Remove Their Parasitic Consciousness

Remove Their Parasitic Consciousness

There is an old saying that goes, “Don’t get on their level.”

That said astral parasites in the 6th dimension enjoy feeding off of misery, hate and trauma (fighting them off doesn’t do anything cause they keep coming back).

Barbara and David Reina loose it when you show light and raise your frequency.

Rosie who is a part of their astral coven.

This is how this racist shaman named Michael O Terrence who lives in Malibu looks like who is part of this:

Because they can no longer feed.

I notice that when I raise my vibration – it is naturally high before David Reina started incorporating his extremely low vibrational, drug and alcohol addicted Soul pieces into me, hence the unusual alcohol cravings that started when he first started incorporating them in 2015…….

The entity attachments or as they call themselves roach entity attachments become fearful and will even place entity attachments in you to force you to lower yourself to their level as these things are doing to me….

How To Get Rid of The Voices In Your Head aka Astral Parasites And Free Rosie

Astral Parasites Are Now Taking Over My Brain

The main ones are “Rosie the Roach queen”, “Barbara The Roach Queen”, “Gooru 5”, a roach, and one Michael O’ Terrence created called “Baron Samedi the Roach attachment.” They love to make themselves invisible or “intranquil” when folks try to get rid of them.

They even fucked with my lighter to keep me from burning sage.

It was dead cold when I felt it.

They decided to do it as I raised my vibration and something else I will tell you.

I keep hearing these things say, over and over, “We need to feed. We need to feed.” They feed off of death and misery

They need to die.

Hear πŸ‘‚πŸ»πŸ“£ how to do it.

Remove any Soul pieces or anything that anyone may have incorporated into you.

Advanced astral parasites otherwise known as dark sorcerers and witches love to have you on their level, their frequency so they can feed.

The most vicious and disrespectful ones will go as far as to incorporate their Soul pieces – as was done to me – to force you to be on their level so they can feed, like the parasites they are.

I notice they get pissed when I raise my vibration back to what it was before Gooru aka David Reina intrusively and without my permission invaded my auric field and Soul pieces and placed their nasty energy – and karmic burdens – unto me as they have done to many victims past before.

Don’t get on their level.

That said, if they placed their Soul pieces in you – remove it. Also burn any and all Soul contracts you may have made with them.

The things I am dealing with are compulsive liars and thieves and extremely sentinent who will lie to you and say you signed a Soul contract so they can justify literally picking on you – I can feel them daily touching me and grabbing pieces of my body off of me cause they will artificially raise your 6th DNA which controls touching in the spirit world by spirits and put entity attachments to make you supersensitive to your touch so they can feed off your misery.

When you hear voices that are not of you, can’t be controlled by you, speaking period they are often times other people’s karmic entities that have been passed onto you cause they want to feed off of you. Another thing too is don’t engage em as that creates Soul ties that in a way gives them permission to mess with you.

Playing this it quells them:

They especially hate it when you meditate and go “Ohm” as it raises your vibration.

Another thing you can do is remove the part of their consciousness that makes them that way, as they do to me.

See Gooru and Barbara Reina are demonic energy vampires who seek to steal the blessings of the homeless, feeling in a very snobbish manner that we are not worthy of the lil blessings we got comimg to us as I witnessed Gooru ushering in homeless folks I know who live on the PCH to be feed on by astral demons:

And go after people like my father and I for having too much light in them:

Remove the part of their consciousness that makes them that way so they won’t have a predator mentality that causes them to prey on others, especially the innocent.

I notice these things love to make you feel inferior – while feeding off of you and needing you – so don’t let these very things that need you parasite off of you.

Nobody or anything has the right to take from you, to feed off of you and stand your ground and demand they respect you and fuck off.

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