Astralworld 10: Meeting Baron Samedi

Astralworld 10: Meeting Baron Samedi

When your consciousness is as fractured and as messed up as mine – and especially if you are not operating fully in the astral because your Soul – and Soul consciousness – got as fractured as mine by Barbara and them who messed it up by messing with my astral DNA, it is extremely hard to be able to hold your own much less discern who is friend or foe given how I didn’t have an inner voice – I had it taken away – and damn near no control over my body.

The people who felt that I am omnipotently powerful didn’t get that.

That being said I recall I tried to go back and help my ancestors as much as possible but I hopelessly floated away, practically with no control over my body.

I would try to get back but it was very difficult to do; I saw once peaceful people strung up in what I now know to be webs of endless string and gates designed to bind.

One ancestor said to go. I felt very guilty cause I felt that I imposed this on them.

I then went to ‘woke the people of Malibu and, man, did I fuck em up to where they were apologising and asking me to “forgive” and I said fuck ya’ll.

The guy in the mask then came up wanting me to join them and sign a contract – a running theme as you will see that takes place here during this whole experience – and I said fuck no.

He told me that he and the others there sold their Souls to the devil for wordly wealth.

This is significant for me later.

I left and wandered the astral plane.

I kept trying to get back to my ancestors but something kept blocking me.

I decided to just travel the astral realm and roam. At one point I decided to go back to my childhood home and visit.

I was trying desperately to win my childhood home back. When I die I want nothing more than to return to my childhood home – and be a child again – hence why I fight so hard in the astral to keep my family together.

I fought valiantly but due to my astral body having been compromised I couldn’t do too much. I summoned tornados, floods, all sorts of mechanisms to run them out but they remainded undeterred – and steadfast – but I was messing their place – really my place, my family’s place – up!

I even saw some enemies that I knew in the 3D.

So then I decided that it was time to get out of jail.

See, when you are in jail the sheriffs allow you to have a chance at what is called OR which is where you are released on your own recognizance.

That said, I tried to go back to Barbara to apologise to her and Lionel for ‘wokeing them.

I put some really deep dark shit in them in an effort to escape them and no longer be part of their “machine”.

That said that call to the cops in the astral plane is real cause I could hear the cops discussing releasing me – and my name being on a list of releasees.

Lionel and others said no lies about her wielding alot of power in the spirit world.

That said I refuse to be anyone’s slave and kiss anyone’s ass, even if it means my freedom.

My main concern was breaking free from them. In the past I woulda compromised for my freedom – and van – but this time I did not and remained resolute and determined to break free.

I went back to Barbara to push her to again act on my behalf to get my black ass out of jail.

She was sitting in a high rise in the astral plane, surrounded by mountains with a big window as her back drop. She was at one point in bed – colored black and red – when I made the request. I then at another point saw her seated in a white chair, looking traumatised after I ‘woked her and Lionel for making me into a slave for her “machine.”

She was begging not to be ‘woked again, saying, pleadingly, “Okay okay I’ll call the cops.”

I then decided to visit Lionel to see if he could convince her to turn the cheek and look the other way and help me get that OR.

He was in a deep dark chamber (I was later told his Soul was in hell) where he was chained – it seemed naked. It then seemed like he was in bed with a woman. I recall that.

Yes, I saw that. The astral realm is an interesting – and tricky – place.

That said at one point he was with family and he said, “Fuck no, gtfo!”

He did not like me wholesale destroying that torture palace that he had in the astral and putting it out on front street.

He ran me out. Then he started chasing me.

I fled to this place in the astral where I saw tortured bodies, tortured Souls, hanging up on the walls in various tortured states of being with meathooks attached to their backs, shackles attached to them, begging to be let go.
It reminded me of how a spiritualist who rescued my baby brother in the astral found him:


It appeared to be this ship. Lionel, who was wearing red and black reminiscient of this:

Voodoo Demon Named Rubion Visits Me

….then grabbed me and held me by the hands as he started cutting away at me, which I could feel, and I saw blood spewing.

I was begging anybody to come – Jesus, God, Yaldabaoth. At one point I was able to get out of it by using my physical hand to pull him off of me.

I then proceeded to try to help the others – removing shackles, etc. I even saw some ancestors.

I tried to help as many folks as possible. Comes to find out it is a place of torture, of sacrifice.

It was very depressing and it was mainly black bodies I saw hanging whom I would later learn the majority of whom were ancestors.

I kept trying to escape from Lionel – fighting him – escaping to another part of the building, in one instance a white room, where I saw folks barely clinging to life.

Then I saw Baron Samedi who I thought was there to save me.

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