These Evil Motherfuckers In Topanga Canyon Village and Sunset Mesa Deserve Everything That’s Done Happened To Them And Is Coming To Them

These Evil Motherfuckers In Topanga Canyon Village and Sunset Mesa Deserve Everything That’s Done Happened To Them And Is Coming To Them

These are the most satanic motherfuckers I have ever who need a cleansing by fire, again 🔥

They go wayyyy beyond organic portals; they are demonic and evil and as witnessed yesterday and on my birthday (I mean how demonic you gotta be to fuck with a person on their birthday?) they feed on inflicting emotional damage and trauma on people, raping me, laughing when I’d get raped or other evil shit happens to me:

White Supremacist Racist Crakkka Driving Grey Work Truck With CA License Plate 72470G1 Attacks Me On My Birthday

Pedophile Dad Possibly Jerking In Front of His Own Child Comes To Gangstalk

When Will These Idiots Learn That ALL They Will Get Out of Me Is ‘Woke And Not My Energy

How To Burn The Astral Books Connecting You To Organic Portals Yaldabaoth G The Illuminati And Archons

To Soulled Women Burn The Astral Book That Makes Men Want To Breed With You To Free Yourself From Sexual Harassment And Rape

Ya’ll paid this motherfucker to do what he did:

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

Someone Needs Attention

– I didn’t answer it cause I knew it was a prank caller and probably from up there.

I want their asses gone: man, bitch, and lil bastards!

PS to the robbery crews, gangmembers, cholos, going around, robbing rich assholes 👍🏻 you can drive ALL the way up Topanga Canyon Blvd in Malibu and right up that way is a cute lil quaint village full of rich homes and rich people with alot of money and things:

Here is the way to get to them:

– If you coming from LA take the PCH till you get to Topanga Canyon Blvd then make a right and you’ll know you’re there cause you will see a public works facility to your right (if coming from Ventura, left) 👍🏻

– They even got a lil sign there telling you how to get to them 💲💰💰💰💰🪙💲💶💷💸💵💴

Their even supposed to be having some yard sale festival from May 25 to May 29 so ya’ll could hit that 🎯💲💰💰💰💰

You can also hit Sunset Mesa which is easier by, if you are coming down the PCH from LA, just make a right onto coastline drive and if you are coming from the valley or Ventura County drive down the pch and make a left 👍🏻

Looka all them rich homes…..

Here screenshots of how to get there…..

– You’ll know you’re there cause the Getty Villa is right there 👍🏻

Can’t miss it!

They also got pretty bitches for ya’ll to “hit” if ya know what I mean 😉🍆💧

That’s why public works across the street been steadily getting robbed left and right:

Public Works Rapist Mighta Tried To Steal From Public Works Facility In Topanga

I caught this mofo “checking it out” yesterday…..

Karma a mofo when you fuck with me! I’ll make you pay!

Head of LA County Public Works Security Hangs Up When Telling Him About Rape By Employees

– Imma be getting them license plates to put folks on, too 💲💲💲💰💰💰

….Imma be adding some more…..

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