Please Help Me Get My Van Back Or At Least An RV

Please Help Me Get My Van Back Or At Least An RV

I miss my lil van. I had it decorated bad azz and everything…..

To me it was a one of a kind.

That said I had it practically stolen by the sheriffs which I talk about here:

Certified Proof That The Lost Hills Sheriffs And Sierra Towing Illegally Sold My Van

That said I plan to file an internal affairs complaint complete with evidence if I don’t get that shit back.

You can put pressure on the two culprits here:

The Lost Hills Sheriffs can be contacted here:

27050 Agoura Rd
Agoura, CA 91301

And Sierra Towing, who sold it underhandedly and not at auction as shown here, can be contacted here:

2651 Lavery Ct
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
(818) 707-2198

Whoever got it please just return it I’d appreciate it thank you!

That said I decided to start a GoFundMe just in case I never get this van back – with all my possessions – an RV so if anyone got a used one that they don’t want to spare – cause I’m tired of being homeless – feel free to donate here:

You can also contact me at 310-359-5199 or at [email protected] if you got anything.

I’d appreciate it, really!

Thank you!

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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