Astralworld Part 1: The Introduction

Astralworld Part 1: The Introduction

This journey that I am about to tell you all started in jail.

I was meant to be a sacrifice for these two here, Barbara Reina who calls himself “Gooru” in the astral and David Reina:

I think this David Reina as I saw this fool grabbing a coupla homeless folks I know living in their vehicles on the pch and putting them through some carnival torture show where various serial killers, evil entities came to start attacking them and they tried to get me to go in too but I refused…..

Also that girl is tow headed like Barbara Reina who is German (and evil looking too) and could quite possibly be a relative of hers.

I should mention Michael O’ Terrence, a wicked shaman who buys kids from the Reinas to sacrifice so he could get stronger by imbibing their Soul who lives in Malibu, as he is integral to the story as can be attested to here:

Here is the first article I did on this issue:

Warning About Mind Hijackers Barbara Reina and David Reina and Malibu Dark Witch Shaman Michael O’ Terrance Who Sends Astral Parasites Into Your Mind To Force You Into A Soul Contract

These are some evil motherfuckers. From what I understand Michael O’ Terrence was behind it.

Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Killed My Parents

That said, all of this started after I started making my escape from a sadistic evil ass sorcerer named “Gooru” who I now know is a living, breathing physically existing person named “Gooru” who would later claim that he was appointed by “god” to watch over me and suppress my psychic talents and spiritual abilities while managing a part of the 6th dimension which I believe he invented called the “Gooru” system which I now suspect is comprised of the Souls of other victims and their families (years ago I witnessed my grandmother – a pious christian woman – corraled like cattle in one such place after Gooru got ahold of my Soul piece and started making the transition towards turning me into a “slave” which never happened as he did my baby brother Bryan):


Here is more info on the Gooru system:

How The Gooru System Works

It’s a mirror of a real “Gooru” system supposedly ran by God in the astral plane.

Like Barbara and David Reina it is composed of energy vampires which again I suspect are prior victims who feast off of largely innocent people in the astral plane that I believe based on empirical evidence and are extensions of David Reina aka Gooru’s subconscious – the characters he makes up – as well as real life actual autonomous Souls who somehow got mixed up with this evil motherfucker and his world!

That said this sadistic desperate motherfucker is known all throughout the astral plane for making evil, nefarious entity attachments designed to suppress those who are attached to him’s spiritual talents such as this right here:

This was one of the first entity attachments that I was able to break free off on my own. He usually attacks the crown chakra.

From what I understand he goes around the astral plane stealing and or buying Soul pieces as he did mine supposedly from Baron Samedi and using a complicated mechanism via which he distorts and alters the person’s astral DNA usually without permission then goes about incorporating his Soul pieces into the Soul piece – including ones he has stolen from others – so he can create an intranquil slave via very complicated and rigorous astral devices designed to motor function wise and neurologically manipulate the victim.

He releases astral parasites into those who merely say “boo” to his weak cowardly ass that are designed to drive you crazy and/or kill you.

It was my pact with god that saved me. Reminds me of this song here:

That bitch was basically talking about stealing that boy’s destiny and making it hers as what the Reinas tried to do to me and so many other people before (and after) me.

But I am too strong and powerful mentally and physically for their weak willed weak minded asses (who gotta steal other people’s consciousnesses and spiritual gifts so that they can feel/be strong). That’s why it’s been three up against one all throughout this fight: me against them.

Even their own astral parasites don’t like their asses, which again are largely composed of prior victims.

That said they are big on stealing blessings. Because of my pact with God – they could not kill me so they want to energy harvest off of me and steal my blessings which includes this article here.

See this is destined to become a big movie and David Reina tried to steal it through, again, consciousness harvesting but I won’t allow it!

That said, I view the Reinas and O’ Terrence in a very low light. Barbara Reina, a Soulless organic portal with no innate spiritual powers, was supposedly the victim of child sex trafficking and was used in child porn as a child.

I think this past pic where this person harassed me in the past might be her as a kid:

Stalked By A Hooker and Pimp For Speaking Out Against Prostitution

David Reina from what I understand grew up with a controlling, overbearing mother not unlike Barbara Reina who was spiritually powerful and was an evil witch who used high level spirituality to do dark evil shit.

Michael O’ Terrence who is a Native American shaman in Malibu also had an overbearing mother who was supposedly mean to him.

That said I have no respect for people who let other motherfuckers live in their heads rent free and determine how they should be and attack innocent people for what these evil motherfuckers did to them.

In other words I have no respect for cowards who attack innocent people for what others have done to them.

This is the story for Astral World and for just how hellish and dangerous the astral plane – and spirituality – can get.

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