Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

Right after dropping this article, these things attacked my site:

You can see proof of this here:

That said the situation is getting really serious, critical to the point where I am worried about me surviving the night.

The astral parasites that Barbara Reina and David Reina aka Gooru put into my head awhile back are extremely sentinent and manipulative and orchestrate alot of the fucked up shit that goes on everyday and I have been trying to get these things out but with no success.

And it is getting critical to where I am fearing for my mortality now.

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

As explained above these things are part of some insidious mind control astral “computer” program designed to move the Soul – and consciousness – out of a person’s body and now they are doing it with a spirit by the name of “Eden” which is an evil entity designed to make me hate my parents – and want to kill them and other people – which I am fighting.

I am telling you this situation is dire.

As a matter of fact just now while writing this I kept experiencing a block to my stream of consciousness and figured there was something blocking it and just removed a Soul piece placed there by one of these astral parasites:

This is how they look.

That said every day I wake up these things are manipulating me to throw me off from doing something important by making me hear the cries of my family’s Souls on the other side – especially my dead baby brother Bryan:

And telling me, “You gotta help them” every time I am on the verge of doing something important and, when I don’t, I will get attacked physically usually.

I gotta get these things out of my mind.

That said now it is moving towards full blown possession where this evil spirit named “Eden” that is designed to make me hate my family and wanna kill folks have moved in.

Months before when this first started I kept seeing a figure named Eden being used in this astral coven made by what I am now realizing are these astral parasites alone who create these scenarios of torment and torture cause in their own words “they need to feed”.

This is how serious the situation is and I fear it has reached damn near a level of no return.

Right now I can feel a “consciousness” that is not mine taking over and trying to inhibit me from writing this very article.

It is now saying it will kill my consciousness by morning.

At first they were gonna place the spirit of “Rosie” into me, another previous victim who I can see and hear, but then they decided on Eden because it is closer to my genetics in that it is a Soul piece taken from my mother – and incorporated with the Soul pieces of Barbara to make it sentinent ie independent minded – from me and is designed to mind wipe my consciousness – including memories – and ultimately possess me.

I know these astral parasites are at the helm because whenever I am on the verge of getting my van back or getting an RV or another van and getting ready to head back to Malibu I will hear these astral parasites say, “Hey Barbara” and tell her that I am headed back – they do something to connect and merge our consciousnesses together – and then like today I heard her – not sure if it was her actual real self or subconscious – say, “Get out of my head, get out of my head.”

Today I even heard these things say, “Let’s try to ‘work’ with her and use her to feed us by making her overjealous and vindicative and wanna ‘woke people for no reason.”

I believe that is exactly what they did to Barbara.

I am now realizing that these evil things set up these fights between me and these other people to get us to fight and conflict with each other cause that is exactly what they feed off of: misery and conflict.

And it is Barbara who put that shit in me to get that shit out of her:

That said every morning I wake up I am being tormented by these things. Every time I go to the waiting line to get food, they deliberately make me smell like piss shit and vomit in an effort to “feed” as they feed off of making me feel like shit based on the reactions I get from other people.

It is a highly dangerous situation that I am facing and I don’t know how to get rid of these things, permanently.

I believe they created this shit because I notice in the astral plane that they got a coven of women wearing red dresses as I saw with Barbara early on:

And now I see my mom and myself in there meaning that most of the folks in it are unwitting victims of these things that like to use folks’ Soul pieces to create energy vampires aka entity attachments that go and feast off of other people as they are doing to me and my family.

They have been taking Soul pieces of me and my family which looks like this:

To turn us into sacrifices.

I am now realizing it is these things causing alot of this and I have no idea on how to get them out.

They will pretend to help me and then when they pull something manipulative such as telling Barbara if I am coming back to Malibu and when I try to kick them out I will feel the nerves in my head literally get twisted and my mind getting blocked on ideas as to how to get rid of these things.

I have tried alot of things to get rid of them on my own and I feel that now it is reaching a critical point where me and my family could die if I don’t get rid of these things that don’t wanna go and make it next to impossible for me to be able to make them leave.

They have put blocks on my Soul so you can’t see what they are doing I am just now noticing.

They also create a trauma bond by pretending to help you – then creating the scenarios which are a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation – and emotionally get more into your etheric field – when you fight them. Then, when you try to get rid of them, they go all out war and will physically hurt you and I can feel it even though these are etheric parasites.

They saw me watching a video on consciousness and started freaking out.

Now they done moved a giant roach attachment made from my father’s Soul called “pallet numbre” in that is designed to devour my Soul – and I am finding it nearly impossible to get rid of (I am finding out and just removed an entity attachment in my heart chakra to make me feel “close” and attached to him so it will be near impossible to remove as, when I just removed it, I was able to remove pallet numbre).

That said this shit that I am dealing with is very complexed and I don’t know how to get rid of these things as they do very complicated shit like placing your consciousness in the “roach realm” full of parasitic entities that look like this:

They call em “curse realms”……

Where you are constantly pelted with an inundated with attacks by these parasites non stop, making it impossible to escape and do anything else.

Whenever I try to fight these things they strenghten their control over my consciousness, my mind, even going as far as to physically destroy me such as causing my nose to bleed one time as well as causing me to see things when I try to fight them off and I am desperate for help from anyone who has ever dealt with them.

To make it worse cause they are trying to control my consciousness they are messing with my intuition, making me not know which is which.

Contact me at 310-359-5199 or at [email protected] cause I definitely definitely need the help cause this is getting worse and I fear I might die from this.

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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