Finally Christopher Case’d The Dial A Ride Pee-pole



Don’t let this shit…..

Beverly Hills STILL boarded up man…..

Or this shit here……

Fool you.

I will fuck you up:


No candles, none of that. Just a thought ?? #telekinesis

That said, ya’ll mofos are stupid. You all think 1 dimensionally. You are not capable of thinking outside the box witch ??‍♀️ is why I hate and don’t respect you all…..

You may see this:

– Yes I am Da Qween ??? and I am also a pretty mofo….

I look good and very young for someone aged 37…..

That said, there is something called nuances……

You organic portals are 1 thing all the time and that is cause your hivemind consciousness allows you to be 1 thing! You all LACK the individualised Soul = Sol = Sun ? which I have. That said, I am saying that cause I HATE when you mofos act like I am not capable of unleashing evil when you deserve it!

That said, the Dial A Ride riders/serial skrillers. I spoke about them before…..

CHP And Public ‘Wokes Take Over The Highway And Run Dial Net Sky Net OUT

First night I saw em I had a bad sense about em then it got confirmed here…..

I Think The Dial A Ride Van People Are Serial Killers

That said, like so many others, lacking the ability to discern nuances, they thought I was a giddy, “fun time gal”…..



There was a truck with a weird glowing symbol on it…..

That is the full vid of Dial A Ride coming back (I think the drunk in the van told em something ✊?? ‘woke) and diss dem getting ‘woked ?✊?


AND diss them moving out…..


Just know I don’t fuck around. If I don’t ‘woke you, it’s probably because at the time you got powerful spiritual protection that I WILL figure out how to break thru later on, I got someone more important to ‘woke or my intuition is telling me to hold my black horses (of doom) but, when I can, I’ll get to you when I get to you!

They thought I was a joke till I showed em. Like I said here, I used to be a satanist (now I am more a gnostic and I despise god aka the demiurge). As I said here yesterday – I am a lone rider, I do my own thought. As a SOULLED HUMAN BEING WITH THE POWER ✊?? I ain’t on no fucking team – I am intelligenr to know that light balances the darkness and visa versa so this “lightworker” shit – a reptilian, archon, demiurge ploy – is bonk:

Why That Lightworker Shit Is Bonk

I don’t believe in forgiveness so fuck with me and I’ll show you the devil and be happy if you got spiritual protection cause I’m petty and will push till your ass is 6 ft under and in hell:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

I like power!

Here are more eclectic pics of me enjoying my days and nights….

Imma figure out how to ‘woke diss telescope:

– You can see he look a lil out there…..

The ‘Burbs

BTW I think the stalker here…..

Stalked By A Child Molestor

I got this nigga SERIOUSLY hurt on the job (I was trying to kill him and deport him back to hell from whence he belongs but this will do…..) ….. Don’t fuck with me.

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