Close To Defeating The Curse of Barbara Reina And David Reina aka Gooru

Close To Defeating The Curse of Barbara Reina And David Reina aka Gooru

I removed a crown chakra pipe like entity attachment that looked like this:

It was connected to a machine much like what I described here, designed to keep me stuck in her realm when I astral project/remote view:

Key is they will try to get their astral parasites to play mind games so don’t give in. Focus on the prize such as cutting chords and Soul contracts – and entity attachments – tying you to those pos’s to escape 👍🏻

Far cry from this early this morning:

But these mofos are desperate for the sake of ego to win such as “Gooru” who just placed another entity attachment there which I just removed:

That said what these weirdo bitches do is open your pineal gland real wide – and shoot your third eye – so that they can implant Barbara’s sick subconscious mind into yours using this:

And man is her entire world FILLED with parasites showing her character: she a whole fucking parasite!

That said these mofos feel entitled to the people they “sacrifice” to them. NEVER let a mofo make you feel like you are a sacrifice such as how they have tried to make me feel. Mofos like that, like them, got inferiority complexes and they are projecting their insecure bullshit out on you, such as Barbara Reina projecting her fucked up ass childhood out on me and my family who ain’t got nothing to do with ha shit!

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