Freddy Krueger Exposes How Hollywood Capes for Child Rape and Sacrifice

Okay, somehow, in our conventional culture – a “man” discovered to have been raping kids by neighbors has become an underground perennial favorite in, ironically, adolescent thug culture:

I remember back even in my day Freddy was seen as a symbol of thuggness, revered underground just like Scarface and – back in the day – Trump before he became Mr. Trump!

That said, this guy was an early child rape symbol for pizzagate. Let me explain. But first note the subliminal depictions in this scene that just SCREAMS illuminati and pizzagate:


PROOF THIS WAS A FREDDY MOVIE and peep the lil girl doll getting cut up…

That’s similar to what they did here and in pizzagate:

– Mock sacrifice taking place at MOMA in L.A. that mimics what the illuminati does behind closed doors!

Here more screenshots:

Look at Jared Fogle from back in the day alongside that evil bitch:

Look at how BLACK, EVIL her eyes:

That said, the entire essence of Freddy Krueger is that he is a child rapist who takes “revenge” – EMPHASIS ON THAT – against children because he was murdered for raping children! Let that sink in. A perennial favorite Hollywood characyer is practically glorified for taking revenge out on people who killed him after he raped their kids. See how fucked up that is? See how fucked up on a subliminal level Hollywood can have on us, via way of this character making it seem “right” for a CHILD RAPIST to get revenge on his “enemies” who killed his ass for raping kids? This was an early form of pizzagate indoctrination.

Already, it’s been talked about that the FBI will legalize child rape, here:

It’s already been talked about how California PRACTICALLY LEGALIZED CHILD PROSTITUTION, with the reasoning being to “protect” kids by making it so they won’t be afraid to come forward to report pimps YET if all prostitutes are “victims” – which is how the law treats them – then why not do the same for ADULT PROSTITUTES??? See the deception?

By the way, that is California Attorney General Kamala Harris, whose sister was exposed via pizzagate here:

When I watch youtube videos, I notice the energy where PETS are treated like kids were once now and how kids are being primmed and prepped for sexualization, as can be seen here:

Also, listen closely in this “Most Wanted Pedophile Ever” vid (notice hs name is “Toth” as in Egyptian God, Thoth, or as in the perverse version of the word, “thot”) at 5:57 to 6:18 how the interviewer is practically using the same words the gay rights advocates (not saying they shouldn’t have their rights) to explain the child rapist’s attraction for young boys by saying he “couldn’t help it” and how he was “born that way”:

I rest my case!

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