Psychic Attacks Against Lightworkers Are Rising

Psychic Attacks Against Lightworkers Are Rising

Let me explain what I am dealing with it:

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

Astral Parasites Eating Away At My Consciousness And My Soul

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Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

Warning About Mind Hijackers Barbara Reina and David Reina and Malibu Dark Witch Shaman Michael O’ Terrance Who Sends Astral Parasites Into Your Mind To Force You Into A Soul Contract

That said, I need you all to understand exactly what I am dealing with…..

A while back from what I understand based on astral visions, astral projections, astral travels and as communicated to me from the very astral parasites themselves Barbara Reina and David Reina aka Gooru came to my higher self, a child, in the astral plane to make a Soul contract:

This is how “Gooru” presents in the astral plane:

Now he has taken the form of a lizard.

That said, in order to consummate a Soul contract they must come to you when you are at full consciousness.

In this case one morning I got pulled out of my body and traveled the astral plane with an escort I am guessing sent by dark forces (his eyes turned to reptilian slits after I refused the Soul contract) and was shown these opulent mansions until I was pulled into one.

I then was shown pictures of these people shaking hands with a skeleton, which is how Gooru manifests:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

I refused the Soul contract and I awoke with my third eye bleeding:

That said fast forward to 2022 and all of a sudden I am the target of a major psychic attack which involves placing astral parasites that look like this in me so as to force me into a Soul contract.

They look like this:

They also take these forms as well:

I Saw The Astral Entities That Turn People Against Me

Wow I called it out years ago…..

They look like that which to me infers that Barbara Reina created them as from what I heard she was used in child porn and so has a fear of plush toys.

These entities have her Soul pieces as well as the Soul pieces of her other victims as well, including Pallet Numbre, a giant roach attachment that is used to eat people’s consciousnesses and Souls, which was formerly my dad.

She and David and Michael O’ Terrence I heard hate people from happy homes and hate happy homes, period.

That said these astral parasites are extremely sentinent, extremely cunning, they multiply themselves and are very very sadistic.

They are not like normal parasites that are mindless and feed.

They deliberately conform to the weakness of that target while maintaining their personality, letting me know that these things are extremely intelligent and self aware, making me conclude that they come from somewhere else other than people’s minds.

To buttress this, a psychic who did a reading for me yesterday told me that these things were extraterrrlestrial in nature.

This is what I saw regarding these things:

With me, they acted very charming so that they could endear their way into my consciousness to – as they say – feed off of.

Every day they set up scenarios – like telling me my dad is in trouble in the astral plane and saying that so and so (whom they are connected to) is responsible – so that they can feed off the misery, feelings of helplessness, and energy put into negativity like fighting.

They are responsible for placing entity attachments to make my consciousness stink so that they could feed.

To show how manpipulative they are in the early days of this sacrificial curse I was told by them that they would help and guide me as Gooru did something to cut me off from my real spirit guides when this whole thing first started.

That said these same parasites who had gained my trust would then turn around and say while in my head, “Tell Barbara Raven planning on moving back to Malibu” or this and that.

I can even hear Barbara Reina at times yelling, “Get out, get out!”

Not only that, the astral parasites themselves said that they planned to “work” with me to “feed” off me that, by instead of making me stink, instead make me overly jealous as they made Barbara Reina so they can get sacrifices…..

The astral parasite version of David Reina aka Gooru is the one responsible for putting these egregious crown chakra entity attachments on me that are designed to keep me being able to explore my spiritual abilities and most importantly, keep me from connecting with Source and my highest Self:

Here is an example of that right here:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

I also have an astral DNA stick containing my astral DNA that got warped and perverted by Gooru years ago and so I am not sure if it is supppsed to be there.

These things have warped and perverted my spirit/energy body so much to the point where I don’t know which is which.
I am practically a spiritual neophyte and was just that when this all had begun.

That said, for the biggest example that these things are autonomous evil parasitic entities that conquer the minds and consciousnesses of their victims and then merge them with other people’s consciousnesses, Soul pieces etc is in how they supposedly took a Soul piece of mine and turned it into a dark entity named, “Eden”:

Now These Astral Parasites Got A Possessing Spirit Named Eden To Take Me Over

That said I think they did this to Barbara to create an astral coven engineered from the minds of victims in which certain Soul pieces with certain attributes, especially ones with spiritual abilities, and then made to wear a red dress as seen here and mentioned in my book, “Astralworld”:

In my case they took this really evil aspect that I am guessing was an aspect of myself left over from a past life (I went through a lot of trauma and rejection at least from one of em) and they turned it into an autonomous being in the astral plane named “Eden” that looks like this here:

– They say she originally came from some “hat man” entity attachment around me…..

This Eden entity they wanna possess me with hates my family, especially my loving father who I love more than anything:

Is fashioned after Barbara’s experiences with her father and family.

The odd thing is I heard the astral parasites say is that Barbara loved her family till they made her hate them.

I sincerely am starting to believe that perhaps they get you to hate your family so you can sell them to them in the astral plane which ain’t happening.

That said these astral parasites conveyed to me that that is how this “astral coven” is formed, which makes me think that the people they take them from don’t have much say in the little world they create.

As a matter of fact, these astral parasites even told me that the people that are in this “coven” did not know they were in it, such as how they placed a spiritually powerful version of my mother in it (this is done to people, largely women, whose minds they invade) who I know is not really spiritual and would not fuck with that.

Given what I wrote here about Barbara’s machine, which I destroyed in the astral plane (I think she built it back up):

That said these things created Eden as a way to get around my refusal to sign Soul contracts with them by creating an “aspect” of me that would be cool with them, sign Soul contracts, and possess me.

Now, this brings me to how a psychic reader on Youtube named Sun Moon Stars Intuitive on Youtube and myself predicted that 2022 would be the year those of us who have light in us – are of the light aka Source – are being “tested”, really attacked like a mofo and the more prominent you are the more vicious the attacks such as what is happening to me:

My Third Eye Shows 2022 Is Going To Be The Year of The Start of The Rapture For Soulled People

In 2022 The Demiurge And The Archons Are Gonna Tighten Their Trap Net On Humanity

A Very Strange Astral Vision Of Folks Who Walk In The Light Being Abducted By Reptilians In UFOs

I called it out 👆🏻

That said Barbara Reina and David Reina and these astral parasites don’t like light (they also claim that Barbara Reina and David Reina had light in them and they were able to take it out of them) and they attack anyone with light such as my dad, my brother Kristen and myself.

They are so desperate to snuff the light out of you that they will go as far as to change your astral DNA and warp and pervert you via entity attachments such as what they did to my dad in the astral by taking his Soul and turning him into a sex fiend, which he is not in the physical 3D realm at all. He is very straight laced and a kind Soul such as when he would shake hands with and buy food for a homeless man who was always staying around St. Michael’s Academy, a school my baby brother Bryan attended:

– They already done turned my baby brother into a dark evil entity in the astral plane as these things are constantly keeping him in hell realms.

I once postulated if this was him:

Seeing Yah The Demiurge While Attempting To Rescue My Brother

The inner world of Barbara Reina is FILLED with energy parasites demanding Soul pieces and to feed off your energy and a deep deep disdain, a hatred for light.

That said I surmise these things, when they commamdere your consciousness, like to turn people dark such as how they told me that they snuffed the light out of David Reina and Barbara Reina eventually.

As I speak right now they are putting a super heavy thick layer of energy that is very very heavy over my consciousness to make it dark.

When this all started I saw that they took Soul pieces of Gooru aka David Reina’s Soul and placed them on right side of my body so that I would have his alcohol urges that were connected to his Soul piece in a way that it would affect me physically – making my eyes roll in the back of my head – if I did not give in. His consciousness married with mines also lowered my frequency (I was attuned to the 8th dimension till he violated my bodily autonomy, my Soul, and got me attuned to their hellish realm in the 6th dimension).

That said these astral parasites were deliberately put into me to lower my vibration and to keep me from ascending.

This is nothing more than a karmic attempt by those of the darkness, the Soulless – those of the material world to keep those of us of the light stuck in the dark hellish realm of the material just as I predicted at the beginning of this year:

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

Astral Parasites Eating Away At My Consciousness And My Soul

I Need Advice On How To Get Rid of Astral Parasites Designed To Confuse Me As Part of This Curse

How Do I Remove Parasitic Astral Roach Attachments Take Over Your Consciousness

How To Fight Off Sentinent Astral Parasites In Your Head

It’s crazy cause when I hear these things speak they sound like robots and every so often I can hear other people “jumping into them” and taking them over much like as you can see in The Marix:

It’s funny cause these fuckers call their astral parasites “roach attachments” and that is exactly what the scene in The Matrix alludes to:

Again, what I saw here, what they do to people’s consciousnesses in the astral plane make sense:

Makes sense why people say our world, our unity-verse is one big AI!

The phrase, “Never let them pull you down to their level” keeps playing in my head.

I am facing 5 – 5 people, David, Barbara Reina, Michael O’ Terrence, “Rosie” and an unnamed black guy all using stolen powers taken from other people who have decided to attack me – 1 person, 1 person:

And it’s not for no reason.

See, when I was in the astral plane I had light emitting from my right hand like Jesus:

I noticed one time they attacked my heart chakra:

…..And they hated it.

It’s true that these mofos want you to be on their frequency, on their level, so they can attack you.

In this case these 5 people up against 1 person have tried sacrificing me, energy harvesting me and still my light shines and they wonder why.

These people – these weak minded people – I can hear them say, “Why is she not broken?” “We fucked up her family so why is she not signing a Soul contract with us?” “We threw everything at her so why, how she still fighting?” Weak minded people of the dark can’t understand why you – a person with light, a Soul in you, isn’t as broken by the same physical burdens as you, as I, and it is because of our awareness of a spirit world, our Divine connection to Source.

Like Yashuah Ben Pendira, I have been materially attacked, hated on and still – my light shines bright no matter how much they try to snuff it out.

That said I am up against some really really dark forces that are trying to sacrifice me:

They create these by stealing the Soul pieces of others and then using their energy and intent to transform them into energetic astral physical symbols which they reattach to parts of you meant to convey in the spirit world that you are a sacrifice.

They took pieces of me and my family and did that.

They hate when I expose them.

Expose them!

That said when dealing with stuff like this it is important to have strong willpower which translates to strong energy to fight them.

Such as right now they hate they hate that I am writing this blog but I am writing it cause they need to be exposed and I enjoy that it spites them.

See, I got the power. They want power over me. I won’t let them have it.

It’s kinda like, hell it’s the same as how they are stealing my spiritual gifts, blessings but wanna force me into a Soul contract so they can do something with it.

They can kiss my ass cause I know I still got the power and they can’t have my shit.

Every day I feel their lil entity attachments picking on me, snatching shit off my hair, grabbing bits of my consciousness but I know the power lies in me cause they need a Soul contract to do shit with it.

And here is the funny thing: they are *always* trying to use schadenfraude tactics to get me into a Soul contract. From using a possible fake “aspect” of myself named Eden to sign Soul contracts on my behalf without my permission (I see why they are trying to possess me with her it is so as to make the Soul contract with em “legit” where they have done everything including trying to get her to sign away my ancestors, family, into permanent enslavement in their realms to using pitiful ass threats and, as stated before, outright trickery and manipulation…..

And still I ain’t signing.

Your ass – esp. with these fuckers – will die instantly anyways and live a life of getting energy harvested.

Never fall for their strong arm tactics and overall manipulative fuckery. Hell persists when you sign.

They take your blessings; they don’t give you any.

I am beginning to think that the astral parasites themselves offer wealth, fame and great spiritual powers given that they are the ones who push the Soul contracts and I can see them using the Soul pieces with your spiritual powers they stole from you saying, “You will get great wealth and power in our lil astral coven” fucking clowns 😆😭🤡

Just now they put an entity attachment in me designed to make me think that I will be stuck in “every and all realms.”

That is how desperate they are to get my Soul.

That said, shit will be hard for us this year. These fuckers are ramping up attacks. These evil demons are literally trying to snuff out our light before the final countdown.

That said, you are no one’s sacrifice. Don’t bow down to these astral parasites that gotta feed off of you to get what you naturally got:

The Archon Jesus Soul Sacrifice Program Part 2: The Emotional Slaves To The Organic Portals Programming

Never play their lil games either.

Remember, the power lies within you and that is what they want:

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