They Getting Desperate With These Satanic Antichrist Recruitment Attempts

I feel that when I hit 35 – which will be next month – things will be taking a monumental push towards recruiting me for the darkside as I talked about here:


here (You all should DEFINITELY look at this one):


I’ve done numerous articles – fuck, I think 6 in all – that said!

As I come into my power:

This a new gemstone/ necklace I brought.

…The more they gonna step up there shit!

I’ve always known I was born for great things. I’m not normal. I’m here to do something big and I am slowly coming into knowledge of It and thus Self. That said, tptb (the powers that be) ARE REALLY stepping up their shit: I’ve had demonic/ reptilian assholes like this crazy bitch (YOU CAN SEE SHE DESPERATE TO GET MY ATTENTION CAUSE SHE WAS NEVER THAT OVERTLY RACIST) SAY THIS SHIT HERE:

Along with repetivtively fill my inbox with crazy shit – LIKE THEY OBSESSED – as if they are trying to distract me and throw me off my mission (by alternating from complimenting me to insulting me if they can’t get my attention). These ain’t garden variety nuts/assholes! One I did a reading on a while back I SAW that he had a large chunk of his soul TAKEN OUT as a result of SOUL LOSS (Something I help in). I SAW A BLACK, RED EYED REPTILIAN TAKE ITS PLACE! Another whose an overt energy vampire STILL SENDING ME SHIT TO GET MY ATTENTION!

As I said before in the past – you don’t get the opposition I have from folks (ESP. like I got in the past) unless you are HERE TO DO SOMETHING GREAT and they’re being sent to throw you off course.

I’ve overcome alot! I overcame this:

with my spirit intact as well as another methhead like that dude (many methheads have reptilian entities in em – the violent ones) who tried to draw from my energy ie call himself getting romantically close even going back as far as 2012, before I came into knowledge of Self (and the same year my baby brother died).

I’m becoming alot more powerful – spiritually and I’m noticing that with the aid of these crystals and stones the more I rise up – the more they get desperate!

I’ll tell you what I mean: while sleeping with my new stone, I don’t remember exactly all BUT I DO RECALL THE END! I was watching a video of U2 playing “Stuck In A Moment” yet I felt the song was meant to symbolize “New Years Day (my dreams are symbolic so bare with me).” That said, it flashed where a man asked about Jesus. I came and said, “I am Jesus Christ” then took him to Rockefeller Square for my birthday admist a backdrop of a red, black gloomy grey sky and then looked at me then winked and the vision as I call it ended.

Jesus Christ was 35 when he died:

I’m gonna be 35 next month in May, springtime which means “endings and new beginnings” which is why when folks do my tarots, horoscopes, they keep seeing “444” – the same 444 that Jay Z used for his album awhile back.

– Funny, 480 which means “make a decision” in numerology appeared in my word count which usually disappears when I note it:

That said, I’m already feeling changes – spiritually. I’ve had a visions and so have others of myself being “deified” – no joke – in which I’m represented with the colors blue, purple and white (with my eyes even changing those colors). I saw myself in my blue jacket (which interestingly looks like a robe) with blonde dreads and a very strong – almost masculine aura. I think I know who I Am.

That said, in numerology, my name adds up to 999 WHICH IS UNUSUAL. 999 means completion:

In the bible, Jesus Christ says in Revelation 22:13:

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

444 means the same:

Jesus’s ministry ended as calculated by that number:

I mean, the correlations, the struggles I’ve faced in life with the rejection by people, the truths I say (opening up your chakras) – the parallels between me and Christ’s life are uncanny.

That said, don’t get me started on the DEMONIC mofos coming for me (even at this late stage). Look at this dude (this the dude whose half of soul was taken out whom I was referencing earlier – I only show this as PROOF of what I am dealing with):

– As you can see in the FIRST email, questioning my being a martyr, as Jesus Christ was.

A commentator by the name of “La Red” on youtube said that when the end times are here – ALL THE MK ULTRA, DEMONIC/REPTILIAN POSSESSED PEOPLE WILL COME OUT! I’m getting a minute TASTE of it! It’s gonna get real.

As to why I’m having these visions. I’ll tell you why: the illuminati, archons, darkside, the Demiurge LOVE to pollute the light and turn it to dark. That’s how many folks with great potential to do GOOD in the world like Michael Jackson got suckered in:

It used to be that the old way was to go through the mainstream to get a message across. Now we can just get on youtube, go online and be ourselves like me and 13signsaatrology here:

No need to go thru “them” anymore. That’s why they trying to pass this FOSTA bill (to silence the net) so as to NOT only shut down free speech but convert those of the Light to the Dark as similar to what happened to Kanye West whom I discussed here:

Who wanted to be a preacher but felt maimstream media platforms would bring more attention to his message but instead… now he’s been killed off and his soul is now living in a faraday cage after being marked for deletion since he wasn’t doing what they wanted him to do!

This shit is real.

I even noticed so strange marks on my body.

Note how the RIGHT BREAST got these strong black hairs:


Notice the same on my neck:

That’s not by coincidence! I believe that was left there after my forced stint with satanism in which via reptilian/archonic manipulation I WAS FORCED into one of their “spiritual programs” – like HYPO christianity – after they fuck with the talismans they create otherwise known as money (aka my money flow). They really fucked it up. I remember.

That said, I just cut that shit off (thats just too odd for it to grow that way). I am starting to spiritually come into my own. I don’t think I’m the antichrist – more like for the opposite team (When I threw cards, it showed me defeating home boy). If anything – see, I’ll put it to you like this. Via Operation Stargate:

The illuminati can SEE INTO THE FUTURE who will be a threat and who won’t (that’s how they pick their mk ultra victims). WHEN YOU A THREAT, THEY TRY HIGHLY to recruit. But I’m spiritually protected. They can’t fuck with me. So they try via spiritual attacks via people who are reptilian/archon possessed and via recruitment “visions” like here.

That said, I was told the deities Ra, Amun (the first monotheistic God of Egypt) and a woman wearing a robe (possibly me in the future at some point) are around me. Now, going back to how the Illuminati tries to pervert Good for Bad, notice the Egyptian symbolism and Antichrist overtones in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse which the Vigilant Christian breaks down:

The Dark Horse is the Antichrist (notice “dark” horse) and perfect storm is an euphemism for the changes that will bring the Beast’s reign!

Now, before you dismiss my visions as crazy, read this quote from the site Rapture Ready:

Get ready cause there will be some dark times!

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