Astralworld 6: Coming Across Barbara’s Needy Hypersexual Homosexual Cholita Alter Ego Aspect

Astralworld 6: Coming Across Barbara’s Needy Hypersexual Homosexual Cholita Alter Ego Aspect

After escaping those two evil, nefarious mofos, I shuttled off – flying through the air – to explore more of the astral plane.

I decided to visit the astral version of LA – make my visit “light” and enjoy myself – and ended up in the astral version of what felt like Pomona – which I have visited before in “dreams” which I now realize are astral travels.

I was in a shopping center where in previous astral travels I saw and visited various stores I am conversant with in the physical, where tornados, hurricanes, flash floods nearly hit.

I even almost got devoured by Yaldabaoth, the god of this world, there.

That said I came across a disgusting and – to put it mildly – irritating group of kids, hispanic, who were very friendly at first, trying to help me navigate – but then if I recall my dumbass said something stupid and they wanted to attack.

I saw the dude who sexually assaulted me being held captive by big built demons who look like Baraka from Mortal Kombat and he had been turned into a duck but he still looked like himself (it’s funny cause years ago I saw an anthromorphic but female duck in my apartment way before I sadly and unfortunately encountered that pos). Thinking he mighta been my baby brother (people and their Souls can appear drastically different in the astral than what they do in the physical 3D as mine appear as white), I inadvertently freed him.

Chasing My Rapist

Later on he got snatched back into the hell realm.

His physical vessel – his body – is still in the 3D but what I attested to means that that booty bandit – I say that cause of what he did to me – is now getting his booty took by hell demons.

That said, I moved on, trying to create structures using the power of my mind, play in the astral realm for a bit.

I recall visiting a realm called Starbonne Tarot – currently ran by a real life Youtuber who paid Baron Samedi in spirit money to kill me – a tattoo artist who held in her private prison, an artists’ porfolio, droves of Souls – including my baby brother’s – which I freed!

I was thanked by these people who then started healing me and I inadvertently waved them off and pushed their hands away, thinking they were attacking me, but then I let them remove the many astral parasites – and curses – occupying my crown chakra.

I then came across one of her ex victims – a gay black guy who worked at Walmart – who also doubled as a hairstylist (owned his own studio and all) who had a stache of his own victims and when I freed them turns out they fucked over him (I think it involved rape, theft). These were ex employees. I helped him put them back in jars.

You know – it’s funny cause in the astral people don’t appear to be what they are in reality.

For instance when I saw The Migos they were all dressed in tattered hood street clothing and looked very very poor.

Later they stole my blessings and became rich.

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

You appear as what’s currently going on with your Soul: I am currently not in a good place – me, my family and ancestors are currently in place called “Cursed Valley” full of entity attachments I call sacrificial heads:

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

That act as their own hell realms for whomever they are holding hostage.

That said, I kept floating in peace and tranquility. There were a few skirmishes – namely with that lil irritating girl mentioned in the last chapter who kept saying, “Why you walk around topless on the pch and steal my boyfriend (lol 🤷🏼‍♀️)” and I just flew away from that dumb lil girl and then – I heard a voice.

I heard two voices. They both sounded white based on diction. They were laughing. I heard one say in a very meek, small, sweet voice, “I don’t wanna do this.” These voices were coming from the physical 3D.

That said I kept journeying on.

I witnessed a battle ensuing where some what I thought were my Aztec ancestors were battling Mayans to defend me. The Aztecs whipped they ass.

Only later on would I find out why that battle ensued.

Not too long after I was in the realm of the Aztecs and I got on a rollercoaster belonging to that same girl and her friends and they commenced taking the curse off and out of my crown chakra and were very nice until I said something stupid.

They understandibly became visibly upset and saying “nigger” etc. but it is only cause I got intranquil spirits on my crown chakra and plus I had a horrific crown chakra attachment from Gooru that causes me to have intrusive, impulsive thoughts which are not mine so it is hard to silence the subconscious mind, which is impossible for us in the physical to control.

They took out these entity attachments from the inside of my crown – they looked like black snakes – the curses attached to em would manifest themselves….

They were saying, “Look at what these niggers did to her” as they were removing the curses, referring to what mayates did to me in high school and, really, all throughout my life, esp. formative years and I agreed! But crakkkas and wedbucks (my figure of speech for Messy-cans) had a hand but I will admit niggers fucked up alot of shit.

It reminded how later on I learned that that chemistry teacher who told me to “drop the English accent” actually was saying a spell to put me under a curse (hence why that shit afflicted me so deeply when it shouldn’t have and, as with that wedbuck Gooru my head was placed in a shack prison symbolic of captivity, blocked blessings) and had sold my Soul to that mayate voodoo loa of death Baron Samedi, who took a BIG chunk of my Soul piece.

No one does you worse than your own. I can’t really claim them cause my Soul is white.

Except for recent passed away loved ones that is why I never had or have ancestral spiritual protection cause I am not seen as one of them.

That explains why I can thrift between identities and put on what I need to put on at will, hence the changes in consciousness that you will see helped out later on.

Also from what I understand it was their hateful asses that steered me towards black ass Xavier Prep where I recall somehow having a block in my consciousness that made me hate De La Salle – and white people – and it is all cause they saw a white person when they saw me in the astral and hated me for being one.

As one hispanic client as a sex worker once said to me, I have no tribe.

Due to gnostic christianity, I now realEyes I DO have a tribe: people with Souls, us immortals.

People who are Soulless with group spirits can attribute their derivation to a group Soul based on race, ethnicity etc. I am not bound to that, hence why I am a living God.

In one instance I saw a church with my dad, Reverend Benoit (a preacher I saw as a child growing up) and the church underwater (the church did die out in the early 90s after we had stopped going), a hell realm full of folks who hated my ass, and a realm full of ancestors with demons who hated my ass that seemed to be in a cave in the underworld.

Those are the curses bestowed on my family.

While on the ride we went to a beauty salon where – lo and behold – I saw the three nagger britches who stole my blessings in the other chapter decide to get on their own rollercoaster and they were extremely hostile towards me, trying to bully me etc. but I stood up to their ass.

So every so often their ship we were on would get attacked and, again, not fully being in the astral (I was remote viewing through the third eye and not astral projecting) it was hard to steer my body and control what was happening and try to help them – but I did what I could as I floated aimlessly and helplessly up towards the sky, helpless to defend them.

I remember seeing a lone Mexican woman and her two kids in tow with her, helplessly watching as she couldn’t help, wondering “wtf” with that stare in her eyes while by a Ralph’s.

I saw the ancestors of some folks I had ‘woked, including some middle eastern folks trying to get their shit that had been decimated back together.

I asked if something I thought about one person is true and I could not see it.

I tried to get back to them but then I ended up in a portal and it was nighttime.

I saw the rapist dude again and I saw him begging for help and being dragged into a pipe leading to hell, where he was to be raped by those big muscular demons.

I kept flying and the kids from earlier trying to help caught up with me and started talking about, “So you hate Mexicans” and so begun a whirlwind fight – cause they weren’t trying to hear me explain the fucked up situation with my subconscious mind – where I had to deploy bombs, tornados – and they fists, machetes, pallets used to brick me up, drowning, vanishing me to other dimensions – to fight me! The young lady kept chiding about how I walk topless on the pch and stole her man. It was the funniest shit.

After some time I lost them but this codependent needy bitch kept reappearing and reappearing, over and over.

She appeared on a giant, purple spaceship. She kept saying she was obsessed with and wanted my energy, over and over. I also saw that due to childhood trauma she had become gay. Now that I recall, even on that carousel she was OPENLY having full blown sex with them latinas while wearing a latina suit – her subconscious alter ego aspect.

I mean full blown sex.

And she was having sex with teens, young ladies.

These are aspects of her mind.

On this spaceship she was having sex. She was sickeningly obsessed with it. It was too disproportionately obscene and nasty for me, like she is doing way too much, like as if she is trying to prove a point.

Later as mentioned over and over again ad naseum in this blog she was raped and used in child porn as a child hence this obscene hyperobsession with sex in this subconscious aspect of hers.

That said she kept trying to have sex with me and I ran her ass up the street – that ain’t me. I don’t fake gay cause some man mistreated me. I hate that cause it makes real lesbians look bad. I mean the bitch got two kids in the physical meaning the bitch loved dick enough to fuck it twice.

Even her astral parasites are needy.

I recall seeing other people drive these spaceships and I started off wondering if these were “Goorus” driving them as all the people in charge of em had those booming voices of authority, including an older white man who seemed to like to lecherously have sex with young teens.

That said Barbara in that Mexican fake lesbian aspect as well as those fashionista black girls who stole my blessings said, “Don’t do it”, when I wondered if I could destroy them and how.

Later I met Barbara and the machine she controlled.

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