Astralworld 8 They Can’t Just Leave Me Alone

Astralworld 8 They Can’t Just Leave Me Alone

That said, I ‘woked THE SHIT out of the family – it was a big one – seemed to be full of ancestors – that stole my childhood home.

I wasn’t gonna have that and I wasn’t gonna go down without a fight so I did the best I could to reclaim it but, in the end, it was too much.

So I decided to wander the astral plane.

I traveled the astral plane for a bit, trying to look for exotic locales to visit that require paying for an airline flight in the 3D realm to get to.

This day was also the day I had to go to court.

I knew it was a long shot – actually it shoulda been easier – but I tried to use the power of the astral to alter my fate in the physical.

Again I was – interestingly – facing a trumped up felony assault for this…..

This the cops showing up…..

That said, it is not withstanding that I came upon the opposition: that lil fucked up hispanic cholita girl that is an aspect of Barbara’s subconscious, what she wants to be.

That irritating bitch popped up again demanding to know why I made her man leave her – as if I have concern for such trite, trivial stuff.

She was on a rollercoaster with mofis I ‘woked for justice, including this mofo here:

Raped By LA County Public Works Workers

Rapist Still Working At Public Works March 29 2022

They tried beating me up, cutting me, asking me why I ‘woked em (cause you did horrible shit, bitch) and I tore their asshokes up again by summoning tornadoes to throw their asses off their own rollercoaster.

I had court to worry about but, since the bitch wanted to make me her concern, I’ll be her concern.

See, Barbara was the victim of child molestation and child sex trafficking. Just as she would put my consciousness, Soul pieces into lil cubes with curses placed in em such as the sacrificial one with my hands tied to a cross with various cursed implements placed around me as well as one created by Gooru designed to keep me stuck in a circular pattern-cycle of prostitution where I was given a “gift” tying me to poor “client” who was turned into a karmic Soul tie – I decided to as I call it “rubix cube” her by placing her in a triangle where she was forced to confront her father, who molested her.

I don’t play.

That bitch from what I heard was caught in a catatonic state in the physical, replaying that shit over and over in her mind.

That said before then this bitch was hell bent and intent on causing me problems in court. My ancestors – who I later found out were not my ancestors for the most part due to manipulation of my DNA by Gooru aka David Reina – were there to support me and help me get out early.

It didn’t help that – I am guessing on orders of the sheriff (I heard there was a conspiracy by the sheriff to keep me in jail longer due to his – and the deputies in Malibu – not liking my doing what I do):

….That for 4 days while at Lynwood (they transferred me from the Lost Hills sheriffs station to Lynwood) and, mind you, while on my period – that the next time I had to go to court – I was not allowed to take a shower, making me stink to high heaven and keeping me from seeing the judge (a common tactic used against prisoners they don’t like).

Later on, it was Barbara and David Reina through entity attachments that caused me to stink and it was the sheriffs trying to help me.

All throughout I was fighting wars against this bitch – palleting her meaning that I would turn her people into pallets so they can’t escape.

To escape that I would use frequency in the trillions or imagine brick destroyers manuvering through it and uprooting it.

I used tornadoes to bust mine.

She would trap me and my ancestors in boxes which I would use mathematics by. calling on literal numbers to break up the boxes as frequency doesn’t work in this case.

There are also fractals that can be employed to keep folks trapped and confused.

You can also burn or create books where you can trap and chain folks to every realm or burn books doing so:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

That said let me tell you about her ancestors….. cave (r)ape neande(R)apes would fit perfectly here…..

While my ancestors who were mostly white (it’s due to my appearing as white in the astral plane causing the black ancestors as a result not to wanna show – many of whom to be fair got kicked out my ancestral DNA by Gooru aka David Reina, especially the Nigerian warriors)…….

Were diginified, well heeled looking people (you got to be to own slaves 😉) – including guardsmen for the British royals, detectives, etc. hers looked like……

Straight cave (r)ape crakkkas straight from the kkkaucus mountains….

These mofos were raping their female relatives, wearing loin clothes, rags, tattered clothing, looking demented. They were pure white trash. Pure.

That said we went at it for the day, especially when I would try to tip the scales of justice in my favour using my psychic abilities.

Every time I turned around this bitch would try to thwart my ability to win, just as she and David Reina and fake Native American shaman Michael O’ Terrence are trying to do by blocking my ability to get my van back and come back to Malibu as well as blocking and stealing my blessings, such as what I am writing here, fucking with my family even to do it.

I kept concentrating hard on my third eye, trying to get that break.

I go before the judge and get told I had to come back the following Monday. I was allowed bail – cause I cried – and that was it.

I knew that my luck was gone and I would not be able to get out of this one due to the damage Gooru caused.

Through my third eye I witnessed fights taking place between my ancestors, Barbara Reina’s and what I now know were David Reina’s which were a bunch of Messy-can cholos, thiefs, and gang members with a hatred of blacks and with the feeling being mutual.

A powerful ancestor of mine named Jackson – who is black (he’s a creole) – stood up to em and told straight up how we don’t like their ass either.

As I teach on my blog, they war-ship whites cause their daddy who made em, Quetzalcoatl was white:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

They were calling us nigger and everything else so we let them wetback beaner border hoppers know where their nasty asses stood with us:

That said we went back and forth with them wetback beaners and cave crakkka apes, fighting on them rollercoasters and on La Cienega Blvd (I was trying to get to New Orleans, my hometown).

I am considered already a powerful ancestor cause I was fucking em up – me and Jackson – stayed fucking em up and I could allies such as Trixie – who I later learned was a daughter or Satan like me – saying, “They are right. She is powerful.”

That said, Barbara’s white ancestors – after fucking up their ancestral lands as they did ours – relented and wanted a truce. The racist ass wetbacks however wanted to keep fighting.

We deported their wetback asses back to hell we fucked em up so bad, bombing em, palleting them, turning em into living furniture (it’s when you freeze someone in the astral into a living statue).

Later on, I found out Barbara’s weakness – entities I have seen once before when they had me under them – stuffed toys:

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