Astralworld 2: The Beginning

Astralworld 2: The Beginning

This is how it all started.

I went to jail – on a felony – for the stupidest shit:

– According to the spirits he a cop with LAPD!

That said based on what I’m about to tell ya I shoulda whopped his bald headed ass upside the head with that crystal quartz wand…..

A coupla weeks ago I learned from the spirits that on one of those gangstalking message boards that a deputy at the Lost Hills sheriffs told people as part of a bulletin to go out and sexually assault me as I walked around naked and drunk.

I won’t lie one of the folks who participated was a sheriff and this pos here:

….Who proudly yelled, “What you’re gonna do” and “You’re witchcraft didn’t work on me” when he stuck his fingers in me, harshly.

Crakkka FLEES When I Threaten To Put Witchcraft On Him

The spirits told me that he is an undercover LAPD cop!

That said, because of this – I wanted revenge in my own little way – I ended up in jail on a booted up charge as I could hear deputies conspiring to run me out by making the charges worse than what they are (by claiming that it was over prostitution as the reason behind why I “attacked” him) and later on learning that they were planning on doing to me what they did to Mitrice Richardson which was to release me in the middle of the night and drop my ass off a cliff which for weeks I had been seeing through my third eye but my pact with God would not allow it.

BTW I know you all keep hearing about this “pact with God” so let me break down what it is:

To enter this realm we all make a pact with God, Yaldabaoth, the demiurge – whatever you wanna call him – to incarnate here.

This interview perfectly breaks it down:

That said, my pact consists of my being allowed to live in this Earthly body up until the age of 86 which, interestingly, is slang for, “get rid of”.

I also can only die of old age and I had at least two Soul contracts I knew of where I was supposed to die an early death:

With Barbara Reina I was supposed to die at the age of 31 hence why I kept seeing openings to the underworld during the time they came around as mentioned here:

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

And the first one was with Satan where I was supposed to die at the age of 52.

One pro tip is is that when folks come to you in the astral with Soul contracts, they are never consummated until you sign with full consciousness meaning either they must come to you physically or when you astral project (not just astral travel) where your full consciousness is in your Soul and you are fully aware of what is going on.

David Reina came to me as a skeleton, showing me regal homes while I was being escorted by what I thought was a past life Vietnamese relative whose eyes turned into reptilian slits while astral projecting.

After I refused, I awoke with a bleeding third eye as can be seen here:

It was downhill from there….. my money got stifled (later on I saw that David Reina aka Gooru had hid it with iguana looking reptilians in a ramshackle shack designed to hide things – with nothing in the basket – in the astral).

To this day I am constantly having to snatch my – and my family’s – money from this astral monster.

That said, I spend my days in jail – when I go there – exploring the astral plane through my third eye.

I go and rescue people such as this deputy here who died an untimely death and who I found in the demon card game realm where they torture people and other entities – cutting off folks’ heads, having women they deem attractive bound to beds permanently with face masks so they don’t develop sympathy for them by seeing their pain – as part of “wagers”:

– I be wanting to punch the shit out of clueless folks who just dismiss death as nothing and want to wistfully and blissfully ignorantly think that their so called beloved ones are in “good places”, thus keeping them stuck in realms like that realm that are just as real – really realer than where we reside in the 3D.

Our Souls – if you got one – and spirits are who we are, not our physical bodies so it’s stupid not to take where we go seriously and look into it with more concern.

That said, I brought him to a realm filled with huge creatures that eat you but looks like our plane, complete with cities, homes, apartments, families and is alot better than where he was before.

From what the spirits are saying he now has an apartment and later on I’ll talk about how those same spirits mentioned him trying to help me in my fight against the Reinas.

That was a horrible place. The demon card game realm is fucking evil.

Later on Barbara Reina and her astral parasites threw my parents there which I will talk about later on.

That said, I continued to journey – ending up where Selena is.

The Astral Vision Where I Saw Selena Trapped In A Hellish Astral Version of New Orleans With Mexican Gangs

It’s funny cause I notice that Selena has been reaching out to alot of black women cause I saw another vid with another black woman whom Selena had reached out to.

That said I saw her in a card game eating dinner in a really ritzy place that was very similar to Earth, to the 3D realm! I am not sure if it was the demon card realm area – which doesn’t look as nice – but she was playing cards and when I asked if she wanted to be rescued, she said, “Fuck no” and so I left it – and her – at that!

That said I then proceeded to go after some motherfuckers who stole my blessings starting with these mayates here:

Why You Never Sacrifice Another Person For Material Wealth Especially If The Person Has A Soul

The Reason Behind Why Folks With Souls Have Dreams of Celebrities Stealing Their Blessings

That said I saw these kneegrows here in a beauty shop – a ghetto one – “gettin’ they hurr and nails done.” I ‘woked the shit out their asses and I kept seeing different timelines – and outcomes – based on what I did to them. One of em included them being on my level – somehow we are bound to each other – and me getting blessings but not as much as I should get. It consisted of the attention I get for being topless in Malibu but with no money – which is due to David Reina as I later found out – while they were dressed in ghetto ghetto rags, looking really ghetto and not the high level fashionistas of which they became by stealing my blessings through a deal they made with Elegua.

I recall when I first arrived seeing them with that nagger bytch Erykah Badu who put a curse on poor Lauryn Hill cause she a jealous black witch sitting in some beige nail salon chairs and looking at me with sneaky, smarmy snarky smiles practically saying with their eyes and looks, “Yeah, we stole your shit!”

Astral Vision Shows Erykah Badu Destroyed Lauryn Hill’s Career and Tried To Undermine My Blessings

That said, I destroyed them – all three!

I also went to war with another mayate pro black astral cult in a stadium who was wearing a black karate outfit split down the middle in the form of a “v” to show the chest with a black silk beanie and bared the symbol of a white star with a white crescent moon in the front middle of his belt.

I remember trying to get to him but he blocked me.

It gets worse the next day. That is the start of the curse. I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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