Why That Lightworker Shit Is Bonk

Duality is key ??

How can you be a master and A True God when you only master ONE aspect of existence…..

….Look at him boast. Like right here:

Why You Gotta Look At The Messenger Before Accepting The Message

He ain’t humble but calls himself a “lightworker” in contrast to the image. Plus he claims to be of “god” the demiurge by pronouncing himself as an archangel witch ??‍♀️ says who sent him and what he truly all about….

god the demiurge whom he is under does both: good and evil. Nature is both. Remember, Eve – a womban – got punished for eating the apple and gaining know-ledge and no longer being a complacent robot under the demiurge.

? Think! Even The Source which exists in a perfect, conformed dimension has know-ledge of all – witch ??‍♀️ is where our Souls come from (this excludes organic portals).


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