Ignore The Astral Parasite Voices In Your Head To Defeat A Curse

Ignore The Astral Parasite Voices In Your Head To Defeat A Curse

As I speak they are saying that I am “selfish” for ignoring them as they tell me and claim that my mama, family, is suffering which I know to be true yet, I gotta get myself together before I can help anybody else.

So much is going on spiritually around me and I am now just realEYEsing – and acknowledging deep down – that though they, the astral parasites, helped they did not have my best interest at heart.

They feed off of us, our energy, and I am now realEYEsing as I ignore them and am becoming spiritually powerful, they in a way like as witnessed early this morning orchestrate events to justify you needing them and thus acknowledging them to feed them energy.

They even mess with my third eye and intuition when I threaten to get rid of em.

Who knows how compromised that ish is!

Even they said themselves, “Don’t listen to them.”

That said acknowledging them creates energy chords which then pulls you in to a codependent and very very toxic relationship.

Acknowledge them to fight them and not to befriend them or take direct advise.

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