Eligio Natureboy And The Accusations of Pedophilia

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                                BLACK ASS NIGGA!!!


I talk about it here, perfectly!

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I also did another vid explaining the nuances of it, here:

I don’t think so! My intuitive senses are telling me, “No!” Here is why:

Watching this video here down below, I get the distinct feeling that he felt like he did no wrong but he knew his audience (which are mostly comprised of dumbasses and haterz of which I admit I am one – a hater that is, lol!).

That said, given his body language and what he said and taking into account what his personal beliefs are, I don’t think he has done any wrong! Here is why!

Okay – though this is far removed from pedophilia (Even I have gotten caught up in this – I am referring to WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY in this instance – which is indecent exposure for being topless which is LEGAL in California which you can read about here: https://toplessinla.org/2014/05/10/female-toplessness-in-public-is-legal-in-california/ in which this POS Deputy in Malibu named “Deputy Thieme” who sexually assaulted me which you can read about here:

– Who, after the FALSE ARREST tried to get me – again – FALSELY hammed up for harming a child (I have no kids and can’t see WHY THIS ASSHOLE – except out of corruption – would conjure this shit which you can see below):

Anyways, enough about me and my situation –

Let’s get back to talking about Bature BOI (Get it? “Bature” as in masturbation and “boi” as in batty boi?)!

Okay, the reason why I referenced indecent exposure is because under indecent exposure a person must be drawing attention to their genitals and their INTENT MUST BE SEXUAL!

Why did I bold intent…?

Well, because in the case of Nature Boy, yeah, he may have allowed the kid to play with his genitals; after all, kid experiment on each other all the time on each other’s genitals. They don’t see it as sexual like we do or better yet – as we have been conditioned to do so (Just as European programming has got us sexualizing breasts all because of the DIFFERENCE in ours hanging low even though they hang low so babies can grab on to em to feed off of and interestingly a man’s nipples were deemed “indecent” up until the 1930’s which you can read right here: https://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/blogs/how-american-men-won-the-right-to-go-topless.htm and NOW we accept it so alot of the shit is just – programming as we now accept men being topless and soon we will do the same with women as well [Fuck, we getting close!]). That said, taking into account Eligio Natureboy’s belief system which I think he rather BORROWED from others (my personal take on him is that he is just a POS who wants money and not necessarily power over his cult followers – lol – and if they just so happen to be stupid enough to follow him and give him ALL THEIR MONEY – let’s admit: the niggaz a hustler first amd foremost – then, in his mind’s eyes, they are just dumb enough to fall foe his borrowed [better yet, STOLEN] recycled tripe!), he feels nudity is okay, it’s not a crime so based on his philosophy/ belief system nudity is not a big thing we should be scared of or put a big ribbon on! He strikes me as someone more into grown women AND men who he uses for money but not a child molestor! I sense and esp. based on my research of him he ain’t into diddling kids! No way!

The kid saw it as a toy and based on Natureboy’s response (And what I intuitively sense) he felt awkward but CONFLICTED with his current beliefs which are that it is not a sin and that touching someone’s genitals should not be viewed a big deal, either (Which I kinda agree) thus hence why he let the kid touch it!

Not only that, kids are not as innocent as we think! Many have lived past l8ves as grown adults before being reborn – literally – again as lil children:

Now, if the young kid in the video can have memories of being a fully grown black woman in Chicago, what makes you think he can’t remember sex or the concept of it!

That said, the biggest issue is NOT whether Eligio Natureboy let a babe (Now that I think of it, “babe” is a sexualized reference to a fully grown woman which comes from the term, “baby!”) touch his penis BUT HIS INTENT!

People who are bad who KNOWINGLY do bad things go to GREAT, GREAT lenghts to hide their double life: For instance, John Wayne Gacy was practically the Mayor of His Block, held flamboyant birthday parties (pun intended) and was married to a Beard (A woman who is used to hide a man’s homosexuality) before it came out that he had raped and murdered numerous young men! You can read more about him here:



– Even behind the clown facade you can see the evil

That said, real true MONSTERS go to great lenghts to hide their perversions! I feel in a way many of the people picking on him – which is what it is – could be projecting (something that happens to me all the time). For instance,
Ase Divine here (I don’t know if she is the same person here who said they stayed with me in a homeless shelter tho. Ase Divine does look familiar: https://www.youtube.com/user/jhelisa091 ) I peeped has a red aura with some black! If it is the same person, she was vwry quiet but I could TELL the poor child held onto alot of resentment (When I did the video below, I didn’t make the connection)! Alot of people in that shelter were wounded souls BUT STRONG who went through alot of shit and I get the sense she has been badly mistreated and thrown out like she is trash which she is not nor ever will be (Just saying this makes me wanna cry…). If Ase Divine is the same one in that comment screenshot below, she speaks of being targeted just like I am (Hence why they stay shutting down my channels and social media spots!)! That said, she might of (I get the sense) went through some abuse and watching Eligio triggered her, hence why she felt the need to react!

However, I am not too big on how her subs are acting, the people commenting… One girl totally distorted what Fiery (one of Natureboy’s cult followers) had to say by acting like she was trying to molest a lil girl when all she was telling the girl that nudity ain’t wrong and if she wants to do it – so be it, which I agree with (Fast forward to 20:00 in the vid below to see what I’m talking about!):

I see the tauntings of, “Oh, he a weirdo” and this and that as being indicative of those who aren’t on his higher consciousness level (Even though I admit he is a snake and is stupid, frivoulous with money since he ran through $300,000 FUCKING DOLLARS in a couple of months span of time even if his consciousness level is reptilian which is higher than what most humans have) who call him “crazy” cause they lack the mental faculties to think on a deeper level that is higher than 3D (that’s why I say most of his followers AND detractors are idiots!)! Glad that ain’t my audience (That’s why my shit’s small cause I ain’t mean for mass con-sumption).

Now, as for Fleurbrun: that’s one evil bitch! I ALWAYS sensed evil from her – an air of deceptiveness and living in denial! She has a black and from what I can sense muddy yellow and red aura. I peeped her telling Ryan Cropper, another HIGHLY GIFTED youtuber to suppress his gifts, here:

She also “worships” a woman named Spiritree Nyemma – another WOUNDED SOUL who once in an effort to sound more “powerful” than she is said that she witnessed a kid being sacrificed! She (Spiritree whose real name is Venita Davis) spoke of how a nun once threw her and her sister into a closet! That woman has alot of trauma that is unchecked hence why she draws blood vultures like Fleurbrun to her!

I don’t like Natureboy one bit (Well, I don’t hate him but I like to troll him – hee hee!)!!!! Anyways, I am happy Fleurbrun did a good thing and invited everyone together “to get him back” for what he did to Ya Ya! BUT – we must take into account that she had not to long ago broken up in a relationship with a dude who I sense was as deceptove as she! So I sense she is projecting cause now she on this “feminist” shit – HARD and ain’t showing sogns of letting up! Alot of these people – well – in her case, she sees aspects of herself IN HIM! She is a “guru type!” Wants alot of attention and power – she also wants to be dee.ed as attractive (due to wanning self esteem on her part) and stemming from her bad relationship that’s why she pushing the “We all females we need to come together” BS since if she can’t have a man, she wants no one else to have one, too!

I dunno too much about Natureboy but what I DO know about him I feel he is a POS but child molestor – No!


After listening to this video last night, I have to rethink my thoughts on this… WHAT A PIECE OF FUCKING RAPIST SCUM SHIT, ordering his underlings to RAPE HER AND ABUSE HER CHILD!!! Watch (without flinching):

This whole thing FUCKED UP (AND THIS NEW REVELATION GOT ME MAD!!!)! Anyways, I will do an update (I believe in putting EVERYTHING out there including my former thoughts hence why I am leaving the article “as is.). THIS will be a work in progress (This whole STORY)!!!!

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