How Can I Protect Myself From The Reinas Who Are Trying To Replace Their Souls With My Family’s

Barbara Reina Is Really Trying To Steal My Soul And Placed A Veil Around Me To Keep People In The Astral Plane From Helping Me

What Barbara Reina And David Reina Are Doing To Me Is Just Like In That Film “Get Out”

The Reinas Got Into A Fatal Car Crash Now They Are Trying To Switch Souls

If you’ve seen the film, and been following my blog, you know what’s up here!

You can see my eye turning blue, like Barbara Reina’s, here:

Right now – even though I have teleported, regenerated Soul pieces from my earlier self I still don’t feel like myself.

I think this bitch has compromised my astral DNA to where I can’t regenerate and from what I understand she placed hundreds of entity attachments designed to keep me from regenerating my Soul pieces.

Barbara Reina is trying to become me, just like in the film, “Get Out.”

Not only that, she had my consciousness stolen last night (I could feel entity parasites feeding off of it) and I don’t feel like myself…..

As a matter of fact she has some entity attachment placed that’s got me seeing myself through her eyes and allow her to steal my consciousness, fully….. I think it is what I used to refer to as giant sacrificial heads which are really entity attachments, which look like this:

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

Earlier in the day I had rescued my poor parents’ now intranquil whole Souls – which were lured into a roach motel where roaches eat humans – and placed it back into the body of my parents after Barbara Reina and the evil witch shaman in Malibu, Michael O’ Terrence, had been using them as fuel to keep them alive so that when their Souls finally kick the bucket they can go to heaven while my parents inherit their cursed karma.

Barbara Reina, who seems to have an obsession with punking black men, turned both my father, brother Bryan, and brother Kerry’s DNA so that they will be sex slaves with a bent towards homosexuality.

It is sickening how they are destroying an innocent family for their selfish purposes.

That said, how do I protect from that? Constantly they are able to go into my DNA and compromise it everytime I try to protect myself – my ancestors and it – from their attacks. I am inundated with entity attachments every night designed to cause me to capitulate to them and place memories, esp. astral memories not my own. And I currently have astral parasites in me – one is trying to kill me as I speak by cutting off my access to my consciousness, pineal gland and subconsciousness – that are designed to subvert my will and allow the Reinas in.

I just don’t know how to protect from this.

They got my poor ancestors who aren’t equipped to deal with this turned into intranquil spirits, got em in roach motels etc.

How do I defend from this?

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