Pedophile Dad Possibly Jerking In Front of His Own Child Comes To Gangstalk

Pedophile Dad Possibly Jerking In Front of His Own Child Comes To Gangstalk

I don’t know this looks suspect. Call CPS at 800-540-4000

This don’t look right…..

He drives a truck with CA license plate number 55079V2.

– My third eye showed “yes” when I asked if he molests those kids…..

I was saying this in the past how they send – in addition to mk ultra victims – pedophiles, people with serious criminal records, the mentally ill to gangstalk…..

My Third Eye Reveals This Guy IS IN FACT A PEDOPHILE

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

You gotta be fucked. up mentally to put a bandaid on your shit…. and note a disabled placard on his front windshield….

Here another pedophile as seen through my third eye…..

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He driving a Cayenne CA license plate number 8LLX757.

I asked my third eye to show me what charges he was facing to agree to being a gangstalker (they recruit criminals by offering to drop the charges in serious cases) and it spelled out: pedophile!

Dead serious!

Mofo look like Morgus The Magnificient:


This placard should be an indication of where he live so let me know…..

Here he is following my IG:

Ya’ll go follow him 👉🏻

With that said thru my third eye I see that they are using an app called Pandora to triangulate – which explained all the vehicle traffic that occurs when I tape the main gangstalker.

That said…. I’m just gonna say…. well, they’ll see……

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