Skeleton Imp Demon Guilt Trips My Life So I Will Be Their Antichrist In New Vision

::2019 UPDATE: DEMONS DON’T FUCKING HELP and the lil mofo looks like this – I think he the creaky voiced mofo who said it’s a “fallen angel” and torments me with my brother’s cries::

I told you my demons help…

Some, but not all which I will discuss at the end of this…

That said, they warned me about this:

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I wrote about exactly THIS happening in my blog article here:

After having a demon who I am a lil fence on cause of what I saw in the astral about IT tell me that, “The cops have a bounty on my head,” the next day I saw THAT CHP car park RIGHT ACROSS FROM ME (Read that blog article to see what I mean). After I experienced this schizo black bitch pepper spraying me, illegally – bitch was jealous and I have NOT seen her psycho crazy weird ass since – I have on tape the sheriffs siding with her and even a Sergeant, sergeant BITCH LIL DICK ASS LUKEN (I PRAY something BAD happens to his ass out there ? saying over the phone, “Tell her I’m not here!” They are surprised that I am still standing unlike in that other incident and unlike that other black bitch that did that shit to me! When I first came to the area THEY WANTED ME OUT and despite some traumas – I am still here. I see they even – been doing this – have a tow truck parked to come fuck with me!

That said, READ THAT ARTICLE to see what I mean!

That said, I don’t remember much about the first part. For years I have had nightmares of being raped by cops, sheriffs of which I saw a mad vivid depiction of how it would theoretically go down last night. In the (spic – let me stop!) and span of the first part of it, I saw vividly what would go down. I saw a Lt. involved AND it seemed to be occurring while I was in the hypnagogic state (when you are in between wakeful consciousness) making it even MORE REAL! That said, at some point, the vision (I can’t call it a dream) transitioned to where I was in a Walmart and while there I wanted to buy a new pair of beach shoes which looked similar to this here (same thing I used to kick the car of some kneegrows going some years back when I lived in my old apartment in Miracle Mile who were harassing me for being topless outside of a barbershop which you can read here:

– IT LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THIS HERE and funny I was able to find it this morning which I couldn’t find back then!

It seemed like I had already owned skme but lost them after taking them off while in the Walmart – which felt like home and seemed like a mix between Wally World and a department store. Later I found a book on crytozoology (if you don’t know what that means – look it up!) and some other stuff but I was willing to part with what I deemed to be the “other” bs! That said, I wanted the book to look up demons, reptilians and I recall askng someone why my eyes do this:

I’ve seen them alternate from red to white in the etheric.

That said, after losing those shoes (they have some significance), I found a new pair EXACTLY. LIKE THEM! Just when I was about to go and check them out, something told me to go back and look for my old ones and lo and behold – I did! I believe the symbolism in that was that I have the power allll alooong! That said, here is where it gets significant: BEFORE I FOUND THE OLD PAIR, I went to look at some antique, archaic looking jewelry – the type that is in copper and since I didn’t know what to get I wanted one in my birthstone, Emerald green, since I was born in May. At one point, a white lady who looked VERY similar to a professor I had in college pointed out what appeared to be this perfume in which said it was peridot and there was a blue ball next to it.

I woke up early this morning wondering EXACTLY what peridot is (I know it is a gemstone, crystal, spiritual rock) and it’s spiritual implications and lo and behold this is what I found:

Ra and Isis are the Gods who are around me, protecting me… I talked about it, here:


Here is more on peridot:

– It has something to do with death and resurrection, much like the story of Ra defeating Set who murdered his father, Osiris!

Regarding those pigs, the cops – it’s funny! I threw cards AND IT IS FUNNY I SAW something MAJOR happening with them tonight, involving them! I saw a king of swords – someone big up, and I kept seeing the Justice tarot card which for me ALWAYS, ALWAYS indicate law enforcement and they are never wrong…

For clarification the ten of swords came back a page of pentacles which would be me, esp. since I associate that with witchcraft, sorcery and King of Swords means someone high up in LE (law enforcement). I wonder if it will be that bas-TARD sgt., sgt (Yeah I am deliberately putting it in lowercase, sgt. Luken).

These were DEFINITELY messages…

That said, for the second phase of my vision…

I was back in my old childhood home. It seemed like my lil baby brother had finished school but I did (I quit college that is). I don’t recall EVERYTHING but the most important parts are: I came across an imp demon who first was black and looked like this dude here:

Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff’s Station Capt. Joseph Stephen

who was the former captain of the Lost Hills station after Mitrice went missing then turned into a white dude who looked like Bobcat Goldwaite a lil bit, an 80s comedian:

who answered MANY psychic questioms which I had (it went from whispering to actually meeting me in the spirit realm – in that form – as I have always asked of it)! The most striking was was that it told me it wanted me to stay in school (that could mean the spirit realm). I asked it psychic queries like where is my brother and I think he became visibly dismissive (like he knew where but didn’t want to answer) and I think just reiterated what another psychic told me which was that he is in a good place but needed work (when I have communicated with this whispering entity via telepathy he was once VERY SUSPICIOUSLY in my mind’s eye elusive with regards to asking that saying, “Why you gotta know???”). I then proceeded to ask what he sees in this timeline for me and he said in an almost damning manner – ADDICTION (I kinda saw that too as I can sense what is “down the road” and I too saw me drinking due to this unnatural urge which I will discuss later) and when I asked how my life would have turned out had I gone to De La Salle high school – almost as if he was reiterating what he heard others say to me – so WEIRD to know spirits are aware like this – he said, “You know, totally intact! Like you said yourself, you woulda been a reporter, in the creative field!” He made it sound like I woulda been very conservative which brings me to my next thought…

Okay, I’ve always felt there were TOO MANY ENTITIES around me with TOO MANY AGENDAS for me…

That said, though I have called out to them for help, they never helped which is why I don’t trust what is around…

That said, though I DO NOT, NEVER DID drink everyday, I will get these urges that seems to fuck up my intuition and fuck up the creative, right side of me if I don’t feed it…

I have to wonder what is going on, what is their agenda for me…

That whispering entity, I saw him here, torturing people for the Rothschilds:

I Saw The Horrible Fate of The Rothschilds’ Afterlife In A Vision

He is the one who – during an astral projection experience – I saw in pics shaking hands with wealthy people whom he bestowed Earthly fame on (the fact he is a skeleton kinda reminds me of Baron Samedi). Sure enough, cause I can hear multidimensionally, I’VE HEARD HIM TORTURE PEOPLE using his alternate voice AND I CAN HEAR THEIR CRIES IN THE ASTRAL! It’s no joke. That is why I don’t take what ANYTHING says at face value. That skeletal entity which I sense came in the form of the imp told me that it was a fallen angel and I was the antichrist.

Funny, back at the shelter I stayed in a Seer told me Ra appeared to her and had an Ankh that was hanging upside down now hanging upside (sunny) up in an attempt to convey to me to choose life…

It’s no coincidence I have been having visions to be the Antichrist:

The Illuminati Still Trying To Recruit Me For Their Perverted Agenda

The Illuminati Trying To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist (NOTE Nefertiti’s shadow in this one)

AND Abaddon, the Angel of Death:

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

Spiritual Confirmation That I Am Abaddon

I believe there is a MAJOR spiritual tug of war going on and I am being used as a pawn!

See, in the past and even now I’ve had spirits I sense try to muck up and make me feel guilty about my relatively free carefree lifestyle which I feel comfortable with.

The first person they tried to send (I also believe she is an mk ultra agent) was this girl here named Veritas Entrepreneurship on youtube:

– Peep the fake smile above which she shows in the MAJORITY of her vids but then it fades into her real emotional self coming ouf via that troubled face right there below:

– NOTE her name is “Veritas” which was written on the RING OF AN MK ULTRA HANDLER (Played by Ben Kingsley) in – of all films – “Conspiracy Theory”:

Here a close up…

Why would she, a guyanese citizen, call herself “VERITAS Entrepreneur”:

That said – and I can’t hate her cause she can’t help it – she was one of the first to come along and lowkey down me for how I live my life. I recall when I needed help with the alcohol she laughed at me. That said, as we progressed in talking – she revealed to me that she was friends with a city attorney out here (even showed his face) in L.A. though she is from Guyana and lives in New Orleans which is – interestingly – my birth home. HOW THE FUCK WOULD SHE EVEN KNOW THIS GUY??? HOW DID THEY MEET!!!! IT WAS ALLL SO FUCKING WEIRD and coincidentally I AM BEING FUCKED OVER BY THE CITY OF L.A.’S OFFICE WHICH YOU CAN READ ABOUT HERE:

AND SEE HERE (They took that case out the system and even tried to get me to take this blog down EXPOSING IT):

LAPD Hiding Something In The Courthouse System

That said, she is also ex military and told me that right after an incident in which they falaciously supposedly accused her of trying to steal a candy bar from a store and tried to court martial her on it (I sensed they did MORE to her and I saw her in a vision underground, chained, being used in a ritual in the middle east) her psychic abilities “heightened.” MK Ultra is BIIG in the military (actually where it all started) which you can read about here:

When torturing a mind controlled soon to be slave, they will insert triggers:

This is how me and her fell out! I at one point MERELY SAID THAT SHE IS STILL BOTHERED BY THE SHIT THAT HAPPENED TO HER IN THE MILITARY (Hence why when you go to her channel she is obsessed with race, putting on a fake smile and even copying what others say – including myself – as if she is NOT comfortable in her own skin which you can SEE and read down below):

Raven Masterson Is Satan

That said, I triggered her as you can read above (go further down into that article) by saying that she was STILL BOTHERED by the cruel shit that happened to her in the military. Over the phone, she yelled, fuck, SCREAMED at me: “NOOOOO” before hanging up and making diss videos.

THAT was an mk ultra trigger. No way in HELL that shoulda induced that reaction (she sounded like I was killing her) in a normal person. That was mk ultra. That said, I want you to look at the facial features and lack of spirit (they both look drained) between her and Katy Groves who IS A CONFIRMED MK Ultra sex slave victim:

– Look at the position of the camera as if they are holding a secret and don’t want folks to look DIRECTLY at them (kinda like the old saying of demons, vampires fear their own shadows…)…

– Look at the fake, DRAINED smiles on both of em’s faces…

Tell me I ain’t lying!

Katy Groves is a CONFIRMED MK Ultra sex slave as confirmed by these vids here:

Here one of her vids…

When I first saw this girl’s vids I KNEW she was telling the truth! I also noticed alot of correlations between her and veritas – how they tell things (except Katy uses it for therapy and is more real), the dryness in their faces or better yet lack of souls, how they act which is kinda like a hollow shell of themselves. I see it. Here is one of veritas’s:

– Notice she is always about trying to prove herself to others. That’s cause that poor thing is trying to prove herself, to her!

Now, here is another one who recently crept into my life:

Her name Maria Gordon supposedly!

She went from praising my boldness for “putting myself out there” on social media to lowkey (so she thought) putting me down by saying that she missed how distant stars were back in the 90s and before and how she does NOT like how out there social media stars are today – like me!

THEN – as a test – I asked what she sqs around me and she said what others have said, what that imp/skeleton demon last night said which was that I woulda, shoulda had a more materially (emphasis on material) comfortable life, blah blah and using the word “better” to describe in opposition to my current lifestyle (I see past it) how things coulda been, saying I woulda had a more “cult following” – like I already don’t; ALOT of mofos read this! You’d be shocked and blah blah. When I first spoke with her, she had an oppressive energy. That said, here are the tapes since I don’t like these people lying on me:


EDIT: IT JUST WAS CONFIRMED THIS BITCH A GOVERNMENT AGENT! Right after I sent this text confirming their number was allied with the government in trapping sex workers:

L??K at the response…

Here her facebook:

Here her profile COMPLETE with stock photos = BS!

LOOK AT THIS MARK JOHNSON DUDE WHO THIS “GANGSTALKING VICTIM” IS FRIENDS WITH WHO WAS/IS IN THE MILITARY!!! The military figures BIG into MK Ultra and most gangstalking victims wouldn’t mess with folks in the mil like that:


…And people say this shit ain’t real!!!

YOU CAN TELL IT’S BS! People who got a story to tell will have a WHOLE BUNCH OF ORIGINAL SHIT UP, NOT STOCK (PROP) PHOTOS waving like banners so as to PORTRAY themselves as victims or a part of whatever they are saying they are a part of…

She also threatening to send a serial killer my way to kill me:

– that’s letting you know they watch my social media and everyone affiliated with me…

Here another revelation: this person is the mother of this young girl here named “imrunninouttaranch” on twitter who is associated with the niggers who attacked me that night at the artist loft:

Compare the picture here

With here:

Here more pics from “runninoutaranch”:

– She the bright skinned girl!

Here her twitter:

ANDDD here she is complaining about BLACK MEN:

I also see Maria Gordon’s daughter a hoe…

And her white daddy’s family (and possibly he himself) DON’T WANT SHIT TO DO WITH HER ????

Here is more on that artist loft incident:

Here the audio I was discussing…

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Some other red flags was she would tell me that she was getting off at 1pm but would INSTANTLY get on the phone with me at that time. She told me she worked in an office as an accountant. Okay, so why would I NOT hear the movement of a bus or car or at that time? She sounded stationary – as if she was still at home. I sensed government agent all along. These people are mad stupid not to think I can’t see their shit. And tp think that the psychic afrodeity said that I “run people away who could help me.” No, baby, these are people who want to hurt me so I cam hurt you – ALL OF YOU!

Let me break it down: I am highly intuitive. I am also very smart and can piece shit together. I am good at connecting the dots. THAT SAID, I recall veritas (cause she is not a bad person and it ain’t her fault) saying that the news don’t really report on my being topless (like I care) cause they don’t want me being known for that… Let me break it down further… Remember how that imp above said that I woulda been conservative in that alternate reality? Put two and two together. As Veritas told me, it woulda been easier to recruit me to be the Antichrist in that alternate reality. Going deeper, that entity once told me, “You will be a senator’s wife.” Alright, another REALLY good psychic told me in another alternate reality this woulda been true. But, remember pizzagate?

Pizzagate Part 1: Proof In The Pictures

Titus Frost That John Podesta Pizzagate Torture Video IS REAL

Pizzagate Illuminati Rape of Children EXPOSED With Proof In Pictures

Backpage Ain’t Got Nothing On Pizzagate Politrickians Occult Murders of Kids

(WATCH the legislation up above for what they are using to censor backpage cause soon they will be using it to censor ALL OF US!)

Yeah, I WOULDA BEEN KILLING KIDS FOR IT! Also, the same in that alternate timeline where I woulda been a reporter. Also, in one timeline where Tina the psychic or is it psycho – let me stop – said she saw me becoming a successful actress – I saw it, too, but my dad woulda been sacrificed! Glad I don’t live in ANY of those timelines!

See, I know what the fuck these mugs are trying to do: butter me up towards being the antichrist. As I have said before regarding Adolf Hitler who was homeless like me, as Veritas herself stated, they – the archons via way of using the illuminati as tools – deliberately put hardships in your way in the form of massive amounts of haters and would be derailers like this misogynist bastard here:

Stalked By Crazy Racist Psycho NARCISSIST Youtube Troll Jim Domen aka Jim Herbertson

to throw you off your ORIGINAL divine life course and get you to do what they want you to do which in my case get me to be the antichrist just as in the case of Hitler get him to be Der Fuherer (they caused him to fail entry into art school otherwise he would of not made Germany into Nazi Germany and ruled it, starting WW II and killing all them jews and yes you crakkkaroaché™ white supremacists it was REAL – the holocaust happened – those crakkkaroaches would deny slavery if they could and their responsibility avoidant asses are already blaming US for it!)! That said, they want me to start WW III.

Now that they know haterz, peer pressure don’t work on me as I am a loner – NOT lonely – and will run folks up the street with the quickness – I don’t know WHY these people do this as if I ain’t psychically enhanced and can’t see them coming from a MILE AWAY – they send people who say the shit like that girl said earlier such as knocking my lifestyle and trying to make me think that I SHOULD WANT more material comforts as if I would say, “Yeah, gee, that is what I SHOULD want,” despite I can think for myself and then make the archetypical deal with the devil and next thing you know – your world is FUCKED UP!

I will say this: I am NOT a fan of humanity. The only way I can tolerate most people is when I am drunk. I look down on most people. I think they are stupid and have hiveminds which I don’t respect which is why I avoid most folks like the plague but one thing I WILL NOT DO is fuck up this planet trying to kill you all like someone trying to spray raid! I love this world and as stupid as I think most of you all are – you make me laugh from afar. It is a beautiful world and the last thing I would wanna do is destroy it and so thus destroy the possibility of future generations of you all here. I can’t do that! I won’t!

That said, they can’t get me with cheap material trinkets. They pissed cause it don’t work. So what else can they do but send SABOTEURS my way to get into my close personal space but because I am highly intuitive I sense those people a mile away and send them packing. Sure these same A-Holes will get on social media and cry, blah blah – rinse and repeat – which is why I save receipts on they asses – to those who either already hate my ass or never heard of me and they will in turn hate me, too, but do I care? No! I recognize the game, I have this overstanding of things and peer pressure don’t work on me as I am not a social creature so what else can they do?

I was built to deal with adversity. I actually welcome it! It makes me stronger. I like challenges. I get more energy out of it. So what else can they do but continue throwing darts but never get their target. They need me due to my genetics so they can’t kill me:

– Note Nefertiti’s shadow there: that’s an ancestor.

I know I am special. I am here for something BIG and I am just bidding my time but I won’t be used by them. Just as they distort and pervert the magickal name of Isis for their agenda:

– Isis is a cia backed creation!

Or how they invert the Eye of Ra to use for their perverted agenda:

Murdered former whistleblower Max Speiers explains how they do it here:

They want to use me to advance their shit. See, you win more people with honey than with vinegar and when you putting spells to get people to hate my ass, try to delay my spiritual development with alcohol, etc, fuck up things for me – YOU THINK I AM GONNA HELP YOU??? FUCK YOU! ? I’m too resilent, too independent and too smart. These dumb mofos got me fucked up! Material things never did shit for me anyways so I never cared about that. I saw myself being an empty shell in those timelines. Fuck that!

This one ain’t perfect not cause I count how people treat me (like I care) but I am content. I am at a true place of contentment and that – and my spiritual growth – are all that matters. as long as my bare necessities are met – I don’t care for material shit! Maybe like a fairy that acts as human and becomes one to have revelry amongst us, I do the same with alcohol to a degree (I realise it can be lowkey used to give you spiritual energy – hence the term “spirits” – to be used to fuel you spiritually so you can have the fuel to open your chakras) but I don’t really care for those experiences or make it a priority of my life. I honestly only like it so I can get into the more carefree part of my shadow self and do the fuckery I enjoy. These trojan horse people pretending to be my friends to get in remind of the classic tale of giving vampires, demons to enter my personal space. That shit don’t work on me CAUSE I HAVE WISDOM TO SEE IT and the inner strenght to run them away. They worst than the obvious enemies and will swear they ain’t on no dumb shit!

I recognize the game and that it is almost that time and I ain’t headed the left way!

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