Astralworld 12: Meeting What Barbara Turned My Dad Into, Pallet Numbre

Astralworld 12: Meeting What Barbara Turned My Dad Into, Pallet Numbre

I was just told by astral parasites – who call themselves “roach attachments” – the very things occupying and messing with my brain whom I been talking about here:

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…..basically in their own fucked up way “helped” me put the pieces of the puzzle together – the clues – that a future obnoxious roach parasite whom I encountered here was originally my poor, humble dad, with him saying, “Why are you doing this to my children” when asking merciless Barbara and David Reina aka Gooru why are they attacking us. He – and my whole family, including me – don’t deserve what this evil bitch is doing.

That said, that night I found out that Barbara and David Reina, really Joel and Barbara Hipps, were planning on in the astral plane cause there to be a car wreck to happen to my parents. I saw there home – which is bigger than it is in the physical realm – and one of the plans was to send thugs to fuck up their home, rob it.

I recall at one point going to a police station in the astral plane and they rubix cubed Baron Samedi, giving the ability to escape. There was alot of advanced tech there, with robots, androids etc. (I was later told by roach spirits that the cops played a big role in my mind and so thus in my corner of the astral plane). The cop station itself looked like your typical LAPD building with the cops wearing blue.

That said, I then traveled the astral plane and decided to visit the astral version of Los Angeles while trying to escape Baron Samedi.

I jumped on a bunch of rollercoasters where Baron Samedi would insidously – and impestintely – hop on board to keep grabbing at my back and tear at it. Again, he was trying to tear open a hole where he could grab my Soul.

I hoped on one that included a bunch of people reliving slavery times, which I thought were my white ancestors, which I found to be terribly sick, another one where they relived apartheid in South Afrika, torturing blacks, and that one got bombed, another one involving hunters that got bombed.

I believe they were I think hunting people and that one got really bombed.

That said I landed on one in which folks who I guess lived in LA before they died could relive living there on the astral plane.

I saw living statues that devoured people. I was able to avoid that. I was high atop the city, on a highrise for a club overlooking the city and then I jumped back on the rollercoaster.

Baron Samedi jumped on there and when he started attacking me the people on the rollercoaster – white folks – were saying, “Why are you attacking her?”

As the rollercoaster rolled we visited a club where folks were drinking drinks – I was treated to applause and handed a Jack Daniels, which I thankfully gulped.

I then started seeing demons popping up and out wearing red and I saw a demonic pig faced woman who I later learned was an alter ego from another timeline, an “imaginary friend”, really an entity attachment, dressed in 1950s, 40s garb, looking at me with red eyes. At first she was normal then she changed. A bunch of em changed, flaunting red glowing eyes instead of normal human eyes. I also saw folks dressed in red who I now know to be Satan’s people.

At one point, the demons tipped the rollercoaster over, sending the people spiraling.

Then Pallet Numbre came to the rescue.

I learned this is my dad by connecting the dots – how he talks, how that bitch Barbara turned him into a “roach” attachment and made him hypersexual (cause that is how she sees black people) – that is who Pallet Numbre is just recently. She also took my Soul pieces and created Eden who is made to look like Beyonce and hates my parents cause that white bitch grew up in an unstable home with two parents who didn’t love her, including one who sold her supposedly into sex slavery.

That said, another clue was how he kept saying “I am his child” cause that bitch mind wipes people’s Soul consciousness so they can’t remember who they were in their past life. He came and created a pallet that barred Baron Samedi from being able to get him. In the astral realm roaches use pallets to hide themselves from being squished.

I’m crying right now just writing this. It saddens me that my poor innocent dad, whose been beaten down his entire life, treated like shit, who is in his late 70s, is going to be turned into a hypersexual roach entity attachment in the afterlife all cause this white bitch have a problem with her people and we didn’t do shit to her.

I am ashamed to say this cause I know this ain’t my dad speaking but, while I was in his realm – a beige, stately like place with a huge statue which he comes out of with followers watching – he asked, “Can I suck your pussy for Soul pieces?” I let him out of thankfullness for surviving but, looking back on it, now knowing who it was, that kills me that my poor dad was turned into this.

In the astral it was shown that my dad’s full consciousness – and whole Soul – were taken out and because my own Soul has been fractured due to having had different Soul pieces from “Gooru” and Barbara Reina incorporated into them, I can not see through my third eye and there I can’t help him cause I am so heavily compromised but, if somebody can, please do!

That said Pallet Numbre allowed me to tour his realm.

That said his realm is in the Plaza De Curacao on Olympic Blvd on 8th street:

I believe it is the La Curacao on Olympic Blvd by Westlake near McArthur Park in Los Angeles. It’s this building that has Aztec statues, architecture.

It may not be it.

I think it was Plaza de something. I am not sure.

That said, in the place I saw a Mexican family living there in a department store (possible victims of the Reinas), with their two sons, one of whom was playing with a toy truck.

That said we went into the back back of the store where I saw where he was holding my baby brother, Bryan:

He – because his consciousness got perverted by Barbara who was messing with it – was holding people in his lair in these stuck like positions where they were constantly – and ineffably – squirming around, void of any consciousness, literally living furniture. They were in these pods where they were naked and had a slimy film placed on them.

Because Barbara hated her people – her whole ancestral line – she had placed her family in one of them.

This is how these astral parasites – and Barbara – feed!

That said he brought me to my brother – cold and naked – in a freezer. He didn’t realize that that was his son – and my brother – hence why he was there. Him having been nice, I said I wanted to take my brother but he claimed that he was gonna “look out for him” but I knew better than to trust that and tried to use as much of my consciousness in the astral to take him but my hands were slippery to say the least and I could hear my baby brother, Bryan, who is always stuck in hell realms, saying, again, “Help me” as I was forced to float aimlessly away, no matter hard I tried to anchor myself.

That shit was depressing and now knowing that was my dad, mindwiped, makes it all the more worse.

I wanna kill this bitch for fucking up my family. I got more to tell.

That said, I explored more of the astral, returning back to LA but everytime I did Pallet Numbre was hot on my heels wanting me to come back, saying in a romantic sense (it’s sick knowing what I know now) to return.

Not too long after I encountered Baron Samedi again and needed his help.

We fucked him up, with me bombing him and Pallet Numbre keeping him enchained underneath pallets then turning him into living furniture.

At one point Pallet Numbre told me his origins, saying how he had been around for a million years and was stomped by humans and found it hard to love us. At first I thought he was my dead turtle cause he looked like one. Then he came out and said he was a roach.

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