I Think Barbara’s Astral Coven Is An MK Ultra Government Program Designed To Destroy Starseeds And Lightworkers

I Think Barbara’s Astral Coven Is An MK Ultra Government Program Designed To Destroy Starseeds And Lightworkers

The Kingdom of God Is A Kingdom of Astral Parasites

I wanna say a while back while doing this blog on the demiurge, Yaldabaoth, I saw this:

Sophia, Mother Nature, the real God who is the Divine Feminine half of the Source, created Yaldabaoth:


This jives into what I am about to talk about in this article…..

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

I wanna say that in the demonic, hellish, parasitic realms she deliberately stuck me in, as I remove the insidious crown chakra astral devices she and Gooru have placed on my crown:

As I remove them, these demonic astral parasites, who have long been threatening me, saying that they will take over my actual consciousness as I remove their parasitic crown chakra attachments which are designed to condemn me to hellish, hellish realms like the “intranquil” realm full of restless spirits, “hungry” ghosts and “roach attachment” realms filled with aggravating parasitic “roach” acting like entities that feel entitled to feed off your energy and body and are constantly pawing at you and attacking you, are going crazy trying to find ways to lower my frequency so they can eat me again.

I just got my real consciousness back after removing those entity attachment devices 👍🏻

Anyways I notice that I was able to physically feel those entities coming from the astral plane and I will explain why:

Based on what I have discovered which you can read here:

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

Getting Attacked By An Evil Astral Parasitic Coven That Won’t Let Me Go

The Pineal Gland Is KEY To Breaking This Schizophrenic Curse

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5 Dark Sorcerers Against 1 Lightworker

Psychic Attacks Against Lightworkers Are Rising

5 Dark Sorcerers Against 1 Lightworker

My Third Eye Shows 2022 Is Going To Be The Year of The Start of The Rapture For Soulled People

Warning About Mind Hijackers Barbara Reina and David Reina and Malibu Dark Witch Shaman Michael O’ Terrance Who Sends Astral Parasites Into Your Mind To Force You Into A Soul Contract

These People Have The Ability To Apport Objects From Out of Nowhere That Is How Serious This Is

Through a series of very complicated, complexed, astral technology – which involves stealing Soul pieces from other people and attaching it to themselves or to other people to make slaves (just tonight she stole all my Soul pieces – which were mixed with her consciousness and Soul aspect and used it to turn me into her so that I will be in charge of her coven – without my consent I must add – so that folks will attack me rather than her in the astral plane). Now she is placing my mom (with my mind wiped dead brother being used to replace Gooru) in charge cause the heat is on.

That said, this extremely jealous and sadistic person – Barbara:

This how she looks like in the astral plane:

Has stolen my blessings – and ancestors – in the astral plane all through a complicated process of messing with folks’ astral DNA, (I think) attaching DNA sticks to those people so that their entity attachments can affect them more and using it to brainwash them by removing their ancestors, memories from them, and putting them in hellish realms so they see her as a “god” and savior.

This lady based on what her own astral parasites have said was trafficked for sex as an infant and was used in child porn and now sells kids on the black market – one of whom was a small Afrikan child of 5 who was sold to a man in Dubai who skinned her alive for 5 days before killing her on the 5th, and she has multiple personality disorder, a whole lot of consciousnesses in her due to dabbling in what I am about to tell you she dabbles in.

My Third Eye Shows 2022 Is Going To Be The Year of The Start of The Rapture For Soulled People

A Very Strange Astral Vision Of Folks Who Walk In The Light Being Abducted By Reptilians In UFOs

I called it out 👆🏻

That said I feel that given her agenda – and what has been said she and her handler, Gooru, are after she is definitely an MK ultra sleeper agent.




She hates those who have light ie a Soul in them and seeks to destroy it.

With that being said everything that has been discussed in gangstalking has happened to me throughout this entire ordeal that I thought was a mere “curse”:

I have been microwaved in which at times Michael O’ Terrence, a Malibu shaman who buys kids to sacrifice from Barbara who looks like this:

But appears like this in the astral plane:

Would in the astral plane – all while I was in the physical – have an entity attachment made of himself that would use an astral device in which be used to microwave the brain or other areas of your body and you could feel it!.

– As I write right now, when I started ascending earlier, an entity attachment by Gooru just got placed in my crown chakra in which I can feel hands twisting around in my head various parts of my head in which, when I pull out the I feel changed – the bits of my consciousness – I will see an “E” representing “Eden” which is an entity attachment/wraith like possessing spirit they intend to have take me over and make me become – from what I have seen in the astral state (and when I have heard her) she is a sociopath who hates her family and has no light – the opposite of me and this astral device os designed to change to hers:

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

This just happened as I am in the process of ascending and removing entity attachments, especially crown chakra ones, that are keeping me from connecting to Source.

Just this past weekend when I removed an astral DNA stick designed to allow their entity attachments to affect me more that they implanted in me, Gooru was quick to place a crown chakra entity attachment designed to keep me down.

They enjoy attacking the consciousness that I recall that are full of innocence and light, especially my baby one which they have attached all sorts of demons and evil entity attachments to (they even cursed my right hand by placing entity attachments – I think it is one of their consciousnesses – so that I can’t heal people or myself).

I am a natural healer and it is one of the things they wish to block.

There have been times when I have heard anomolous Nokia phones ring and just this past weekend – right when I nearly broke free (the entity attachments went right away when I removed it) – I heard an old style telephone ring and I could hear Barbara on the phone with Gooru say, “Our slave is about to escape. What do we do?”

I never consented to this. I never even knew that I was tied to them or their sick ass coven which is designed to energy harvest off of people by either killing them in their sleep and placing their Souls in one of their hell realms or “allowing” them to live but energy harvesting them by using their entity attachments to torment them:

This is how their astral coven looks.

Right now to cover their tracks they are using stolen Soul pieces of my mother, myself and my dad and making us – of course without our consent, “in charge” of it so they don’t get attacked when folks are looking for them in the astral – they collect so much (of our Soul pieces) even when we sleep it is hard to get them back – that I don’t know where to start to get them in that they have compromised my Soul and my spiritual abilities along with stealing so much from me that when trying to discern through my third eye I don’t know which is which.

With that being said, another big sign that MK ultra is at the helm is, they are constantly talking about “mind wiping” usually innocent victims, punishing them for having “light” in them and pushing folks into prostitution. I notice that Gooru aka David Reina messed with my money astrally back in 2014 and set things astrally so that in the physical I would be blocked from other, more respectful avenues of making money and be Soul tied two guys – one of whom has no Soul cause it got taken from him as a child (his name is Michael) – via prostitution, which I despised, to make money.

Currently David Reina has my father selling himself as a gay prostitute (he is a retired cop) in the astral plane and he has an obsession with turning black men gay and into sex fiends. It’s sickening.

Breaking people down and prostituting them are hallmarks of MK ultra. Sadistic humiliation is another one.

I remember while in jail they would tell me that I had to wear sadistic usually crown chakra (as I ascend they are now full body) restrictive entity attachments designed to in some cases steal my Soul. They will demand that I wear it or a “nice” entity they send will give me an option between a harsh one or a not so harsh one when I have done nothing to them to deserve to be “punished” like that.

Another hallmark of MK ultra is that they have placed astral boxes in me that are designed to allow themselves to broadcast themselves from the astral plane.

I just removed them, thereby taking away their power over me.

That is how I been fighting them as of late – not head on but instead just removing the entity attachments and freeing myself from their lil game (I have even seen “third eyes” follow and watch me as I am tormented by removing their entity attachments – them and their astral parasites feed off of that).

That said, there entire objective is to keep me from ascending and returning to Source.

They have been using highly advanced astral technology as talked about in my book:


Crazy cause folks talk of a holographic universe and when I see entities from the 6th dimension and higher planes they look like this:

Sometimes like this….

As shown here these motherfuckers are using a chain of computers – tied to other victims – in which shows these folks writing narratives on folks lives such as they are doing to me:

They make astral boxes of your consciousness, your voice box after they steal them. I can hear the same human voices broadcasting through the entity attachments from their particular part of the astral plane, which have the Soul pieces of them and/or prior victims, which lets me know that I am dealing with some pretty high level technological shit that is not from our plane of existence and some pretty vicious people that are power hungry and power trip and are extremely insecure and use controlling people typically more powerful then them but don’t know it.

They are also extremely broken people, a key trait of MK ultra sleeper agents.

These people have no control over themselves, their inner selves, and they hate themselves cause they are broken people and thus disconnected from themselves, a terrible place to be.

These are real people behind this:

Gooru calls from a 408-767-7455 number:

There’s another person, a black dude whom I think could be this dude:

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

He calls from this number here: 510-971-3600.

Michael O’ Terrence (intelligently) calls from a private number:

I finally get what these people do: they use very intelligent astral parasites which they insert through a chord containing their Soul piece here:

Which constantly “need to feed” off of negativity. They choose to they told me. And they are vicious about your staying stuck as their “food.” Very vicious.

They could take this form:


Or these:

I Saw The Astral Entities That Turn People Against Me

And innundate you with entity attachments designed to make you think that there are changes in your consciousness, that you are going crazy, etc. They are designed to confuse you.

They usually put Soul pieces of theirs surrounding your body that allows them to through the use of their consciousness attached to them control you from afar.

They also use these Soul pieces consisting of their consciousness to try to kill folks in their sleep – this is usually done by taking the Soul’s consciousness – I think another entity attachment – and making it close to the whole Soul’s consciousness which is close to the physical consciousness thereby allowing for your physical body to come closer to the astral plane so that you can feel gun shots and other destructive things when you sleep as I did last week when Michael O’ Terrence shot a flamethrower at me – which I felt right before I woke up last week.

I think these are entity attachments:

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

Just Removed A Giant Sacrificial Head That Was Controlling Me

They use a DNA stick to make the entity attachments they use from the astral become more physical:

And they are getting more and more physical as time passes by…..

I don’t know if it is supposed to be there but when I removed it I felt all of Gooru’s entity attachments magically go away suddenly…..

I know before this all started I didn’t feel anything at the top of my crown chakra there. I think it is supposed to be in your heart chakra though it kept regrowing at the crown chakra, right by the widow’s peak which contains a chakra that is your connection to Source. I think it is supposed to be there but it was in the wrong place.

They fucked up my energy body – and chakras – bad before this curse confrontation commenced.

Anyways all I can say is when these monitoring astral parasites see me break away – they become more and more desperate to keep me stuck in their realm in the 6th dimension playing their “game” – they will report back to Barbara and come up with more desperate attempts to confuse me and keep me stuck so they can “feed”, calling me an “idiot” and such when I make simple mistakes that anyone – who is disconnected from their Higher Self and intuition – would make.

As I write this, they keep putting in entity attachments that attack my crown chakra that are designed to throw me off and fuck with my mind.

….Which brings to another point: I wonder if these astral parasites are controlled or are controlling these people, as they are trying to do to me.

I know that they take over people’s consciousnesses:


I Saw The Astral Entities That Turn People Against Me

By creating grooves in my head – my consciousness – and then devouring those aspects of my consciousness and keeping it in themselves.

I have learned that your third eye determines your consciousness.

They have told me that they wanted to stay affixed to me and work out a deal where through influencing me to be more jealous etc so they can feed off of me by making folks “sacrifices” to them as they told me they supposedly influenced Barbara so they can feed.

When I am about to escape I can hear them reporting back to Barbara what I am about to do and pushing her to do something.

Every night (and day) they put entity attachments so they can play lil mind games with me every day to trap me so they could feed off of me.

They also claim that they signed a Soul contract with her to get them off her ass.

Another thing to is they keep mentioning that she went into a coma and the way they say it makes me think they caused it.

I don’t know what is what.

That said these intelligent astral parasites make me think of 5G and nanobots and morgellon’s disease:

Damn that is exactly how those “sacrificial heads” that these astral parasites say are our consciousness look, a cloud:

That is exactly what I see except the people are in the head.

Like I said these astral parasites are extremely sentinent and, like having an ant run around in a tank not knowimg what is going on, they like to set up “tests” that are designed to throw you off from throwing them out your reality – and mind – that are designed to confuse you (they’ll call you “stupid” for tripping up on something anyone would) in which they put things into your body or change things – for instance at the beginning of this my astral DNA stick machine got moved out and I just returned it and now they – Barbara and them astral parasites – were trying to trip me up into getting rid of it by having another lady’s – who is a crackhead – higher self act like she is my higher self and place astral parasites into me and my family and ancestors and get me to think that when I cut her chord tying the lady’s, her name is Melva’s, machine to my folks and ancestors – that Barbara and them made – that I had cut off the chord to my own astral DNA stick producing machine connecting me to my ancestors and trying to trip me up into getting rid of the real one. They, the astral parasites, keep trying to get me to stay stuck playing their “game” in which they have invaded other people’s mind around here and created entity attachments of them so they can stay feeding off of me.


I Saw The Astral Entities That Turn People Against Me

They do lil things like that to keep me stuck. They have done something to stick my ancestors in me (they can be activated to protect via your 23rd and and 13th – your bloodline – DNA) in intranquil realms, hell realms filled with entities that look like these:


I Saw The Astral Entities That Turn People Against Me

That constantly pick and touch at you (the robot ones turn you into them) and torment you.

The Barbara sentinent entity attachments – they, the astral parasites, were trying to induct me and my mother into their coven:

Now Barbara – her real self and her entity attachments – done made me into Barbara and put me in charge of her coven by placing her Soul pieces into me and making me “into her.”

They do so much shit to me on a daily basis so they can “feed” – Barbara’s entity attachments and them astral parasites have done things in the astral plane like change me and my ancestor’s timelines, taken us out our timelines (the astral parasites say they did it to me so that when I die my ancestors – whom they been attacking as well, can’t find me), in the past they had done incorporated my ancestors into their ancestor’s ancestral stick DNA machines and removed them from mines so they could attack me and sacrifice me now……

– They look like giant heads with people in them.

…..Taking my consciousnesses and placing themselves in them and then putting my timelines into hell realms and taking the timelines where I am successful and putting them in their consciousness and messing them up through some complexed process along with messing up the the timelines for my ancestors (so they can’t help me) along with placing their Soul pieces into my “Higher Selves” which I am not sure are my Higher Selves to begin with…..

Just today I saw the astral machine Barbara and these astral parasites had my timelines connected to so I could be in hell realms when I die and replaced them back with the original machine they were connected to.

Barbara and her entity attachments have gone as far as creating an entity attachment from the hat man and calling it “Eden” that is meant to take me over, possess me, write Soul contracts on my behalf without my permission, and take over my timelines so that I, from what I understand, I can’t return back to Malibu, hence why they stay stealing Soul pieces like this and turning them into energetic symbols meant to sacrifice:

…..I gotta get these things outta my head cause what they do is they play mind games and they orchestrate things in your head – saying they are taking place in the astral but now I am thinking it is just all in my head – and have you running to one place then another, doing one thing such as me trying to find the astral machines tied to my ancestral timelines in my head but I can’t find it, then going down your timelines and changing back real quickly so as to keep you running – worrying – and in hell.

I said earlier that this must be true cause I’ll notice changes like Friday having been the day before but then since these astral parasites are in my head I am wondering if they are just changing my perception to make me think my timelines have changed.

I do wanna say I removed them by removing the consciousnesses they put in me, and when I did my mind felt clearer and then they started to worry about losing their food source.

I think they innundate you with entity attachment upon entity attachment to confuse you.

But then I have seen these entities going back to 2014 and even earlier so I am not sure.

I am hearing – and saw through my third eye – that they done supposedly took out my whole Soul from my body and turned it into Barbara’s with her consciousness and Soul pieces in.

That said I just heard a telephone call between Barbara’s higher self – that I believe these entity attachments created – and someone else’s higher self reporting on what me thinking that was Barbara and kicking her out my part of the astral realm and it sounded as real as real could be.

I think these things like getting fed by playing mind games with you in your head and your part in the astral realm and they try pushing you into a Soul contract, claiming they will end the harassment but they won’t.

As of late they have been placing entity attachments meant to possess me designed to fuck with me, my consciousness and get control of me so they can further – and closer to permanence – fuck with me in the astral plane so they can fuck me up further and feed off of me.

All of this brings me to another point: I wonder if this is tied to the gangstalking in Malibu?

– All of a sudden my hair is getting inexplicably wet and it is because from what I am hearing an entity attachment named “Pallet Numbre” got into my body and made it that way.

* I am just noticing too that they messed with my articles for astralworld by messing with my perception in my head, at first making it so that I can’t see a bunch of chapters and now I only see #2 missing…..


I gotta get these things out my head cause this is dangerous.

That said continuing on I keep hearing these entity attachments – and Barbara saying – that they are doing this to keep me out of Malibu:

Tell Paul Edwards The POS Behind The Gangstalking In Malibu To Quit

– Damn I saw how he looked a long time ago before I saw him astrally.

The Gangstalkers of Malibu Target Me Because They Wanna Use My Spiritual Powers

Malibu Gangstalkers Getting More Aggressive

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

Proof That G The Illuminati Uses Homeless MK Ultra Victims Against Me In Malibu

Man Reveals The Existence of An Underground Tunnel Underneath The Gas Station Owned By Arnold Schwarzenegger By Patrick’s Roadhouse In Malibu

With that being said I exposed alot of shit going on like you see above. For instance that Michael O’ Terrence guy, a shaman in Malibu from what I heard, sacrifices kids (I heard he buys them and I know folks gotta know.)

I keep hearing that Barbara from the astral parasites and her supposed voice in the astral plane say they wanted me out of Malibu out of envy for my going shirtless (I heard she wants to be me) but Barbara and Gooru had appeared to me going back to 2014 – when I first started my spiritual journey and when I first started going shirtless and wayyyy before I ever was untraditionally housed, living in vehicles, and living in Malibu. It was in a nightmare when she appeared as a nurse and Gooru as a skeletal figure and I heard that they signed a Soul contract with my Higher Self which they tried to consummate with me through a conscious astral projection and when I refused, they started attacking me:

They placed my spirit money with iguana like reptilians in the astral and forced me into the occult, not to mention placing their Soul pieces in me to manipulate my behavior and consciousness to keep me from ascending.

While in jail Barbara and Gooru tried forcing me into a Soul contract, which I refused.

The shit that is happening to me is extremely complexed and will sound crazy when I talk about it but, trust, it is real.

I just removed “Eden’s” consciousness from my crown chakra, placed there by a Gooru crown chakra entity attachment, so that I can’t fight back.

These mofos are have been attacking my consciousness as of late and I will say these entities – who are somehow able to come through some portal from the astral plane – are very vicious and are hellbent to put entity attachments in my mind and me AND my ancestors’ part of the astral plane so they can feed.

It is a constant thing – on the second every second – to where I can’t do anything else.

It’s complicated shit involving getting ahold of folks’ astral DNA’s, using them as the keys to folks’ consciousness then merging consciousnesses and Soul pieces to fuck up people.

On top of that at times I have heard phantom rings from phones not there as described above with hearing phone calls between the astral versions of Barbara and Gooru and phantom nokias and I have heard what sounded like trackers on my vehicles and I am now realizing that it is high level technology using technology from the astral plane combined with technology in the physical as well as psychic skills that they are using against me…..

Someone Installed An Electronic Tracking Device In My Car

That said I feel that I am being targeted cause I have a Soul and am here to bring the light of my Soul here.

I recall Gooru in the astral plane saying that he was placed in charge of me by the Demiurge, aka Yaldabaoth, to monitor me because I am meant to go up against him.

This makes sense:

The True Christ Will Be The Antichrist

Pregnancy Dreams And Realizing Who I Truly Am

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

That said the Gooru system is meant to oppress those with Souls who have great spiritual power who go up against god, Yaldabaoth, the demiurge who rules this material realm:

How The Gooru System Works

The entites HATE when I talk about it and have attacked me viciously for doing so.

It is a parasitic realm that feeds off of people as talked about up above, which Yaldabaoth does on folks hence why I wrote this:

The Kingdom of God Is A Kingdom of Astral Parasites

God Is Actually An Archon Parasitical Device of Patriarchal Control For The Matrix

In the astral plane once when I shone my right hand and light was emitting from it I heard Barbara and Gooru say, “No we can’t have that!”

All I know is that I am getting psychically attacked – bad – from entities crossing into the physical plane from the astral and I don’t know how to stop it.

Here is proof of what I am facing is real:

They placed an entity attachment right there which is supposed to be the seat of your consciousness.

This guy might just be a victim cause that is where the “seat of your consciousness” lies as well:

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