Only Weak People Take Their Issues Out With Others On Innocent People

Only Weak People Take Their Issues Out With Others On Innocent People

After a confrontation last night, I know for a fact it is these two who are “Gooru” aka David Reina and Barbara Reina:

Ugly looking bug faced Anton La Vey wannabe….

You can hear here it’s him by comparing the voice in the vid to the one in the audio when he called from 408-767-7455 the other night:

This one even looks like a witch:

I kinda wonder if that is Rosie as just as they do with victims they create characters using themelves and I am coming to this conclusion due to what I witnessed fighting them last night, connecting the dots……

That said I can hear these mofos saying they took everything from me – they took my dad last night and are making my mom smell as bad as they do me to cause her to lose her job so that David Reina can astrally prostitute her, a woman of class and dignity, a mother not even remotely conversant with that lifestyle (that crakkka seems obsessed with forcing black women – whom he seeks to pursue – into those roles) – and are pissed that I still persist and they can’t make me bend.

It’s cause I’m strong. I am mentally strong and thrive in adversity.

I will say if someone does this to you – take away your memories, consciousness, your Soul, tell your third eye to recall from your physical brain your consciousness, memories and your physical cells to regenerate your astral Soul 👍🏻

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