Homeless Cooking Adventures: Eating Raw Meat In Teriyaki Lemon Stew

I like raw meat.


Anyways, there was a period of time where all I would literally eat is meat – but it had to be cooked and alot of that had to do with the nasty, poisoned, flouridated BOTTLED water I was drinking at the time (I also COULD NOT eat fruits or vegetables). That all changed when I found the right water to drink. Now all I eat are fruits and vegetables AND rsw meat which is actually good for you contrary to what the folks who told ya flouridated water is good for (which fucks with your brain and teeth) and that municipal water – which caused me ezcema for years – is better than “dirty ocean water” though municipal water comes from the same places as treatment plant sewage systems (that’s actually where municipal water comes from).

Tip of the Day: EAT RAW EGGS And Bathe In Ocean Water

Now, if you’re homeless – and like red meat – but are on a budget, you can go to any supermarket (or carniceria out here) and since you don’t have to cook it make interesting meals as I did recently instead of going to a restaurant, waiting in line, and getting a watered down, HALF COOKED (For safety reasons I figure restaurants gotta cook it) ass so called plastic (who knows what they make their “steaks” from) POS! All you need is some teriyaki sauce (I LOVE teriyaki sauce – prob. a nod to my former life as an Asian) or soy sauce, lemons, CINAMMON (which I used in mine) parsley and you got yourself a meal for under $15 (if even that) bucks that would cost most millionaires thousands in pseudo “fine dining establishments”.

Here’s what I did (Some – esp. this first one – you can SEE me eat the raw meat):

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And here I am… taking a bath in the rain!

Here’s the finished product which came out gravy like (need to get RICE next time – DAMN, I LOVE Asian like food, ESP. VIETNAMESE FOOD):

BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE – but since I wasn’t full, I threw in Ramen noodles into the broth AFTER I ATE UP ALLL THE MEAT!

Here some more creations…

Notice I eat healthy AND NATURAL with fruits (grapes) and carrots in the background (amd early morning urine in thar glass bottle there to help me with psychic development):

Here’s what happened when I let the meat naturally stew in the sunlight in the homemade “car” gravy:

Bon apetit!

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