Fighting Off Intranquil And Demonic Spirits And Roach Realm Spirits of Possession

Fighting Off Intranquil And Demonic Spirits And Roach Realm Spirits of Possession

These people here:

Are now sending intranquil spirits, demonic spirits of people stuck in hell, including my ancestors and my parents in the future, to oppress the living shit out of me spiritually!

I just bought a van (the RV got sold and had to go) and I have been trying to start other endeavours but they are all fruitless due to this economic oppression they got placed on me:

I started sungazing and I saw – through it’s abetment of my third eye – droves of spirits around me whom I believe are people and ancestors caught in the roach realms and other hellish realms.

The aura around me used to be a sky blue but now it’s all muddied due to white supremacist, jealous ass crakkkas who, like in Get Out are after my Soul (but they frame it like it was to get me out of Malibu which isn’t the case as this curse got placed on me going back to 2014 way before I even went out there).

That said this shit is causing me GREAT financial burden and I need this shit taken out and around my auric field cause this shit is heavily fucking with my money, bad, so much so I commenced a job and can’t keep it cause of this shit.

That said if anyone cares to donate – Imma have to tow the van – you can donate here:

I’m not a weak willed motherfucker. I know if I commit suicide I am going to the hell they established for me (in the roach realms) where they will energy harvest off my powers for all eternity. Baron Samedi has also been trying to help me and my family to let you all know…..

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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