Barbara Reina Steals The Little Bit Of Blessings I Got To Possess My Body

Barbara Reina Steals The Little Bit Of Blessings I Got To Possess My Body

I mean, I’m already living from pillar to post and to wanna take the lil bit of blessings – my looks, my consciousness, personality, the lil bit of fame (because of what these evil human parasites have been doing to me my entire life, taking away my blessings) I have had – is extremely selfish to say the least.

Now my family.

I learned from the astral parasites operating within my mind that Barbara Reina put there – Rosie the Roach Queen, Barbara the Roach Queen, Baron Samedi the Roach entity attachment (because that is how Barbara and David Reina sees black people) – that they turned my family into roaches, roach entity attachments they call em – because I refuse to let Barbara Reina have my looks, my personality, my life.

Basically she wants to become me.

You can see here a timeline of the progression of my looks and how vastly different I would look as Barbara would try to possess me:

You can see it here in a very obvious and brazen manner:

And here:

That said, to do this she has done a complicated method that involves stealing my Soul pieces (she steals alot everyday), my consciousness (by attacking the brain stem which is where your memories and ancestral connection lies), having entity attachments steal and imbibe my pineal gland and so forth.

Appararently the more Soul pieces she steals, esp. ones with your consciousness, etc. the more one can become you.

That said, her plans keep changing. She is going full psychotic in both the spirit realm as well as the physical realm trying to become me.

Her plans went from trying to force me to sign a Soul contract (once you sign that, she kills ya in ya sleep anyways), to her wanting to take over my body and my life to her now wanting to have a woman who she went after in the past – “Rosie” – take over my body so apparently it will be easier to pressure me into a Soul contract which she did her.

Problem is she isn’t me, will never be me and my pact with God protects me.

See, I can’t be killed until the age of 86 and I can die of old age – but it must be 86 when time is up (I know 86 means “time is up” in slang parlance).

They are cutting me off from my ancestors in hopes I become “intranquil” and lose my abilities to be able to fight them but I always come back which I did early this morning. I got my ways…..

That said one of em was turning their entity attachments into living furniture which I talked about here yesterday:

How To Turn Folks Into Living Furniture In The Astral Plane

One thing that can be done is to ask your third eye to show you what the physical Reinas are doing then ask to see the Souls currently occupying their bodies (they are Soul thieves such as how they had my parents’ Souls in their bodies the other day and remember the Soul pieces they use from others) then turn them into living furniture – aka statues using the power of your mind – then put them in spirit jars in safe locales in the astral where they can’t be found but not before cutting off the chord connecting their Souls to their physical bodies.

See that is what they – and Michael ‘O Terrence did to my family the other day when they entrapped em in a roach motel, which is where they currently got the vast majority of my ancestors right now.

That said, as I type, they did something yesterday where they incorporated that “Rosie” who is a part of her astral coven into my mother’s body after taking her original Soul out again after I had placed it in there (from what I understand a majority of Rosie’s Soul pieces are in there along with her consciousness which is at the front driver’s seat a la the film, “Get Out”):

She did this to my mother, my father and even my brothers Kristen and Kerry.

Meanwhile she and Gooru aka David Reina have my poor baby brother Bryan turned into an intranquil spirit and made into a sex slave whom they also place in “roach motel hells” to be eaten by roaches.

This is the pressure she is putting on me to get my Soul.

From what I understand she is pissed in the physical realm cause unlike her other victims she can’t break me (Most off her victims were white. Black folks are built different. It is in us to be psychologically and physically strong hence how we endured slavery and laugh at adversity even to this day).

I mean white folks kill themselves over the silliest shit like this here:

Black folks don’t do that.

This bitch has – and keeps – taking my money, my spirit money in the astral so I will be broke in the physical (David Reina placed my spirit money with iguana like reptilians back in 2014 to commence the pressure to give my Soul to them), my blessings and still I don’t bend.

I fight back! It’s a black trait! Asè ✊🏿🇲🇼

That said, this bitch has taken my ancestors, family – manipulated their astral DNA to turn the males in my family into sex obsessed fiends which is how Barbara and David Reina see black men, as sex predators:

She’s even connected her bloodline to ny astral DNA so her crakkka ancestors could feed off of me! They have done all sorts of spiritual shit on me – tried to take my consciousness, turn me intranquil, piled literal shit on me in the astral plane to block opportunities and from getting shelter (she wants me on the streets from what I understand and talking to myself out of jealous spite), take my ancestors away, beset a merry band of white supremacists from Malibu who have joined them in an astral coven on me…..

And still I strong.

Namely cause I am black and my life – thanks to them – has been defined by nothing but adversity.

– Mofo also tried to hit me with this.

I’ve been raped, stabbed (more than likely she sent those mofos who did this to me in the spirit realm to make my life even harder after stealing my money etc.)

I just don’t know how to get this bitch to go away so I can finally have my life path defined by gold instead of misery which motherfuckers like her have besought upon me.

As I sit here typing this, I can hear her saying, “You are not gonna have your consciousness. I don’t want you to be you. I wanna be you.

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