Major Spiritual Healing Landmark Points To Innate Lack of Self Love For Why Entities Attached To Me

Care Bears were dropping the know-ledge and telling ya’ll shit before chakras and know-ledge of em became en vogue in the West…..

That’s the heart chakra ? they shooting from in the chakra system….

I see alot of green around me all the time due to the healing….

I can’t do too much right now as the implant that is in the top of my head – seems to be connected to the neck chakra/ pineal gland and that right eye attachment – is causing my head to POUND and I can’t think so I am just gonna pump this out for you all to watch and read…..


I will say when you rise and ascend the gangstalking will get BAD….


This is that wetback Raymond who, after going to the police and complaining about him here:


I wish I woulda asked the cop to tell him not to drive past me cause he the type of sick mofo to think that, “Well, he didn’t say do this so I can do it” ? and stalk you in a different way….

I spoke on him here:

Stalked By A Child Molestor

I Feel Good Cause I Feel Fucking FREE

I sense his organic portal ass may try to do some shit in the future so Imma file a police report…..

That said, you can see the gangstalking in that video as well as up above with that wetback.

Eve Lorgen on her site spoke of how organic portals, esp. those of a reptilian-demonic bloodline like that wetback up there – are used to attack those with Souls who attempt to ascend. They call it “alien love bites”:

Ancient Priestess and Dark Cupid Testimonial

Instead of a cutsey name I call it lust-energy rape programming cause that is exactly what the fuck it is!

Here site been around longer than mine (since 1999) and it is a POWERFULL read!

Also, here is why you don’t talk to organic portals (not the white dude who I sense has a good heart but is CONTROLLED by something), but the Mexican dude:


They say the SAME shit, ask the SAME questions then people – dumb ones – call me “crazy” for pointing this out!

Anyways, Imma address this issue with that head implant thing.

That shit is what is blocking me from reaching my Higher Self. That thing attached to my right eye is designed to act as a deflection tool to, like so many entity attachments, act as if it is that “higher self” and deflect me from connecting to The Higher Source energy and, in effect, keep me disconnected from my energy body and have it broken!

It also likes to control me, create urges and esp. inclinations for self destructive overindulgences like alkie-hole and major food inclintions.

As I write this I feel its effects weakening, and me becoming more Power-FULL ???

I also felt it lessen it’a chords on my sacral chakra which controls sexual energy, Earthly urges etc.

I KNEW for a long time something was doing that.

I feel this shit weakening and I can’t wait to be free ?

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