Astralworld 5: Meeting Barbara And Lionel

Astralworld 5: Meeting Barbara And Lionel

One thing about me is, I don’t like two things: Joining groups and being bullied.

Barbara and Lionel represented both.

That said, Lionel was able to effectively ward off the punk lil kids – yes these were practically babies that looked to be aged 8, 10 – wearing white t shirts, blue, black sports shorts or blue jeans – away from me.

The entire time he was trying to man handle me as I later found out was designed to “groom” me so I could turn into the perfect machine for him and Barbara, which I later found out “Gooru” was breeding me for.

I wasn’t gonna stand for it!

I don’t like being forced into doing things I don’t wanna do and be made into something that I am not. I have alot of pride and as I later found out – and knew all along – I am too powerful for that so I won’t tolerate the bs!

That said I decided to go it along – and I had my damn money basket – which I was lugging around the astral which as the back of my mind was telling me I shoulda converted into a wallet as most folks do – plifered, raided again and I attracted this group of very codependent, needy young women with one shouting that “I stole her man by walking shirtless on the pch” over and over and I was about ready to kill her.

I can’t stand whiny, needy, codependent low self esteem people who need validation from others to exist. I hate them.

That said, at some point, I regrouped with Lionel – he actually helped by warding them off – I recall he built a wall around em – the girl was hispanic – seriously to keep them off my ass and had me meet Barbara.

I saw Barbara in all her pride and glory, walking around in a regular 1930s trenchcoat with 1940’s styled hair and wearing an SS nazi hat, walking with Nazis, doing the heil Hitler salute:

Yeah, your guess is as good as mine – what the fuck she doing involving herself with black folk?

I also saw that she was consorted by black robed entities who I had been talking about all along, such as here:

Archon Attacks ARE Stepping UP As I Break Free of This Matrix And Teach Others To

He actually manipulated me I believe into telling him where my brother was so he could kidnap and torture him.


This my baby brother here and they are not letting him rest in peace.

From what I understand the Emperor Palpatine entity is Gooru 31.

That said, I saw what was around me, spiritually, after all this time.

Alot of shit made sense.

We were downtown, in downtown LA in the astral.

Lionel and Barbara had torture buildings – whole torture buildings, practically meat torture factories – where the whole building was made of tortured Souls who were squenched up in capsules, bound, next to each other in various states of bondage, many without their skin, their sinewy muscles showing, bound at the mouth so they couldn’t scream.

It was horrible. It was a nightmare.

I said what the fuck are you all doing. Lionel slapped me and I went to beat his ass. No one puts their hands on me. I don’t put up with that shit. I don’t put up with abuse.

I later learned alot of things about these two – see, he is an aspect of someone I know residing on the pch:

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

A deep dark aspect. A demonic Soul piece. I later on would try to heal it and place it back into him but it refused.

This Soul piece was later used to become “Baron Samedi the ‘roach attachment'”.

Barbara was using him to induct me into this weird nazi torture cult that she got going on in the astral plane since he black and she thought I would be cool with him doing all that shit to me cause he black. FOH!

She even went as far as to call the police in the astral to get me out of jail in the physical and it nearly worked.

See, in the astral realm if you got alot of energetic power or spiritual influence or your own realm – as I got called Raven’s Realm – you get your own phone where you can call the police to resolve strifes, which includes shockingly and disgustingly resolving beefs over “slaves” – a major commodity in the astral from which poor Souls are fed on through torture like in Lionel’s sick ass human meat torture chamber – shit that should be illegal but isn’t.

He kept trying to in many ways force himself romantically on top of hitting me – which I would fight back as best as I can being in my astral suit that I partially controlled which I later found out was heavily damaged due to alterations by Barbara and David through compromising my astral DNA. He kept trying to make me like him but that wasn’t happening cause I like white men and I insulted the living shit out of his ass.

I’d later fuck em up as I will break down later.

That said Lionel had a gorgeous penthouse he had made downtown – yeah, made cause in the astral there are living building materials like pallets and these antenna mosquito things here that look like crosses between mosquitos and antennas as can be seen here:

The penthouse was beautiful. In the 3D his whole Soul lives in that jeep in the article you can see but that Soul piece resided in there, last time I checked.

I decided to astral explore but everytime I did Lionel would demand to “escort” me. I saw what Barbara deemed “the worst of people” (the same oversensitive, needy, codependent bitch who sacrificed a 12 year old schizophrenic child for not saying, “Hi”) which were evangelical christians who I saw on a boat (folks used that along with rollercoasters for widespread travel throughout the astral plane).

I encountered the mofo who sexually assaulted me here who I talked about (I later found out he died in his sleep due to my curse with his Soul getting taken straight to hell by Satan himself – who I would later find out I am a daughter of, well, was) and his Soul replaced with a reptilian to make him more “compliant” and less volatile and misogynistic.

Chasing My Rapist

I see my curses worked after all πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘ΉπŸ‰

He – I think was a Soul piece – was on a boat that was swimming in the air with other people. In the astral plane the power of the mind – and energy – is used to create buildings and so forth and just as easily as they can go up they can go down.

That said, wherever I went I kept getting attacked. I got cornered up by them teens I later understood were some type of astral curse in the physical though they were actual living people and they got “bricked up” aka locked in a room made of bricks and glass by Lionel who seemed to have to come every few minutes it felt and rescue me cause I was new to this and didn’t quite know how to protect myself in the astral. I also got attacked by them jealous racist assholes in Malibu, with the rapist surfers trying to gang up, but again I fucked em up with a tornado storm. I really fucked them – and their boat – up!

I then saw that I could summon tornados to get out of tight situations. You can also either write books or use the power of your mind to chain people, too, so they can’t follow you!

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

For the evangelicals Barbara shot em up with her nazi cohorts. Lionel would use the power of his mind and summon similar natural disasters – astral methods of warding people off – to get people off my ass.

Then Barbara and Lionel returned to their flesh meat torture lair – what I saw was pure evil there and they wanted me to be a part of that shit – for a meeting.

We were in their own carousel where we saw various sites – I wanted to see the 3D world in terms of how it looks in the astral – and where they hide their victims, including cocooned people I think “offended” Barbara somehow (I think she claimed they raped her or something) and any folks trying to help rescue me away from them.

At one point I couldn’t take the evil – no one with light in them could – and jumped on different rollercoasters – including one in Greece, whom she later cocooned and destroyed to get to me and a place I called on to see filled with monks, people in various states of meditation, in a rocky place with alot of spiritual asiatic symbolism and entities, some of which resembled asiatic demons:

I have had stuff like this haunt me too. Look at this from my old neighborhood:

Seeing Shadow People Evil Ghosts And UFOs All In One Night

That said, I asked to see how Topanga in Malibu is doing.

The way you travel in the astral is via the power of the mind. Via just one thought – depending how strong the energy behind is – and you get whisked away to wherever you want – given you aren’t bound.

That said, I saw Topanga shrouded in alot and I mean alot of trees and nice multi million dollar homes.

I started to put curses on their asses and fuck their homes up for what they did to me.

Like I said I don’t play with bullying and I am a very vindictive motherfucker.

Lionel somehow caught up with me. He seems to be sexually, romantically obsessed but like Barbara he has a sick fuck fixation on dominating strong women, telling me to be “obedient” while smacking me.

We got into a straight up fight. Like I said I don’t tolerate that shit. He playing with a black woman no matter how I present in the astral which is white.

That said, I didn’t like the shit they were doing in that torture place. At one point I saw my dad – these basturds seemed obsessed with getting him which I think is due to a generational curse – a pedophile spirit named Theriel who has followed us for generations whose been attached to us – who I had listed as a generational curse in a book which is effective for getting rid of generational curses – there and I lost it.

I tore down Lionel’s sick ass flesh meat torture chamber, freed all of them people, and cursed Barbara with my ‘woke. I couldn’t take it. That is when the shitshow with Baron Samedi, the voodoo loa of death, begun when they called him to get rid of me.

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