The Reinas Got Into A Fatal Car Crash Now They Are Trying To Switch Souls

I just learned that the Reinas got into a fatal car crash 👍🏽🚗🔥🚗

That said I just learned through my third eye and from the spirits around me that she, Barbara Reina is trying to switch Soul consciousness with my mom and her husband, David Reina, with my dad!

Here is how they started doing it…..

A coupla weeks ago they killed my parents in the astral plane after cursing them as part of their evil plan to come after me.

Their curse caused them to astral project every single night and – if you have ever had one of those “dreams” where they are so real you think you could die in them – well that happened to them!

While in jail, I could hear this “dream” play out where I heard my dad confronting Michael O’ Terrence, an evil shaman who lives in Malibu who buys young girls from the Reinas, who used a Soul piece he stole from me to lure him and my mom into their Roach Motel Hell and from their blocked em, and cut off their astral chord tying them to their bodies.

When I went to check up on them and see how they are doing through my third eye – their whole Souls – I saw them covered in cockroaches. In roach motel hell realms giant and small roaches eat people.

Fast forward to now: I found out from the spirits that the Reinas got into a car wreck. They had been stealing Soul piece after Soul piece from me all night.

That said, I awoke this morning to check up on my parents and saw what appeared to be the whole Soul of Barbara Reina with a Soul piece of mine drinking alcohol.

From what their own spirits told me – which I know now are lies cause the truth is more nefarious – they claimed that the Reinas had switched consciousnesses with my parents. Different parts of yourself harbor different consciousnesses. The brain stem is one. It harbours your memories. The spiritual larnyx is one. In addition to consciousness, it harbors your destiny, your path in life. And at the top of your brain is your consciousness and memories.

What the Reinas do is switch your Whole Soul pieces which harbors your consciousness and personality and Soul pieces over time so that they can eventually take you over and become you, even if they can’t get your whole Soul which through trickery they can do.

I think the way to get over this is through spiritual discernment. I believe it is the pact you signed with God. That makes sense cause that’s why they kept pressuring me into a Soul contract.

Once you sign a Soul contract with them, they get your Soul and you get their karmic debt!

You can burn the books that are allowing for them to get your Soul pieces as taught here:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

Just say you wish to burn the book allowing them to have the Soul, while Soul, Soul pieces of so and so…..

That said you can hear here that these aren’t my parents. This ain’t my mom.

Here is my mom before they got attacked by the Reinas:

This was after their whole Souls had been taken in the astral plane:

This is after what I witnessed last night where I witnessed Barbara’s whole Soul is occupying her body, with a Soul piece of my own created to be an entity attachment by Gooru aka David Reina, drinking:

You can hear a slight German accent, just as Barbara Reina, a German woman has.

This is not my mom but a pretend fascimile of her, pretending to be her but failing harshly.

That’s why they been harassing my astral DNA, trying to get in. They do something to incorporate their bloodline into your DNA so they can compromise your bloodline and thus Soul from there.

As a matter of fact, when I woke up this morning I felt intranquil and it is because Gooru aka David Reina had tied his lifeforce to an entity attachment – I think a bunch of em – he got somewhere with the biggest one located on my crown chakra.

I have also been cut off from my pineal gland and consciousness by the entity attachments they have placed in me!

That said they have been inundating me with entity attachments using entity attachment machines (as I type they got entity attachments miles high and on my body designed to make me stink, attract low vibrational entity attachments), placing Barbara’s memories both in the physical as well as astral plane into me. I was told by their spirits that I astral projected but I don’t recall. I am seeing deep cracks to other dimensions in the walls which from what I understand means you are on the verge of death (I saw this numerous times when I came close to dying while in jail) this is how deep this goes……

As I speak right now I have a plate around my head designed to only allow Barbara Reina to come in – which just happened – to take over my consciousness and take over my body, just like the film, “Get Out”:

Now, that said, I don’t know how whole Souls work. I know if you cut the chord the Soul is gone. I don’t know if you can reconnect.

That said, I think it is imperative to cut the chords of Barbara Reina and David Reina in their physical body (ask to be shown how their physical bodies are doing when you are looking for them in the astral.).

It is the only way to end this madness!

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