Astral Parasites Are Now Taking Over My Brain

Astral Parasites Are Now Taking Over My Brain

I tried removing their Soul pieces as advised here to take away their autonomy but with little success and I could feel them – especially Baron Samedi “the roach attachment” (it is really an extension of Michael O’ Terrence’s consciousness as it comes from him and has his Soul piece) – encrouching on my brain, my consciousness and my subconscious mind which is really dangerous.

How To Get Rid of The Voices In Your Head aka Astral Parasites And Free Rosie

That’s how they look.

It is really serious.

Does anyone know the number to a professional shaman as when something like this takes over your mind – the last defence to fighting this – there is nothing you can do at that point but to get outside help.

They done fucked with my family, mind wiping them.

Barbara Reina:

Discovered The Identity of Barbara Reina


That said does anyone know of a good shaman who is effective at dealing with – and fighting – stuff like this?

I had an appointment cancelled with someone I thought was capable of fighting this buy evidently they couldn’t cause it is admittedly alot.

That said if someone know of someone who is able to fight this please contact me at 310-359-5199.

These things will make themselves dormant or “intranquil” when you try to get em or hide themselves amongst the other entities living in me so watch out for that.

Also, if you know what happened to my van please call me at 310-359-5199.

Certified Proof That The Lost Hills Sheriffs And Sierra Towing Illegally Sold My Van

Thank you!

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