I Need Advice On How To Get Rid of Astral Parasites Designed To Confuse Me As Part of This Curse

I Need Advice On How To Get Rid of Astral Parasites Designed To Confuse Me As Part of This Curse

They will call themselves helping then at times say shit to throw me off then say, “You should not listen to us.”

I even had one incorporate an entity attachment designed to create a bond with it and not with my family!

That said, they are part of the curse. They are designed to confuse me, throw me off, mix truth with lies and even manipulate events (early this morning when I used my willpower to fight off an attack by Barbara, they were then claiming that “I changed timelines” then summoned a “Gooru” to come fuck with me who they then said that “He was here to help” after saying that he was here to fuck up my mind).

The other night I could feel them eating at my brain stem, pineal gland, consciousness and then say, “We need to feed”.

At one point I felt I needed them when they first came around as Barbara and David Reina did something to destroy my DNA and get rid of my spirit guides but now I realEyes that I do need to get rid of them as they are detrimental to my mental health and safety. As part of the curse, they are designed to help but then throw me off so they can slowly feed off me and kill me such as how the other night they were told not to eat my brain stem, consciousness and how they didn’t eat my full consciousness as it was ordered cause “They didn’t feel it was right.”

It is a catch 22 having to deal with this so I don’t know what to do, how to get rid of em!

I been trying such as using tunnels into my brain to get rid of em, reiki, even the third eye (which they can and have been throwing off) but nothing works.

I don’t have any real spiritual protection (I end up having to rescue my ancestors) so it is just me going it along.

I wanna have my thoughts, mind private again and not have to think about what something that has commandered my mind wants, making threats every time I write blogs like this, with the most notable attacker being “Baron Samedi the roach entity attachment”, constantly blitzing me with entity attachment upon entity attachment so they can make themselves relevant so I will “need them.”

It’s a constant uphill struggle having to battle them, fighting for myself and my ancestors and family in the astral plane.

It’s too much.

How do I get rid of these things…..

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