was beautiful. I saw ancestors from the 1950s, 1800s, all over many past and previous and future time periods all converged to protect the Williams’s sacred temple: our childhood home which I hold dear.

Here is where the issue starts: I noticed that alot of folks were holding their money inside the places of others – including this very stylish, ritzy place that was a white mansion ran by a female ancestor who I later learned was a cohort of Baron Samedi. So I decided to come up with the “bright” idea of creating a place right behind my childhood home to harbor my money – like I thought everybody else did 🤦🏼‍♀️

Something in the back of my mind was telling me to just put my shit in a wallet, like everybody else.

That said, I kept trying to place it by my childhood home – near the home in the woods nearby which I didn’t feel too comfortable with as I would later find those woods were occupied by Baron Samedi’s sister, then our backyard.

The damn place I designed using astral pallet technology was colored blue – my favourite colour – and were comprised of high vibrational light beings made up of $1 trillion hz frequency. My ancestors kept moving that shit so I asked where should I place it and this is when the shit show started.

At one point I was met up with the assholes in Malibu who didn’t like me being there. I find it crazy they don’t want me there – they are obsessed with this – but yet they are all in my subconscious, obsessed about me.

I saw them on a rollercoaster which is how folks travel around the astral and I saw them offering spirit money to kill my ass spiritually, including some cops with the Lost Hills Sheriffs station. They were also writing books – I believe this is the akashic records – to kill me, my family, destroy my life, etc. so I recall putting the blob on them as well as burning and writing destructive books on their cowardly asses and they took off like a light.

In anothee instance I kept encountering people in white trying to fuck with me.

This exactly how it looked…..

They were from St. Paul’s Luthern Church in Santa Monica, who as I had seen through my third eye had casted a curse on the homeless living on the pch, including me, with a young broad with blonde hair – possibly Rosie – being the perp!

That said, they were on that rollercoaster, casting spells on me. They attacked me and I fought them in their church, at one point setting it on fire then leaving.

So I proceeded through the astral correcting alot of shit in the physical so my 3D life can be better, materially and spiritually.

I saw one of my “blessings” sent by Gooru to keep me confined to prostitution. I saw a box with one of the guys I know from that showing up wearing a tattered trenchcoat with money he could not afford for me and I was in a room colored pink – looked like a lil girl’s room – and I saw a young black lady who I guess represented me and a young blonde woman representing my Soul standing by a bed with a big smile on my face.

I gave that cursed ass gift right back.

I do remember getting a cursed gift of intranquil spirits from some obsessed hispanic broad which I promptly gave right back.

This is David Reina as confirmed from a war between me and his cohorts in the astral last night.

This is how he presents in the astral as “Gooru”, an Anton LaVey looking giant bald headed creepy looking thing that rides around in a cube:

That said “Gooru” – a self hating homophobic misogynist homosexual – has an obsession with pimping women and forcing women and girls into prostitution in the astral.

All of my attacks by him involves some element of humiliation and control:

– A “Gooru” crown chakra entity attachment to keep you from astral projecting and thus coming into your spiritual powers.

He also presents as a silly skeleton:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

He wanted to relegate me – and that guy – to a trick-sex worker relationship – pretty much an energy leaching relationship wherein all other opportunities would be blocked to me with the exception of him and another guy who has a Soul and was thus thankfully able to break free and because this guy has no Soul in him – it got taken out of him at a young age out of jealousy by a wicked shaman who saw his future potential – he has become an organic portal which Gooru takes over to use as a vicarious vessel to feed off of energetically via sex.

I saw this and returned that demonic “gift.”

I also recall seeing a triangle with me hanging in a christ like sacrificial position, tortured and tormented representing the curse Barbara Reina put on me:

I think this is her. I am made sure. Look at that wicked smile on her face. You can see the evil.

That said, I continued traveling around the astral – seeking to correct the wrongs in my life.

I returned to where my money was at cause I wanted to relive the childhood memories in my childhood home and then happened the reptilians charging in with big t rex’s and everything trying to reclaim my blessing: my money!

We went to war: I summoned tornadoes galore, effective immediately in an onslaught against the dinosaurs, atomic bombs made from my mind, particularly the subconscious, fighter jets (my favourite and most immediate form of protection) and then I tried to reset shit.

I actually did this once and it affected my reality where I woke up in a semi time loop where I awoke to it being Friday again!

At some point they got the fuck – my ancestors did what they could do to fight them but they are not as powerful as I am – and I was left to get my money.

To do it, I just willed it back using the power of my mind and brought it back to me from them as it was too hard to locate them in the astral plane.

That said I did some astral journeying of the astral version of LA and NYC where I used to live which I tend to visit ALOT in the astral when I “dream” at night.

I then decided enough was enough and I needed to get back to work: to improve my lot in the physical by improving my lot in the astral.

I kept having assholes – at one point from Malibu, a bunch of surfer dudes (who I later learned offered me as a sacrifice) and rich mofos try to steal my money but I ‘woked their azzez off.

My poor ancestors weren’t prepared to fight off the numerous freeloaders looking to plunder my stuff.

That said, after fighting them off – them surfers kept showing up all that day to block me – trying to rape me at one point, dressed in surfer gear or swimwear, looking like apes, saying we are gonna “straighten you out” (I guess many folks out there think I am gay), ganging up on me and shit, causing me to ‘woke their asses – in one instance cutting off one of their dicks – my poor ancestors brought my money to Baron Samedi’s sister after I asked where could I place it.

It was then that I encountered trouble.

Baron Samedi’s sister lives in a giant living tree in the woods next to my childhood home. She was dressed in green and had followers holding machetes in hand ready to kill anyone who invades. I went – not feeling good about this, knowing it goes against my gnostic christian belief that I am not to war-ship anything outside of me because my Soul is an aspect of the True God – and had to kneel before what I considered an inferior being spiritually, someone who needed to energy vampire via having followers to get the power she has.

I was in a beautiful green room flanked with trees, beautiful plants and saw that my money had been put in a large wooden cauldren with other’s monies and my bucket was filled with plants – like they do at pool bets – and I took my shit! I would have to war-ship her to get my money. Fuck that 🖕🏻

The lady, Baron Samedi’s sister who was wearing green and was flanked by two followers wearing green, gave me a pissed off look as I took my money back and left out the giant living tree.

Of course a fight ensued and their lil machetes – which were taking out my ancestors – were no match for my fighter jets. They then unleashed tornados, I did too, I released giant monsters and when the atomic bombs dropped, they dropped their machetes.

That said, I got a visit from a guy named Lionel – a dark worker who I now know was trying to invite – and convert me – to being a total darkworker.

He came to me like this awhile back:

Voodoo Demon Named Rubion Visits Me

After I got my money basket back I encountered some bad ass kids with Baron Samedi on bikes – lil black kids and a black teen, all males and one lil girl – try to jump me for my money. Not having full motor control of my astral body (later I learned it’s cause of stuff Barbara abd David Reina had been doing like incorporating their DNA into mine, thus sabotaging MY control over my own astral body) I couldn’t fight back.

Lionel ran them off and he kept pushing me to be his slave and slapping me and I would fight back.

Later I learned that basturd set up a deal with some mafia people in the astral to steal my childhood home and sell it to them assholes in Malibu, changing how it looks and all (I later ‘woked em).

That said that is when I started to see the deceiving spirits around me, wreaking havoc on my physical life.

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