Astralworld 11: Fighting Baron Samedi

Astralworld 11: Fighting Baron Samedi

At first I thought he was here to help.

I was in what turned out to be his place in the astral, in the 6th dimension – a place that looked like a Spanish Villa with a center like the center squares you see in old world cities with old world decor like Italy:

It was practically a Hacienda, a villa complete with a beautiful courtyard with palm trees.

He came and said, “You need help?” in that heavy, baritone voice reminiscent of how he sounded in Golden Eye:

I saw him pulling me out via a white rope with a bunch of what I thought were my ancestors but turned out to be them mixed with his followers. I saw alot of white folks there, too, some with bowler hats.

That said he tried to pull me out and at one point I got grabbed by Lionel who was then, again, tearing at my back, trying to create a hole so he could steal my Soul. I was able to break free and I recall Baron Samedi, wearing black and red (those are not his colors – I think this “Baron Samedi” mighta been a Barbara invention), helping me to break free.

I then went on a tour of the place. It looked like this:

The place was sick.

I saw torture rooms where poor Souls long dead gave up on begging to be freed from the whips and chains constantly being used to brutalise them by the hand of what turned out to be Baron Samedi’s cronies, poor probably innocent people (people get tortured for their energy in the astral) hanging on meathooks for in some cases appeared to be centuries were just hanging there, lifeless, while sick fucks proudly flogged them.

Then I saw that sick fuck Baron Samedi’s future sacrifices in hospital beds, which included one of the people sacrificing me in Malibu, a good number of whites – then, my parents.

The basturd asked me to show him my parents. I thought he was gonna heal them. Instead he took them as sacrificss and I wilded the fuck out!

I destroyed the fucking place, summoninh tornados, dropping bombs on his pos ass followers with their lil machetes, each time looking for my family, asking where the fuck they were at.

I don’t play when it comes to my family in the astral across all timelines.

I was freeing the poor people offered as sacrifices – at one point I saw the basturd who had attacked me, unprovoked, with bear mace here:

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

hanging on a wall, shackled and chained and damn near naked.

I tried my best to find my family and rescue them but, being attacked to and fro by his followers, I was able to reach the roof and encountered some sailors who turned around and were firebombing. the fuck. out of that sick fuck’s place, bombing his followers admist a backdrop of grey skies.

The fight then continued to another realm as he kept trying to pull me back to his carousel, holding me by my hands as he took a machete and started hacking at me.

I called to God, Thor, Yaldabaoth – anyone who’d hear my pleas to break me free.

That said, I figured out how.

See, in the astral, if you have a giant body, you can use it to manouver and I used it to grab his black ass and remove him from my back.

That bitch would not let up. At one point I could hear him discussing sending arsonists to burn my parent’s home while they are in it which thankfully got extinguished in the astral.

I was then treated to a scene where I saw my folks – and my brother Kerry – at a posh villa in Greece or Italy overlooking the Aegean Sea, talking with a celebrity, I think Meryl Streep or Britney Spears, hinting this was meant to become a movie.

The scene then jumped to where I was fleeing from Baron Samedi’s carousel and saw a hightower, a watchtower and Yaldabaoth came after I called him and was tearing a hole into Baron Samedi’s ass, also giving me a chance to escape.

Later an ancestor – a white one, good looking man too – came along with a hook and snatched Baron Samedi’s black ass up in the air.

Later, as I proceeded to run from Baron Samedi in the astral plane, my dad came to save me and I saw what became of him.

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