Astralworld 9: Meeting My Ancestors, The Kin of Baron Samedi

Astralworld 9: Meeting My Ancestors, The Kin of Baron Samedi

That said, I met her weakness:

Turns out these are astral parasites that take over your mind like what is happening to me now.

No wonder she feared them.

She spazzed out and – lost it 🧠 – when I got gifted a box of them (when you see a clear box in the astral it is a spirit jar and it can either be a blessing a curse or both) and when I opened it – I couldn’t understand why she was going crazy till I saw them wholesale devouring her and her ancestors whole.

Just like the other day we were fighting I believe it was in her ancestral lands where it was bleak, dark, depressing – the landscape the same.

It was terrible but we were going at it.

At one point we started writing books against each other where I would make her ancestors “my ancestors” and turn them against her and visa versa.

That said I started up again, journeying through the astral plane.

I recall deciding to expend my time, helping my ancestors in the astral realm in various fights we found ourselves in. I tried to join with my enslaved anceators but they weren’t waring – and they didn’t want me.

I tried to get on with my Afrikan warrior – Nigerian warrior – ancestors and, as I found out later on – they didn’t want me cause of my looks, my race as I appear in the astral.

That said I decided to regroup with my ancestors – largely the white ones I saw.

One of em – a man dressed in the red coats indicative of those worn during the revolutionary war – looked down upon me and said to another white ancestor, “She don’t look like us” and the lady, her name was Margaret, said, “She may not look like us but she is one of us.”

That said against grey skies and a dark landscape we fought various wars – including ones where we fought against the reptilians, giant entities that looked like the Kaiju from that film, “Pacific Rim,” amoeba type lovecraftian entities.

At one point I tried to make myself giant – as seen in Pacific Rim – so I can pound on these giant ape like entities.

It was fun.

I enjoyed it.

I continued on, exploring the astral plane and I decided to visit Malibu at the beach.

I was then surrounded by a fence made by surfers who meant to trap me in, shouting, “We don’t want you back” angrily.

They then binded me in these bags very similar to the ones used to wash clothes in where I could not see anything but the lights from the outside shining upon me.

I was able to break free using a technique I learned while fighting someone else in the astral plane which was to summon a tornado that not only destroyed the gate and laundry bag binding curse they put me in but it uprooted their asses too and then I went to the realm of my ancestors related to Baron Samedi.

Later on I found out that I am not related to the Baron Samedi, whom Barbara Reina and David Reina called a “roach” and that his DNA was incorporated into my astral DNA to fuck with me, set me up as a sacrifice!

That said I then encountered more people from Malibu – who beset that curse on me – telling me not to come back and I binded their asses using something worse than gates – it was high frequency which I know they don’t vibrate on so they can’t get out of.

Then my ancestors with Baron Samedi came.

They set up a gate around their white asses and locked them in to make sure they could not mess with me again.

They then brought me back to their side of my ancestral realm where I saw them doing what I call a happy dance, twirling in a cotton field, with some sitting, lazily on a porch, drinking lemonade.

I then saw them getting caught up in gates and infinite string wrapping around them by the people of Malibu.

They were happy to see me and I was too and was very relieved that they had rescued me.

I tried my best to remove it – and was finally able to using frequency – and even went back to fight them assholes in Malibu but then I found them in my ancestral land.

That said I saw the surfers and the other well heeled people of Malibu setting up shop in this fancy auditorium, in this fancy place where they tried to brick – lock in – my ancestors in this fancy place. It had a stage set up with seats occupied by those people which I now realise was a stage set up for their occult preacher to preach – and was designed to lock us in.

I saw the head of a lion very similar to this:

Reminds me of this:

Flanked by two other demonic masks on either side. I remember using my giant physical hand to punch them and attack them in the astral realm, causing them to deny they were against me and claiming that they were on my side and even saying they were ancestors and then gtfo as I was scooping them out and throwing them out for attacking my ancestors.

I was trying in vain to get them out but at one point them Malibu assholes placed zombies outside to keep my ancestors stuck.

It was harder for my ancestors to fight as all these people have physical bodies to draw from from which to fight.

See, when you have a physical body you have more energy to draw on – life force – that can allow you to combat mugs whereas, from what I am learning, your ancestors gotta live within you to draw energy from you to exist, hence why mind hijackers like to attack your astral DNA, specificially your 23rd DNA that harbors ancestral protection and number 13 the bloodline one, to get in and destroy it!

That said, I came across a black guy, I sensed he was in the entertainment industry in the 3D, wearing a mask very similar to what Baron Samedi wore, wearing red and black – a Satanist – try to attack me along with other blacks from Malibu at this dinner party that was meant to be a “sacrificial party” celebrating me as a sacrifice, complete with tables set up, wine flowing – statues – a very fancy place. I saw them exchanging spirit money with text popping up such as “$13,000” with a little “ping” sound everytime someone paid to sacrifice me. They tried to brick me and my ancestors in and when I broke free they tried to cut us up with machetes and send zombies for us.

I recall breaking into the home of some black folks – a black family – and a young black lady saying, “Oh no, not again.”

I then got confused with who is friend or foe.

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