PROOF That Evil Entities Are Blocking Me From Using My Spiritual Abilities To Attract Material Wealth

PROOF That Evil Entities Are Blocking Me From Using My Spiritual Abilities To Attract Material Wealth

Don’t judge or project your reality onto mines, LISTEN!


Now that I think about it awhile back some reps came to me, saying they “ancestors” and how they didn’t like the world leaders THEY PICKED who became “corrupted” and are wreaking havoc and how they can’t do anything cause they got free will…..



You see how they pull bull? You gotta watch out!

Everything conveyed to you in dreams ain’t true due to entity manipulation, etc.

I’ve since done ALOT of spiritual work to release negative shit off of me and I been winning, getting better.

There were alot of implants to remove….

That said, I recall one day talking with an organic portal (never do that if you have a Soul) who was trying to put the blame on me for why I was materially oppressed. He connoted and projected his organic portal reality unto me and said empty stock phrases like, “You make your own reality”, “You make your own luck.” He insistently gave me a good luck indian charm with a feather and, given that bad luck can transfer, well –

The next time I saw him, he was wobbling like he was possessed. I sensed he lost his job, his luck since then.

That is why you CAN NOT dismiss people’s reality.

Your reality ain’t theirs and visa versa and, just cause you are not experiencing their reality does not make it anyess valid.

I guess “karma” has a way of revisiting folks.

Gotta be careful what you say, how you treat others based on what they deserve and you can parse this intuitively (nuances, people, nuances!) and don’t deny what a person is going thru.

Shit can switch real quick, esp. in the spirit realm!

I am not “cursed” per say but as I have said in the past, I am being fucked with by reptilians aka the archons and the demiurge aka god in a bad way materially!

Emphasis on “material” cause they control the material realm but not my soul, tho. they try by placing implants on me to keep me from coming into know-ledge of my inner Soul Self and thus my Soul Power as rendered to me by the Soul Spark.

I know what I am here for, what I am here to do and their purpose is to detour me from awakening other Soulled brethern and siSt⭐rs.

Again, this is not a curse as I am not caught on material trinkets and only want what I need…..

My life would be materially blessed if I just went with their program (in conjunction with my selling my Soul energy to darkness which so many sell-ebrities do) but I don’t.

That is why I face the material hardships that I do but, in the end, it is worth doing what I am doing to escape the trauma of having my Soul fed on via incarnation after incarnation…..

The wheel of Samsara depicts this…..

This article pretty much confirms it where a man states that he was forced to pick within the wheel of “life” aka the demiurge-archon matrix:

….And DUMB MOFOS (usually organic portals who I detest and despise) call me crazy….. ?

I don’t wanna be someone’s slave. I don’t want my Soul to be fed on for countless incarnations and be at the indignation of control at the hands of vicious, demonic beings who play around with us and use our Souls as energy food via infinite incarnations, lifetimes in their realm that the archons and demiurge controls, presides over.

When you let them control you, and convince yourself that what I say here ain’t right, you basically give them permission to eat your Soul thru the reincarnation matrix trap where they WILL have you reincarnating via thru various lifetimes for supposed infractions or as some say “karma” where they set the stage for you to fail:

Peggy Kane confirms that there are no rewards when you hit the other side in their system and that karma is bonk cause even children suffer over there in the etheric version of the realm of the demiurge-archons:

Imma break free of it ?

As of right now I still have some implants to remove…. I got one inside my inner head (saw it last night when I tried to astral project via the crown chakra after releasing a MAJOR alien implant that induced the alkie-hole urges and threw my chakra system out of whack) that looks more like this now:

– Sans that big rectangular thing that is attached to it. At least it no longer looks like this here….

It acts to keep your Soul bound and to keep you from coming into your true powers and thus ascending….

But I’ve made strides all on my own and I am proud that I healed/am healing me!

This was no easy feat and most folks go crazy/join the dark negative forces instead of fighting it like I been doing.

I also gotta get rid of the attachment that seems to be on my right eye that controls my destiny. I saw snakes when I saw it…..

It’s been alot of work but it’s worth it.

That said, the best I can say is is to keep their asses – the archons out. You ain’t got to live a life of false positivity aka toxic positivity by denying wrong, evil and pretending all is okay aka polite society shit, but help those who are on the same path as you…..


His energy was so warm and home-y and reminded me of NYC, where I used to live…..

It pisses the demiurge off when you help and guide others like you…..

AAAAAND….. this, my telescope fucking confirms, this an orb, not a star or a planet.


It’s helmed by reptilians, the alien greys from Zeta Reticuli and a Admiral Ackbar type of alien that likes to set implants in then manipulate esp. the local homeless…..

This why I sometimes put rice outside the door path of my car, an ancient Chinese ritual, for good luck and protection….


Imma say this: as I write this I hear a hawk screaming – I sense death.

A coupla weeks ago a scythe much like the one used by the grim reaper appeared on my right breast – the favourite part of me that reptilians, entities would use to attach to, put implants in and possess….

People, tarot readers been saying that I was tied to a false contract of which I think the right eye implant represents…..

I’m breaking free…..

That is what that scythe means ? = ending! ??

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