Harassed By Baron Samedi The Roach Attachment Created By Racist Malibu Shaman Michael O’ Terrence Cause I Like White Men

Harassed By Baron Samedi The Roach Attachment Created By Racist Malibu Shaman Michael O’ Terrence Cause I Like White Men

I was told by the spirits he looks alot like this guy…..

I think Michael ‘O Terrence, a racist Malibu shaman, took his Soul piece and created the entity attachment known as “Baron Samedi the ‘roach’ attachment” cause a while back he sent this entity attachment called “Rubion” to me awhile back…..

Voodoo Demon Named Rubion Visits Me

This guy, Michael O’ Terrence, a Native American shaman from what I understand has a sick obsession with my natural attraction for white men and created this really evil vile entity attachment known as “Baron Samedi the ‘roach’ attachment” that is designed to take over my consciousness and destroy my Soul, which is white! He hates interracial relationships and hates blacks and hates when we intermix with whites or anyone else, calling us “niggers” and “roach entity attachments”…..

I know it has to be him cause when I mentioned in the video that it was him he put a vile crown chakra entity attachment designed to attack my consciousness just now.

Also he tried taking over my consciousness once before and it was the same as the “Baron Samedi ‘roach’ attachment’s”, which is ugly and hateful like his looks from what I have seen in the astral…..

That said the way they attack me is by placing their Soul pieces in me that has their astral parasites or “roach attachments” like these here:

How To Get Rid of The Voices In Your Head aka Astral Parasites And Free Rosie

Astral Parasites Are Now Taking Over My Brain

That like to make themselves as they call it “intranquil” or invisible when folks try to remove them so that they can’t be removed.

Tonight he used “Rosie” who I think is this broad here:

to take me out my body as she did in another timeline where I diverged on August 21 2022 by taking both my Soul and consciousness out my body and placing it in another timeline…..

He is the main one who makes me stink by using entity attachments and “roach attachments” aka astral parasites by placing them in me so they can induce foul smells and creating energies around me that induces folks to wanna attack me.

He also killed my mom and dad (he hates the love I have for them, esp. my dad)
who I returned back to their bodies and he did it just tonight…..

Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Killed My Parents

I can even as of now hear the intranquil spirit of my dad trying to contact me…..

He also took my brother Kerry’s Soul out
and replaced it with his.

As we speak that crown chakra entity attachment he placed in me is designed to change my Soul into a roach!

I am tired of being tormented. I am already homeless, living on the fringes of society. Rosie and them done took my blessings away. As my poor dad said what more do they want 🤷🏼‍♀️

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