Face South Using Chinese Feng Shui To Avoid Bad Spirits

Face South Using Chinese Feng Shui To Avoid Bad Spirits

I woke up after sleeping at the foot of the bed (I seem to have alot of good luck when I sleep opposite the supposed “correct” or head side of the bed and I had an astral vision…..

In it I was back in Louisiana, living with family and I was wondering what to do with my life, what direction I should take.

As in this reality I had dropped out of college and it seems in these astral visions I always felt like a loser.

That said I asked my third eye in the astral plane what direction I should take and I saw…..

“11am to 3am” and a bar – looked to be a strip bar – and I was being directed by David Reina aka Gooru to work as a tiddy waitress in a strip club.

That said, I then found myself in the room where I currently stay but instead of seeing my roommate I was greeted to the site of my mother – who kept shapeshifting into my baby brother – and my baby brother and my other lil brother Kristen.

As told to me by the very astral parasites going around and copping people’s subconscious, conscious minds and pineal glands, I was told that David Reina and Barbara Reina and a shaman in Malibu named Michael O’ Terrence did something to completely mindwipe my family’s consciousness and subconsciousness, which I then set out to correct but then they did something to re-remove their consciousness and incorporated the consciousness of malicious entities to control them and further torment me so they can energy harvest off of me.

I also removed an instrument that looked like a gold windshield wiper that they say is designed to make me their slave and force me to conform to the narrative for MY life that they wanna impose, which includes Barbara Reina wanting me to work in a factory and David Reina wanting me to work – and feed him in some capacity – as a prostitute while stealing my blessings.

They used this to control me and after I took it out they put it back in.

Basically they want to energy harvest off of people and infect those especially those who follow them with astral parasites as I heard this morning (beware cause they used some “higher self” that they created of me to achieve this) so they can become God!

Don’t befriend or deal with those people:

I think this him ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป because if you listen to the audio and then the video they soundalike plus I saw him and these three…..

In the astral one time corraling homeless folks living on the pch to be devoured by evil entities.

In other words energy harvesting.

David Reina also tried to get my Soul by pulling me into a portal to hell – twice – when I was living in my old apartment as talked about here:

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

That said it’s why they don’t want me to heal and will torment me with entity attachments when I try to do energy work on myself (crown chakra entity attachments were placed on me for this very purpose) because they don’t want me meditating to heal largely the right side which was damaged due to another curse resulting in Soul loss when I was 16 because of a spell placed on me by a teacher.

Usually it is the right side that is always attacked.

That said I decided to sleep at the foot of the bed and, when I awoke, I felt out of these entity attachments’ frequency where they could not attack.

I been playing this to get rid of them by the way and they hate it:

It is called Zakaos Tone and works to remove archon astral parasites aka “voices in your head” as what is happening to me out of you.

And astral parasites – and evil people – hate it ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Get them fuckers out!

When they make me smell bad I put ear buds in and play this and it causes them to stop and go crazy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

That said, I think that the sleeping position helped. It did something to put me out of their frequency and thus arena of accessibility:

Something was done to put them it felt far back in my mind and intranquilize them. It’s like they could not affect me and I gotta figure out how that was.

I think when Barbara Reina placed em in it was designed to activate them because we all have entity attachments in us but they are mostly dormant and these were activated to torment me.

The way the Reinas work is they incorporate these astral parasites in your head to torment you, cause you to hear voices, have them even trauma bond with you so they can feed off of you forever or do whatever objective they have in mind.

These astral parasites if left to fester first start in where the supposed astral pineal gland is which is by the right side of my neck by the ear (I honest think that is Gooru or some entity’s Soul piece doing that as your pineal gland is smack in the middle of your neck right above the brain stem) and use your own energy against you to cause you to see things, hear things, feel things etc and then they move to the subconscious mind where again they exploit your own energy against you.

It usually starts with the pineal gland and use reiki aka your hands to remove the astral pineal gland that is not yours from the middle of your head.

The astral parasites whom you should never believe said it is located by the ear when in actuality it is there.

That said the Reinas put these entity attachments in me so, like the inferior parasites they are, they can feed and keep me from coming into my power by stealing all the while making me artificially feel like a slave through entity attachments.

If you got spiritual ears you can hear David Reina aka Gooru conspiring to steal my consciousness and kill me here:

It’s crazy cause though I am “inferior” in addition to feeding off of me – and others – to get power it is three – David Reina, Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence all of Malibu (all three of them are drug addicts and drunks who need that to get by) – literally aligned against one!


That said Imma keep working on freeing myself of this curse and of them idiots. I feel I am getting close. But in the meantime if you are going through the same, don’t give them power! That is what they are thirsty for so don’t give them that and, for a “slave” whose Soul piece they stole and then incorporated their DNA so I will be easier to control – they sure as hell can’t control me dumbasses.

I hate folks with huge inferiority complexes, insecurities who got the nerve to wanna dominate.


Dominate yourself then you will be God.

Protip: If you feel smooth spots on your skin or where it is unusually cold or hot, that is a sign of entity attachments on you.

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