Soul Patches And Astral Parasites

Soul Patches And Astral Parasites

Never negotiate with these things no matter how much they love bomb you as they have done me.

They attack the pineal gland, subconscious and conscious areas.

Keep them out cause they need negativity to feed, hence why they cause bad smells, etc.

These ones I got coming from Barbara abd David Reina are particularly evil cause they know how to make themselves “intranquil” aka doormat when someone tries to remove them as they did the other night.

Now they are going over to feed off my dad and other family members and I am trying my best to stop them.

That said in the areas I named above there are chords that will connect to you due to the timeline you are in. Remove the chords that will attach to you from evil people looking to change your frequency via these chords so that you will energetically be able to let them in – and be bound to em – no matter how many times you run them out!

Soul patches are another way they do this. Remove said patches from offending parties.

You can see some right here:

These are “Rosie or Barbara The Roach Queen”:

Or entity attachment:

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